Boys Soccer: Playoff Chase, Ubuntu, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Three weeks until the NCS playoff committee meets. Here is how it looks.

Division I


Amador Valley, Berkeley, Monte Vista, Newark Memorial, Pittsburg, Richmond, San Ramon Valley

At five games over, I’m locking in SRV, and Richmond is a lock as well given the remaining schedule. This gives us 7 teams.

Pretty Much In:

De La Salle, James Logan, Mission San Jose, Mt. Eden, San Leandro

Can’t quite lock all these teams in yet, though I think they are safe. MSJ and San Leandro almost went in as locks, but a slump could lead to some discussion about them not being a lock. I don’t see a slump coming and I think I’ll be listing them as locks in one week’s time.
De La Salle, Logan and Mt. Eden are all three games above .500. DLS and Mt. Eden are playing quite well recently while Logan has the strength of schedule to get in.

On the Bubble:

Antioch, Arroyo, California, Castro Valley, Clayton Valley, College Park, Deer Valley, Freedom, Granada, Heritage, Liberty, Livermore, Washington

I have 13 bubble teams listed for four spots. What a balanced year this is.
The entire BVAL is on the bubble, though that will sort itself out since they’ve only played four games. This is a huge week for Freedom, who has the non-league results to get in, but needs to get some BVAL result. Tuesday’s game with Liberty will go a long way in determining which of those teams will stay in the hunt.
By virtue of playing in the EBAL, Cal, Granada and Livermore have an edge, but getting eligible won’t be easy with the remaining schedule.
College Park has the resume, so if they get eligible, I think they are in. The dark horse is Clayton Valley, who has turned it around. If they can finish second in league, be eligible, they could get in on the strength of the SRV win and the Richmond draw.

Division II


Campolindo, Dublin, El Cerrito, Hayward, Hercules, St. Mary’s, Ygnacio Valley

These seven teams are in.

Pretty Much In:

Pinole Valley, San Lorenzo

I feel comfortable saying Pinole is probably in, given the remaining schedule with St. Pat’s and Swett will put them safely above .500 in league, and with a very good non-league schedule.
This would give us nine teams.

On the Bubble:

Acalanes, Albany, Alhambra, Bishop O’Dowd, Concord, De Anza, Las Lomas, Miramonte, Mount Diablo, Northgate, Piedmont, Salesian

This gives us 12 teams fighting for six spots. And look at the quality on this list.
I think Albany, Alhambra and Bishop O’Dowd are going to be fine and get in. I also think the same about Mount Diablo. I think Acalanes and Northgate will get in if they stay eligible. I think De Anza will be eligible, but might get squeezed out by Las Lomas, Miramonte or Piedmont, if those teams get eligible. Piedmont is the wild card for me. Some very good results, and they play mostly Division I teams in league. I think this team deserves to get in.
The Division II picture is definitely muddled by a lot of competitive balance.

Ubuntu Athletics

The captains of the Mission San Jose soccer team founded a program called Ubuntu Athletics. Guhan Sundar, Sid Ambulkar and Sahil Bansal fromed this non-profit organization and also have the Ubuntu Athletics Club within the high school.
This organization has been successful in coaching kids in the community and using the money to fund programs in their area, and in Brentwood, and also outside the country in Mexico and India.
Check out the link for more details: http://ubuntuathletics.weebly.com/


Pittsburg takes over at No. 1, with rival Ygnacio Valley right behind them at No. 2. Let the discussion begin.
Pittsburg showed it deserved the No. 1 rankings, because of they way they are playing right now. YV still hasn’t lost an NCS team. Tough to drop MV two spots, but a loss and a draw, no matter what, will drop you.
Richmond and San Ramon Valley make the biggest jumps, while I believe Amador Valley has the biggest gripe. However, my problem was this… I had to get SRV ahead of AV. I normally don’t worry about trying to arrange the rankings by head-to-head, especially when the teams are separated by a lot, but the Wolves have now beat the Dons twice.
Also, AV plays DLS this week, so they’ll have a chance to jump up a few spots with another win against the Spartans.
San Leandro moves into the top 15, for the first time in the history of these rankings. That team deserves a lot of props, and is now in the driver’s seat for the WACC-Shoreline crown.
St. Mary’s is back in the rankings as well.

