Boys Soccer: Playoff Chase, Rankings, Standings, Stats

With just over a month until the playoffs, it’s definitely not too early to break down each division and see how the playoff races are looking.

Division I

Locks: Amador Valley, Berkeley, Monte Vista, Newark Memorial, Pittsburg

It would be nearly impossible, at this point, for these teams not to get in. Monte Vista is actually already qualified.

Likely In: California, Freedom, Richmond, San Ramon Valley

At three games over .500, both Cal and SRV looks safe, right now. They could fall to the bubble, but right now they look safe. You guys might not agree with Richmond being likely in, but given the remaining schedule, it’s hard to imagine the Oilers not finishing .500 or better in league. If Freedom stays the course, and finishes at four games over .500 or better, hard to imagine them not getting in, so they are a likely in, at this point.

On the Bubble: Arroyo, Castro Valley, College Park, De La Salle, Foothill, Granada, Livermore, Logan, Mission San Jose, Mt. Eden, San Leandro, Washington

At this point, it would seem that seven of these teams have a chance to get in. Someone could slip from the Likely In category, but for now, let’s say it’s seven. It’s hard to imagine that DLS is a bubble team, but quite honestly, right now they are. Of these teams, I’d say CP, DLS, FH, Livermore, Logan, MSJ and San Leandro are the most likely. CP, Logan and SL are in the best shape, right now.

Division II

Locks: Campolindo, Dublin, Hayward, Hercules, Ygnacio Valley

These teams will get in. I implore you to convince me otherwise.

Likely In: Albany, Alhambra, Bishop O’Dowd, El Cerrito, Northgate, St. Mary’s

I nearly have El Cerrito, Bishop O’Dowd and Alhambra as locks. They’re close, but not ready to assume that just yet. Albany, Northgate and St. Mary’s are very, very safe.

On the Bubble: Acalanes, Concord, De Anza, Kennedy-Fremont, Las Lomas, Miramonte, Mount Diablo, Piedmont, Pinole Valley, Salesian, San Lorenzo, St. Joseph Notre Dame, Swett

As of now, there would be room for five of these teams. I can’t pick five that are in better shape than the others.
I’d have to say from a historical standpoint, I expect Acalanes to finish strong. I also think Piedmont and Pinole Valley will do the same. San Lorenzo may be the most talented of the group. I think Mount Diablo is a dark horse, and I think Concord, Salesian, Las Lomas and Miramonte could win some games in league and be eligible.


What a tough week to do the rankings. A lot of changes.
We have two new teams in the top five as Amador Valley makes a five-spot jump to No. 4, while Berkeley leaps from 6th to 3rd. Pittsburg climbs to No. 2, their highest ranking since 2008.
Our top two Division II teams, Campolindo and YV, take slight drops, but are still very much in the discussion as the best team in the East Bay.
Newark Memorial also makes a nice jump to No. 6.
The rest of the top ten sees Dublin climb to No. 8, while De La Salle drops to No. 9 and Richmond to No. 10.
Bishop O’Dowd makes a deserved jump to No. 11, while Alhambra debuts at No. 13. Most impressively, El Cerrito debuts at No. 15 on the strength of seven straight wins.
Lastly, San Ramon Valley climbs to No. 14, despite a loss to Cal. The Wolves won twice this week, while Cal suffered a 3-0 loss to Livermore after beating SRV.
San Leandro, Logan and Albany all continue to be tough teams to figure out, with some great results, and some not so good. They stay just outside the rankings.
Hercules gets its first look on the consideration list, as does Mission San Jose. I was tempted to give Livermore that last spot, but MSJ has a 2-1 win over Livermore that is the deciding factor for at least one more week.

