Girls Volleyball: Final Rankings

Here are the final rankings for the 2013 girls volleyball season.


1. San Ramon Valley (33-4)
2. Bishop O’Dowd (27-10)
3. Heritage (27-10)
4. Campolindo (25-11)
5. Monte Vista (29-7)
6. Albany (23-4)
7. California (23-10)
8. Carondelet (28-13)
9. Berkeley (20-12)
10. St. Joseph Notre Dame (32-10)
11. Foothill (17-19)
12. Las Lomas (26-14)
13. Newark Memorial (26-5)
14. Miramonte (15-12)
15. Amador Valley (15-13)

Matt Smith

  • vintage62

    Matt: I enjoy your articles on girl’s volleyball in the East Bay, but based on scores against common opponents and strength of schedule, i stlll believe that Bishop O’Dowd would beat San Ramon Valley and deserves to be ranked #1 in the East Bay. If you look at the O’Dowd losses they all came against Peninsula powerhouses ( Mitty, the State Division II champions, who beat O’Dowd twice; Menlo , the State Division IV runner-up, who beat O’Dowd twice; Valley Christian, the state Division III champions, who beat O’Dowd once; St. Francis who beat O’Dowd twice and lost to O’Dowd once, and Presentation who beat O’Dowd once) and the two best teams in Sacramento ( Granite Bay , the State Division I champions, who beat O’Dowd once, and St. Francis of Sacramento , the northern California runner-up in Divisiopn I, who beat O’Dowd once). While the San Ramon Valley losses were to Berkeley, who O’Dowd beat twice ; Camolindo who O’Dowd beat in the NCS Division III championships, and Palo Alto who beat San Ramon Valley twice.None of the San Ramon Valley losses were against teams that played in the State championships.

  • Prep Fan 1

    BOD should put SRV on their schedule for next season. That would be a good match. Perhaps volleyball needs an Open division like football and basketball so that the best teams get to face each other regardless of division.

  • vintage62

    Sounds like a good idea.

  • Jeff Kole

    Hard to argue with your logic Vintage62. I continue to believe Division 3 girl’s volleyball remains the toughest in the East Bay. Your argument is pretty powerful in support of that.

    Taking it further and looking at direct matches on the court – Campolindo beat both SRV and Heritage head-to-head, and lost to O’Dowd 20-18 in the fifth set of a great NCS final. So you could argue they should be second behind O’Dowd, and ahead of the two teams they beat when they played them. And Albany would be right here as well. This was a balanced year with no true standout team.

    Matt has a tough job. He has to make some calls – at the top of the list there is always an argument for and against. And then he’s open to a lot of other opinions from people like us. He does a good job, and I’m glad he never takes our input as personal (which it never is).

  • Eastbay

    CCT players of the year?

  • vintage62

    I agree with your analysis. Campolindo and Albany are probably second and third.