Jon Becker

  • EB Prep Fan

    Gotta love the public school waxing the private school showing up with 80 kids suited up on the sidelines! El Cerrito is on a mission. The brutal schedule definitely got them ready for this run in in the post season. Take note CVC!

  • Oh Boy

    I agree EB. I can’t believe what I saw tonight. EC beat the blocks off Marin Catholic. The talent, speed and aggressiveness was completely one-sided. Celis is the truth but the rest of that squad got dogged out. Mahalak looks great on film but didn’t see that kind of play tonight.

  • FB Guru

    Congrat’s to EC!!! A #3 seed playing with a chip on their shoulder. Cal and Mira need to take note.

  • Pez

    Mira 41 – Casa grande 28…What???

    Awesome game! Instant classic!

  • redandblue2

    As I had predicted earlier, Miramonte beat both Casa Grande & Clayton Valley to win NCS D2. Congratulations to the Mats who have now won 8 consecutive games and now await the news to see if they will be selected for the Nor Cal D2 regional game. They clearly are a much better team than when Campo defeated them 38-10 two months ago. In fact, both El Cerrito and Miramonte can probably thank Campolindo for turning their respective seasons around after losing to the Cougars.
    Alas, the very reason they jumped to D2 may be the same reason that keeps them out of the regional game. Miramonte has two losses to lower divsion, albeit better D3 teams; a negative for regional bowl consideration.
    Calhisports predicts Enterprise(12-0) & Manteca (13-1) will be selected over Miramonte. Norcalpreps predicts Enterprise and Miramonte will be selected over Manteca. So, as usual, it will come down to politics. Good luck to Miramonte.

  • Prep Fan 1

    Congrats to the Mats on a great run with upset wins in the final 2 weeks to take the D2 title. It would be great if they get an invite to the regional game. A true playoff instead of the BCS-like selection process would enable all the section winners to prove their mettle on the field. Great season.

  • Sarparto

    Congrats to Mira for a great run, though I’m sure they would’ve liked at least one more game. Congrats DLS/EC for advancing to regional’s.

  • Perkin

    Napoleon Kaufman is the new Head Coach at BOD.

  • EBAL fan

    Stephanie et al,
    Is there a December ASG a la EB vs Sacto or EB area codes as in years past?