1. Monte Vista (11-0-1)
2. Pittsburg (8-1-1)
3. Berkeley (11-1-1)
4. Amador Valley (10-1-2)
5. Campolindo (9-4-2)
6. Newark Memorial (8-2-2)
7. Ygnacio Valley (8-2-1)
8. Dublin (11-1-3)
9. De La Salle (3-4-3)
10. Richmond (4-4-2)
11. Bishop O’Dowd (5-2-3)
12. St. Mary’s (5-3-0)
13. Alhambra (7-4-3)
14. San Ramon Valley (7-4-0)
15. El Cerrito (9-4-2)

Others considered: Hayward (8-2-3), California (7-4-1), Foothill (4-3-4), Granada (4-4-1), San Leandro (6-4-2), Logan (6-4-3), Albany (6-3-2), Hercules (7-2-5), College Park (4-3-4), Mission San Jose (6-4-3)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Antioch (3-7-0, 0-0-0) 0
Deer Valley (2-6-6, 0-0-0) 0
Freedom (8-4-2, 0-0-0) 0
Heritage (2-7-2, 0-0-0) 0
Liberty (2-6-0, 0-0-0) 0
Pittsburg (8-1-1, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Campolindo (9-4-2, 4-0-1) 13
Alhambra (7-4-3, 3-1-2) 11
Acalanes (4-7-1, 3-2-0) 9
Dublin (11-1-3, 2-1-2) 8
Las Lomas (5-5-1, 1-3-1) 4
Miramonte (4-4-2, 1-3-1) 4
Dougherty Valley (1-10-1, 0-4-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Ygnacio Valley (8-2-1, 3-0-1) 10
College Park (4-3-4, 3-0-0) 9
Concord (3-5-1, 2-1-0) 6
Northgate (8-4-0, 2-2-0) 6
Mt. Diablo (4-4-1, 1-1-1) 4
Berean Chr. (1-9-1, 0-3-0) 0
Clayton Valley (1-9-3, 0-4-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Monte Vista (11-0-1, 4-0-0) 12
Amador Valley (10-1-2, 2-1-1) 7
California (7-4-1, 2-2-0) 6
De La Salle (3-4-3, 2-2-0) 6
San Ramon Valley (7-4-0, 2-1-0) 6
Livermore (6-5-3, 1-2-1) 4
Foothill (4-3-4, 0-3-1) 1
Granada (4-4-1, 0-2-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Newark Memorial (8-2-2, 4-0-0) 12
Logan (6-4-3, 3-1-0) 9
Mission San Jose (6-4-3, 3-1-0) 9
Washington (4-6-1, 2-1-1) 7
Irvington (2-8-1, 1-2-1) 4
Kennedy (3-5-2, 1-2-1) 4
Moreau Catholic (0-8-1, 0-3-1) 1
American (0-4-0, 0-4-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Castlemont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Fremont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland Tech (0-3-0, 0-0-0) 0
Skyline (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

El Cerrito (9-4-2, 3-1-0) 9
Albany (6-3-2, 2-2-0) 6
Richmond (4-4-2, 2-1-0) 6
Salesian (2-3-0, 2-1-0) 6
St. Mary’s (5-3-0, 2-1-0) 6
St. Joseph Notre Dame (4-6-1, 0-4-0) 0

TCAL Stone
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hercules (7-2-5, 4-0-0) 12
Pinole Valley (4-4-2, 2-1-1) 7
De Anza (5-7-2, 1-1-2) 5
Swett (1-1-1, 1-1-1) 4
Kennedy (1-7-0, 1-2-0) 3
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-6-0, 0-4-0) 0

WACC Foothill
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Berkeley (11-1-1, 6-0-0) 18
Bishop O’Dowd (5-2-3, 3-1-2) 11
Castro Valley (3-7-3, 3-1-2) 11
Arroyo (3-4-2, 2-2-2) 8
Mt. Eden (4-5-5, 2-3-1) 7
Alameda (1-10-1, 1-5-0) 3

WACC Shoreline
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hayward (8-2-3, 3-1-2) 11
San Leandro (6-4-2, 3-2-1) 10
San Lorenzo (4-4-2, 3-3-0) 9
Encinal (2-4-0, 2-4-0) 6
Piedmont (5-4-0, 2-4-0) 6
Tennyson (2-10-1, 1-5-0) 3

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Greenberg, MV 16
J. Maldonado Alhambra 15
Pangia, AV 15
Foscalina, Livermore 13
Khorami, Dublin 12
Sako, EC 11
Berumen, Pitt 11
Ayala, YV 11
L. Moreno, EC 10
Payerchin, Freedom 10
Udave, Hayward 10
Padilla, Ngate 10
Hebert, Berkeley 9
Castillo, Hayward 8
Zumaya, YV 8