1. Pittsburg (13-1-1)
2. Ygnacio Valley (13-2-1)
3. Monte Vista (13-1-2)
4. Berkeley (13-1-3)
5. Dublin (13-1-3)
6. Richmond (8-4-3)
7. Newark Memorial (12-3-2)
8. Campolindo (10-4-4)
9. De La Salle (8-5-3)
10. San Ramon Valley (10-5-1)
11. Amador Valley (12-3-2)
12. Hayward (10-2-6)
13. El Cerrito (12-5-2)
14. San Leandro (10-4-2)
15. St. Mary’s (9-4-0)

Others considered: San Lorenzo (7-4-3), Mission San Jose (10-4-3), Mt. Eden (8-5-5), Alhambra (8-6-3), Bishop O’Dowd (6-5-3), Livermore (8-7-3), Granada (5-6-3), California (8-7-2), Mount Diablo (6-4-3), Hercules (11-3-5)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Pittsburg (13-1-1, 4-0-0) 12
Liberty (4-8-0, 2-2-0) 6
Antioch (4-9-1, 1-2-1) 4
Deer Valley (3-9-7, 1-2-1) 4
Heritage (3-9-3, 1-2-1) 4
Freedom (8-5-5, 0-1-3) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Campolindo (10-4-4, 5-0-2) 17
Dublin (13-1-3, 4-1-2) 14
Acalanes (5-8-2, 4-2-1) 13
Alhambra (8-6-3, 3-2-2) 11
Las Lomas (5-6-2, 1-4-2) 5
Miramonte (4-5-2, 1-4-1) 4
Dougherty Valley (1-11-2, 0-5-2) 2

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Ygnacio Valley (13-2-1, 6-0-1) 19
Mt. Diablo (6-4-3, 3-1-3) 12
Clayton Valley (4-8-5, 3-3-1) 10
College Park (5-5-6, 3-2-1) 10
Northgate (9-7-0, 3-4-0) 9
Concord (3-8-3, 2-3-2) 8
Berean Chr. (1-13-1, 0-7-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Monte Vista (13-1-2, 6-1-1) 19
De La Salle (8-5-3, 6-2-0) 18
San Ramon Valley (10-5-1, 5-2-1) 16
Amador Valley (12-3-2, 4-3-1) 13
Livermore (8-7-3, 3-4-1) 10
California (8-7-2, 3-5-0) 9
Granada (5-6-3, 1-4-3) 6
Foothill (4-7-4, 0-7-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Newark Memorial (12-3-2, 8-0-0) 24
Mission San Jose (10-4-3, 7-1-0) 21
Logan (8-5-4, 5-2-1) 16
Washington (5-8-2, 3-3-2) 11
American (2-4-2, 2-4-2) 8
Kennedy (4-8-2, 2-5-1) 7
Irvington (2-12-1, 1-6-1) 4
Moreau Catholic (0-11-1, 0-7-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Castlemont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Fremont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland Tech (0-3-0, 0-0-0) 0
Skyline (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Richmond (8-4-3, 5-1-0) 15
El Cerrito (12-5-2, 5-2-0) 15
St. Mary’s (9-4-0, 5-2-0) 15
Albany (7-5-3, 3-4-1) 10
Salesian (3-6-2, 3-4-1) 10
St. Joseph Notre Dame (5-9-3, 0-8-0) 0

TCAL Stone
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hercules (11-3-5, 8-0-0) 24
De Anza (8-8-3, 4-1-3) 15
Pinole Valley (7-7-2, 4-3-1) 13
Kennedy (3-9-3, 3-4-1) 10
Swett (2-5-1, 2-5-1) 7
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-10-0, 0-8-0) 0

WACC Foothill
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Berkeley (13-1-3, 8-0-2) 26
Mt. Eden (8-5-5, 6-3-1) 19
Bishop O’Dowd (6-5-3, 4-4-2) 14
Castro Valley (3-9-4, 3-3-3) 12
Arroyo (4-7-2, 3-5-2) 11
Alameda (2-12-2, 2-7-1) 7

WACC Shoreline
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

San Leandro (10-4-2, 7-2-1) 22
Hayward (10-2-6, 5-1-4) 19
San Lorenzo (7-4-3, 6-3-1) 19
Piedmont (7-7-0, 3-7-0) 9
Encinal (2-6-1, 2-6-1) 7
Tennyson (2-14-1, 1-9-0) 3

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Foscalina, Livermore 19
Greenberg, MV 19
Berumen, Pitt 19
J. Maldonado Alhambra 17
Ayala, YV 17
Pangia, AV 15
Romero, Hercules 14
Sako, EC 13
Bautista, Richmond 13
Khorami, Dublin 12
L. Moreno, EC 12
Castillo, Hayward 12
Dull, St. Mary 12
Hebert, Berkeley 11
Udave, Hayward 11
Zumaya, YV 11
Martinez, Arroyo 10
Katunric, Dublin 10
Payerchin, Freedom 10
Sundar, MSJ 10
Padilla, Ngate 10

Name School Assists
Ortega, Hayward 16
Sundar, MSJ 13
Berumen, Pitt 13
Simmons, Campo 11
Zumaya, YV 11
Udave, Hayward 10
Enriquez, Newark 10
Renteria, YV 10
Velasquez, Concord 10
Mesquite, St. Mary 10
Nassiri, St. Mary 10
L. Moreno, EC 9
Zaloumis, MV 9
Burrows, Ngate 9
Matute, Alhambra 8
Wright, Berkeley 8
A. Moreano, EC 8
Navarrete, EC 8
Greenberg, MV 8
Ledesma, Pitt 8

Matt Smith

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  • The Sweeper

    Where are he coaches posts when we need them?

