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All-DFAL football team

By Stephanie Hammon
Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 5:09 pm in East Bay Football.

First team offense
QB — Drew Anderson (Miramonte) Sr.; RB — Rene Clark (M) Sr., Peter Mitchell (Acalanes) Sr.; WR — Phillip Rei (Campolindo) Sr., Will Fuller (M) Sr., Dominic Paoletti (M) Sr., Johnny Marinchak (Las Lomas) Sr., Robbie Stern (Aca) Sr.; TE — Tyler Petite (C) Jr.; OL — Bennett Stehr (M) Sr., Kieffer Longson (Dougherty Valley) Jr., Daniel Samaniego (C) Sr., Kris Booze (M) Sr., Will Simmons (C) Sr., Max Nevis (LL) Sr.; UTL — Isaac Christian (C) Sr.; P — Darrell Millinder (Dublin) Jr.; K — Cristian Antezana (C) Jr.

First team defense
DL — Peter Golesorkhi (C) Sr., Aviv Elor (LL) Jr., Ben Wood (LL) Jr., Kris Booze (M) Sr., Tom Hofmeister (Aca) Jr.; LB — Isaac Christian (C) Sr., John Lauth (Aca) Sr., Bennett Stehr (M) Sr., Jonathan McDonald (M) Sr.; DB — Rene Clark (M) Sr., Andrew Ahazie (C) Sr., Brett Merrill (Aca) Sr., Justin Dunn (C) Sr.

Second team offense
QB — Andrew Zolintakis (C) Sr.; RB — Zack Fulks (LL) Jr., Greyson Bromstad (LL) Sr., Nick Fadelli (C) Jr.; WR — Justin Dunn (C) Sr., Andrew Bosshart (Aca) Sr., Jabari Jefferson (D) Jr., Monte Cabrera (Alhambra) Sr., Grant Hill (Alh) Jr.; OL — Brady Aiello (Aca) Jr., Noah Meyers (LL) Jr., Jamal Malone (DV) Sr., Matt Lee (D) Jr., Alec Bizieff (M), Drew Rule (Aca) Sr.; UTL — Darrell Millinder (D) Sr.; K — Andrew Totaro (D) Sr.; P — Calvin Montano (DV) Jr.

Second team defense
DL — Greg Corbin (LL) Sr., Jack O’Donnell (C) Sr.; LB — Willie Amen (LL) Jr., Henry Brunner (LL) Sr., Tommy Kresnak (Aca) Sr., Greg Rossi (Alh) Jr., Adam Remotto (C) Jr.; DB — Conner Wong (M) Sr., Kevin Lehman (C) Sr., Tiger Garcia (C) Jr.

Honorable mention
QB — Casey Harrington (Aca) Jr., Josh Evans (Alh) Jr., Josh Nobida (D) Jr.; RB — Conner McNally (C) Jr.; WR — Hunter Rosenbaum (C) Sr., Tai Ahmad (D) Sr., Michael Pangelinan (DV) Jr.; TE — Greg Corbin (LL) Sr.; OL — Hugo Paredes (Alh) Sr., Max Licht (Alh) Sr., Alex Zavala (D) Jr., Brian Chaney (C) Sr., Devin Spivey (DV) Sr., Conner Nelson (LL) Sr.; UTL — John Lauth (Aca) Sr., Ben Wood (LL) Jr.; K — Kyle Visher (M) Sr., Chad Johnson (Aca) Jr.; P — Justin Dunn (C) Sr.; DL — Clark Jackman (D) Sr., Rohit Verma (C) Sr., Alfred Komlev (DV) Sr., Terrance Frank (M) Sr., Kyle Kinnear (Aca) Sr.; LB — Jack Shurtz (C) Jr., Spencer Grenly (DV) Jr., Clayton Stehr (M) So., Jared Finney (Aca) Jr.; DB — Phillip Rei (C) Sr., Ryan Anderson (M) So., Jack Kane (LL) So., Andrew Bosshart (Aca) Sr.

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  • FB Guru

    This is a stellar group of athletes. Congrat’s to all who made it.
    Drew Anderson should get ANG player of the year. Heard he broke every Ken Dorsey school record this year.

  • Pez

    Congrats to Miramonte, NCS DII Champions!

    The All League picks I like are:

    Bizieff, Center, 2nd Team – He dominated CVC and Casa. And his snapping was perfect! Probably should have got 1st team.

    Wong, Corner,2nd Team – Probably 5’7″ and plays opposite shut-down corner Ray Clark. Not an enviable place and he did it well.

    Visher, Kicker, HM – Never played football before this year. Goes 3/4 on FGs and 66/68 on extra points. Kicked several successful onside kicks and I think he even recovered one.

    Frank, DL, HM – Strong senior year and had monster game against Casa registering several key tackles against Porchivina and a sack against Lawson..

  • Devon Fortuna

    hi stephanie – what about West Alameda league?

  • StephanieHammon

    Still trying to track that one down. We got the Shoreline but I can’t find the Foothill. I’ll post them both when we get them.

  • waac man here is the link to get to the wacc all league stuff @StephanieHammon:disqus