Name School Assists
Ortega, Hayward 10
Simmons, Campo 9
Zaloumis, MV 9
Matute, Alhambra 8
Udave, Hayward 8
Sundar, MSJ 8
Greenberg, MV 8
Enriquez, Newark 8
Burrows, Ngate 8
Berumen, Pitt 8
Hebert, Berkeley 7
A. Moreno, EC 7
Hamdouni, Berkeley 6
Garcia, EC 6
L. Moreno, EC 6
Farretta, MV 6
Renteria, YV 6

Matt Smith

  • Tim

    Clock should stop when a goal is scored. If not, error on home timekeeper’s part. If clock stopped, celebration length not really wasting time.

  • Matt Smith

    A very slow Friday on the blog. Here are the scores, with more than usual not being reported.

    Campolindo 0-0 Las Lomas
    Dougherty Valley 1-4 Dublin
    Acalanes v. Alhambra, not reported

    Mission San Jose 3-2 James Logan
    Newark Memorial 6-0 Kennedy-Fremont
    Moreau Catholic v. American, not reported
    Washington v. Irvington, not reported

    Mt. Eden 3-0 Castro Valley
    Berkeley 4-0 Alameda
    San Leandro 3-0 Piedmont
    San Lorenzo 1-0 Tennyson
    Encinal 2-3 Hayward
    Arroyo 0-3 Bishop O’Dowd

  • Tampa2

    Acalanes 1 Alhambra 0

  • Dls

    Sounds to me like mv may be starting to falter.. It’s only a matter of time

  • viewsfromthebox

    Ok I’ll bite, what do you hear that sounds like they may be starting to falter? If they lose a game or two that might be good for them right? In the long run? I am just speaking historically about undefeated teams and tournaments, usually that doesn’t go so well.

  • viewsfromthebox

    You mean like a week or a year? More directly do you think they can make a run and make playoffs or do you think that ship has sailed for this season?

  • viewsfromthebox

    Perhaps you are talking about the center ref as the home timekeeper? Scoreboard times are generally not relevant, the official time is kept on the field. Scoreboard clock only stops when referee signals it to stop (crossed arms over head). In the WACC that is rare and I have never seen them do it after a goal. Now I have been at DLS when they let the clock run to 0:00 and a horn blow, but I haven’t seen them stop it after goals. Most places stop the clock at 2:00 and let the CR take it from there. You know how when a team is down and scores they always run and get the ball quickly from the opponents net? That is because the clock never stops after a goal.

  • Tampa2

    Any word on Deer Valley DLS game ? KO was at 11 at DV

  • Tim

    Typically not in EBAL. Clock should run to zero, and stop for goals & when ref indicates.

  • viewsfromthebox

    Right I have noticed that practice in the EBAL. I think they are the exception, maybe some other leagues do it this way? Still they didn’t do it that way at SRV or MV during the Tri-Valley Tournament. So it has to be league specific. It probably has to do with the referee group? TCAL, MVAL and others I am familiar with as well as NCS games where I have run the clock require no stops unless signaled (once again rare) and a complete stop at 2:00. As you know stopping the scoreboard clock in soccer is not the universal norm. Maybe they let the scoreboard call time in US college soccer? It’s kind of an odd practice in that the traditionally the referee can allow a play to continue etc… it seems like it could lead to a lot of unnecessary controversy. Of course other sports work that way.

  • KC

    EBAL rules specify the clock running to -0- the Refs usually touch base with the home timekeeper prior to the game to make sure they are aware of the EBAL rules

  • viewsfromthebox

    I wonder why they have that rule? Do EBAL rules also specify that the clock stops when a goal is scored? If so is that completely up to the scoreboard operator or only on the signal of the center referee? What if the referee doesn’t signal should the scoreboard operator still stop the clock? Does the scoreboard operator have the power to make other clock stopping decisions during injury or when balls are being chased down? Seems like it should all come from the field and the scoreboard’s only responsibility would be to watch the CR.