  • The Sweeper

    Good luck to Richmond and to St. Mary’s on Monday as they battle for their regular season title. I believe that Matt Smith will be in attendance and reporting.

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  • The Sweeper

    Dubai golf is boring…..

    East Bay Soccer rules…

  • Tampa2

    Dream on.

  • TurfToe

    Bomb Craters and Large grass knots ..those fields should be banned from all play-off games. Grass is OK if in good shape.
    Otherwise move to a City field / Club monitored site or keep everyone on artificial turf. Advantage goes to both teams.

  • TurfToe

    Somebody is complaining about Winton Drive?
    At least the ball rolls where you send it….and far better then some of the bomb ranges that pass for groomed grass fields.

  • TurfToe

    Remove all player red cards …going into play-offs all punishment to be served by then. If red card issued in final league game then player must sit out first play-off game.

  • TurfToe


  • MikeT

    On of the rare moments I agree with you. LOL!

  • MikeT

    East Bay Soccer is boring?

  • Matt Smith

    I feel like I should respond to all of Sweeper’s posts, just to add to the comment total. Haha. He’s the man…

    I’m working on getting the new stuff up. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, everyone…

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    When will you have it up? If you dont mind me asking

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    Matt’s holding us hostage until we get to 650!

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    Good to hear

  • EBAL Dad

    While we are marching towards, 1000? really Matt?, anyway, there was an earlier discussion about Yellow Cards, Red Cards and comparing Academy and Club to HS Soccer in those terms. It’s too far down the thread to find it so I’ll comment here.
    As I’ve figured, there have been 482 High School soccer matches played since early November.
    How many Red cards? I don’t know, anyone know how to get that info?
    A rebuttal to my comment that Club and academy have their fair share of cards and fights et al was refuted with some academy stats for 153 games and only a few cards according to Academy web site. The point being made was “this is why the Academy doesn’t want these players playing HS soccer”
    I’m curious in your reponses to this. Is that the reason?
    I guess all I would say i’ve seen club, hs, and recently Academy games for a few years. Academy IS a bit of a different beast, and I would expect these matches to have a bit less raw emotion and therefore less cards. But, at the club level, I’d say that the emotions can run just as high as a heated HS match. Not consistently, mind you, but they do have the potential. So to say one level is more card worthy than the other, I’m not convinced.
    Also, presenting only one statistic (the Academy card count) without any comparitive data, does a disservice to the discussion.
    The March continues!

  • Offsides

    Card count is just another excuse they (club & academy) use to keep their players coming to them and paying the fees. It’s about the money. Follow the money. We have found a way to monetize youth soccer (like America does with so many things). Frankly I could care less what “they” do. HS Soccer is where it is at.

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    Not funny.

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    Why are the Hayward fans always whining about the refs? Find a new excuse to scream about. It is getting boring. #cryingwolf

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    Go Trojans!

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    Blah, blah, blah. 10 cards? Really? Pathetic regardless of the excuse. Players need to adjust to the ref and play accordingly.

  • Offsides

    No. Simply no. Pitt has proven themselves against many opponents. Hayward has had some struggles. We are talking about two teams on different levels. Pitt is well above Hayward.

  • Offsides

    Glad it was a close game with a classy winner… NOT! Run it up some more why not? How about 15? Any for 20? Pointless.

  • Offsides

    Agreed. There is no “rolling” at DLS. THIS IS SPARTA! And if DLS wins… watch out! The market is wide open for EBAL title…

  • Offsides

    My 4… Pitt, MV, SRV, AV,
    As for DLS, maybe Richmond, Berk are better?

  • viewsfromthebox

    Don’t blah, blah, blah me I wasn’t complaining about the calls or making excuses. I agree with you… the only excuse I was making was for the referee, who issued so many cards to get hold of the game. One team had 7 of the cards the other team adjusted, got 3 yellows on calls that would normally be simple fouls and won the game. Trying to stick to the truth.

  • Offsides

    @viewsfromthebox:disqus Thanks for the clarification… I jumped the gun. Now that I understand you, I agree. I’m just a little touchy about the complaining our culture tends to jump to so easily. These kids need to learn responsiblity & accountability. Excuses & blaming refs only lets them neglect their duties. This won’t work for them when they get into the work force.

    And btw, you just picked up another follower/fan!

  • willswacc

    i think mt eden will win today with a 3-0 win led by delgado and williams (2)

  • willswacc

    hey matt call me 510 466 2969

  • Reccos00

    I was at the game. My sons club coach came to watch the game too. He it said it was the most entertaining game he has seen all season. Not only was it war on the field, a lot fans came out to support both teams. Great game!