Jon Becker

  • Yanker

    Kind of random but BOD made a great hire in Napoleon Kaufman as head football coach

  • Formerdragon2006

    As a former player i would have to disagree with you on this. Terrible choice when a couple others interviewed and they have been with the program for 10+ years. I used to be a proud alum but not anymore.

  • Perkin

    Who were the other candidates? Sounds like the admin wanted to keep it in house.

  • Yanker

    I understand Kaufman has been in the program for a couple years.. not the same as the 10+ that you say others have been in and I agree to a point. But Kaufman is a pretty solid person, much better than the previous guy

    The fact they didnt hire the longtime inhouse guys doesnt make Kaufman a bad hire.