  • KC

    Clock stops on the signal from CR only If they realize they have made a mistake and didn’t stop, they will ask for time to be added/reset as they would in football

  • viewsfromthebox

    How very American!

  • Matt Smith

    DLS wins 2-0.

  • mudhen

    DLS ,making their annual march to the sea. Or NCS..

  • mudhen

    Who’s playing tonight?

  • Matt Smith

    Hayward up on Campo 2-0.

  • Matt Smith

    Hayward 2-1 at half.

  • Matt Smith

    Campo level.

  • Matt Smith

    Campo has completed the comeback. 3-2, 10 minutes plus stoppage left.

  • Matt Smith


  • Tampa2

    Some schools have finals next week and things wont pick-up till Friday. DLS has Tuesday & Thursday games at DLS vs CAL and Livermore 6pm.

  • WACC Player

    I think it would be extremely difficult for Castro Valley to make playoffs, but for sure I expect them to get some solid wins by the end of the season. Next year, Castro Valley will have a better chance to make a run in NCS.

  • WACC Player

    Games midweek will be really interesting. Some players might be missing due to finals. I’m expecting some surprising results.

  • Jim08

    Pinole 3- Concord 1

  • lovesoccer18

    I seen a awesome game today Hayward and campo was going at it 3 to 3 tie campo played well on Hayward field a great game and a sunny day.

  • Matt Smith

    De Anza did not show up to YV today. Warriors get the forfeit win.

  • Matt Smith

    Richmond 0-0 Clayton Valley Charter

  • EastBaySoccer

    DLS students took their finals before break. That was the week they played Servite and Cathedral plus league vs. Foothill and Livermore. This week however, cal and livermore have finals and dls students do not, will be interesting to see if that factors in for the players.

  • lovesoccer18

    Matt did u see the Richmond game. How does a team justify not showing up for a game teams should lose points u make the schedule its not fair for the other teams now they have to try and find a game or just miss out of one game.that sucks for Yv.

  • Double J

    What happened to Kilwien? How long is he out?

  • Double J

    As the league season closes, which league do you think will have the tightest races for first place? Any upcoming key matches you think will decide league winners?

  • MikeT

    2 draws for Hayward…right? Campo was missing key players. Do the Farmers move up in the ranking s?

  • MikeT

    I don’t think finals will have any impact on matches.

  • MikeT

    I Agree and its happened a few times this season. There should be a penalty in addition to the forfiet. Doughtery Valley didn’t show up for at least 2 games but the coaches agreed to reschedule. But will they? DV has no real motivation to do so.


  • The Clock

    Thanks for asking, the fans do not always know the rules, so good to clarify. Yes, clock runs all the way down in EBAL. Automatically stops on a goal or a card (sometimes refs don’t automatically remember as they are doing their counseling, but we know). Also as deemed necessary, i.e. a severe injury, that’s when the crossed arms come. Another thing is that clock does not start until a player touches the ball, we get lots of howls on that one.
    Had a strange one in the AV-MV game, referee stopped the clock late in the first half when MV was substituting on a throw-in, not sure what that was about, but we do what they ask.
    The crew has been together about 10 years so the refs know that we know what to do.

  • TheTalk6

    What time is the Pitt game?

  • Offsides

    4th & 7th in EBAL are like 1st & 2nd in many other leagues… just saying’.

  • Offsides

    They are all tough in the EBAL.

  • Offsides

    The stronger teams must have been in the TVC this year.

  • Offsides

    I guess losing to AV was more than just a bad night… it happened again. And they lost to Richmond… You still wanna pick DLS & MV? In that order?

  • Offsides

    The ref can override the EBAL rule and keep time on the field. I have seen it.

  • Offsides

    Castro Valley is still in the race… keep watching.

  • Offsides

    MSJ is on the war path!

  • Offsides

    Yeah, they are. But it is up hill.

  • Offsides


  • Offsides

    The NO SHOW for Dougherty Valley at Amador was a forfeit.

  • Offsides

    It is interesting to go back and read some of these comments a week or more later. Some were spot on, others… not so much.

  • Offsides

    How do you move up for “kissing your sister”? No, they move down.