All-DVAL football team

As selected by the coaches…

Jake Smith (Northgate)

Lineman of the Year
Jax Carter (Clayton Valley Charter) Jr.

First team offense
QB — Mitchell Daniels (Concord) Jr., Gabe Taylor (Clayton Valley Charter) Sr.; RB — Miles Harrison (CVC) Jr., Eric Haynes (N) Sr., Ray Jackson (College Park) So.; WR — Darneail Jenkins (Mt. Diablo) Sr., Mason Knight (Con) Jr.; TE — Dylan Jue (CVC) Sr.; OL — Justin Rogers (CVC) Sr., Brenden Crabble (CVC) Sr., Max Connor (CVC) Sr., Robert Liu (Con) Jr., Diego Lopez (Ygnacio Valley) Jr., Deven Michael (Con) Sr., Angel Moreno (CP) Sr., Chris Slininger (CP) Sr.

First team defense
DL — Quinten Casey (Con) Sr., Michael Ihejeto (N) Jr., Yemi Fashola (CVC) Sr., Angel Moreno (CP) Sr.; LB — Rich Peralta (CVC) Jr., Mark Rubio (Con) Sr., Will Rivas (YV) Jr.; DB — Nick Mastrelli (N) Sr., Timmy Jackson (CP) Sr., Dimitri Salido (CP) Sr., Tanner Wraa (CVC) Sr.; K — Sam Dale (N) Sr.

Second team offense
QB — Kyle Austin (N) Sr., Austin Hunt (MD) Sr.; RB — Malik Blackburn (Con) Jr.; Ben Davis (CVC) Sr., Ruben Vega (CVC) Sr., Trevor Sprung (CP) Sr.; WR — Ronnie Algood (Con) Sr., Jed Gwynn (Con) Jr., Michael Sabeti (CP) Sr.; OL — Sam Armstrong (CP) Sr., Julius Ioane (N) Sr., Paul Farr (CVC) Sr., Tyler Modlin (N) Sr., David Valenzuela (Con) Jr.

Second team defense
DL — Floyd Armenta (N) Jr., Griffin Bently (CVC) Jr.; LB — Jesse Escobar (Con) Sr., Dominic Buscaglia (CP) Sr., Ryan Cooper (CVC) Jr., Gage Messier (CP) Jr., Justin Zapanta (CVC) Jr.; DB — Cesar Medina (Con) Sr., Steven Cuneo (N) Sr., Zach Dominguez (CVC) Sr., Shane Morris (CVC) Sr.; K — Gil Cisneros (Con) Sr.

Honorable mention
QB — Hodari Cooper (YV) Sr.; OL — Xavier Sheehan (MD) Jr., Alex Vargas (C) Jr., Jeremy Lee (C) Jr.; WR — Davail Jenkins (MD) Jr.; DL — Jose Rivera (C) So., Alim Margiyev (N) Sr.; LB — Kyle Muller (N) Sr.; RB  Michael Nocerino (CVC); K   Daniel Ferrell (CVC); TE  Brandon Estrada (CVC).

Stephanie Hammon

  • Peak_a_Boo

    Seriously , Jake Smith, northgate not on here anywhere? Check his stats dval.

  • Peak_a_Boo

    And Gabe Taylor threw a total of 65 passes the whole season. Not deserving in my opinion

  • Peak_a_Boo

    Oops see Jake there as MVP….sorry

  • Edward Taylor

    gabe led all north coast div.2 starting qbs in qb rating and most rushing yards and touchdowns in dval 16 td passes only 2 int. 67% comp. and no int last 12 games only de la sale game. definitely 1st team credentials.

  • manrod

    Eric Haynes….great running back and #1 in NCS, over 2, 000 yards and 36 TD’s, broke some Northgate records as well.

  • Ralph Austin

    Mitch Daniels blew all QB’S away statistically and should have been the only first team QB. No disrespect Mr. Taylor, but Gabe is not even close to being in Daniel’s league. Kyle Austin had over 400 more total yards and three times as many passes as Gabe. Total TD’s, interceptions, QB rating and percentage of completion was virtually the same for Kyle and Gabe. I would argue Kyle had overall better QB stats and deserved 2nd team honors, but to be fair put both on second team. You can point out singular statistics all day long, but overall not fair Kyle and Gabe were not at same level all league. And Kyle sat out 1 3/4 games in running clock blowouts.

  • Edward Taylor

    gabe and cvc starters were pulled out at apprx. halftime of 8 games due to running clock blowouts and mt. diablo forfeit was a full game. basically 5 full games. undefeated in league and head to head with both of them. rushing stats are not even comparable. no disrespect but definitely in the same league as the coaches thought so. “all three are good qb’s in different ways

  • Nick

    I agree…

  • Nick

    He never threw the ball! And everytime I saw CV “attempt” a simple screen, it was always overthrown. The kid isn’t good, he’s surrounded by players who are better than DVAL teams…. which isn’t saying much… Wasn’t it great to watch Miramonte beat you guys and how much of a sore loser your coach is? LOVED IT!

  • Peak_a_Boo

    On second thought..I have to agree with Ed here…all 3 were good , different attributes. Probably correct selections were made…although I would have given Mitch Daniels 1st team alone, Gabe and Kyle co-2nd team instead. Gabe was not the best passer though.

  • Edward Taylor

    why did the coaches choose him then. not his fault that’s the offense clayton valley runs. he completed 2/3 of his passes most of them over 20yds