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    TinyTim says:
    It’s all over including the shouting. In the CIF bowls the South won 4 of the 5 including the BIG ONE for the first time 20-14. This was not one of the weaker De La Salle teams: in fact this year’s Spartans were probably one of the top 2 or 3 DLS teams of all time. It’s just that they ran into what this writer feels is the best HS team to come out of California EVER in St. John Bosco. As strong, as fast, and as disciplined as Dela is, they had no answer for the Brave’s superior size and speed. SJB, like DLS, played with exceptional FB smarts too. 2 of SJB’sTD’s were called back; one was because of a phantom holding call (With the exception of the Central Catholic- Bakersfield Christian Game, I thought the officiating in this year’s Cal Bowls was the poorest since their inception in 2006; usually it had been quite good.) Congratulations to the St. John Bosco Braves for your phenominal season. Also to De La Salle for representing NorCal, the Bay Area, and the East Bay so extremely well and honorably not only this year, but over the years too.
    And yes, I do want to see a NorCal team, preferably from the East Bay, beat you one of these seasons and go to Carson instead. There are several East Bay public schools that have the capacity to put together a FB program that can play at the DLS level. Of all the teams DLS has faced in Carson, only this year’s SJB and Servite in ’10 were privates. If they can do it in SoCal, as well as Sacramento, Fresno, and Bakersfield, the Bay Area publics should be able to too.
    Congratulations to Coach Roger Canepa, the Central Catholic team, coaching staff, school staff, and students for your outstanding year and beating an excellent Bakersfield Christian team in the CIF D4 Cal Bowl 36-23.
    Last, but certainly not least, congratulations to all the HS FB teams’ players and coaches for all your hours and hard work, as well as your supporters ( cheerleaders, bands, mascots, PA announcers, parents, boosters,andschools, staff) that you all put in for this HS FB season. Also, the media deserves thanks for all their coverage of the HS FB season. And, the FB game officials too for all their thankless effort; certainly not an easy easy job.
    Here are all the CIF State Football Championship results:
    Division 4(Small Schools): Central Catholic of Modesto(North) 36 Bakersfield Christian (South) 23
    Division 3: Corona del Mar Of Newport Beach (South) 27
    Sacred Heart Prep of Atherton (North) 15
    Division 2: Chaminade of West Hills (South) 41 Enterprise of Redding (North) 9
    Division 1: Bakersfield (South) 56 Del Oro of Loomis (North) 26
    Open Division: St. John Bosco of Bellflower (South) 20
    De La Salle of Concord (North) 14

  • east bay fan

    i agree with most everything you have said baron…except I don’t think you understand the dynamics of the east bay. DLS is a private school in an area with NO private schools. There is never competition for the superior athlete that either has the money to attend the school, or is fortunate enough to fall under their under privilege kids program. They are the hardest working with the best staff in the east bay hands down, probably one of the best in the nation if not the best. I am tired of the argument that east bay should rise up and beat them. Look sac does, look SOCAL does? Hold on which public school beat DLS. Folsom had one of the best teams in a long time in SAC and they were completely dominated on the field vs DLS. If you are going to get DLS in the east bay it is early on. Their depth, talent, and coaching staff will not allow them to lose games heading down the stretch run. Also who in SOCAL has beat them? That’s right a private school. DLS talent doesn’t get spread thin and get the best of the best in a entire county every year. There is no other school to pull athletes their direction, why? because they can’t. In SOCAL there are a ton of privates and as much as I hate to admit it way more talent overall. The talent base in SOCAL is double what it is in the east bay. We have some good players here and there that go on and are successful at the next level, but not teams full of them. Look at Cal who is IMO the 2nd best program in the east bay and they rarely send players anywhere.
    Now I do agree with you that St John Bosco was a great team. They might be the best team I have ever see in high school football. Until this year DLS has been able to dominate most years vs SOCAL due to far superior coaching. This was the first game I have ever seen DLS matched (possibly even outcoached) in a game. Those talented teams before didn’t have the coaching to beat DLS from SOCAL, they had far superior talent but weren’t prepared. This team was prepared. They never looked confused, they never looked out of position, they didn’t miss assignments. I agree too that DLS was fortunate that this game was as close as it was, because they were controlled the entire game. I have never seen DLS backs get driven back like they were, never seen them physically get beat up and see the wear on their bodies. St John hit them hard all game. They were as sound of team I have seen (other than DLS), but their talent was just way too much for DLS to overcome. What made their offense great was they were able to be balanced, they could run and throw. The reason Folsom gets killed every year? They can only throw and everyone on that field knows that. You can’t beat DLS doing what everyone knows you are going to do. You have to keep them off balance and st john did a tremendous job of that. DLS will never lose in the east bay (as sad as that sounds), until another school can match the private school advantages and pull kids from outside their area and even more importantly a staff that can match DLS. The best teams that can go up vs DLS, lose a few key athletes from every class that go to DLS. Unless DLS closes its doosr from pulling athletes all over the east bay it will not happen. If they created a catholic private school right in walnut creek area that decides they want to compete with DLS in athletics it could change things, because now kids would have a choice. right now their is no choice and I don’t blame the kids. who wouldn’t want a better education and better opportunities. Isn’t that why you attend a private school? It is way more than just money.