Boys Soccer: Playoff Chase, League Updates, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Three weeks until the NCS playoff committee meets. Here is how it looks.

Division I


Amador Valley, Berkeley, De La Salle, Monte Vista, Newark Memorial, Pittsburg, Richmond, San Leandro, San Ramon Valley

I’ve added De La Salle into the locked category. At worst, they are 7-7 in league and there is no way DLS isn’t getting in. I’ve also added San Leandro to the locked category. Even if disaster struck, this team will get in. And disaster won’t strike because they are fighting for a league title.

Pretty Much In:

James Logan, Mission San Jose, Mt. Eden

I’m nearly ready to lock in MSJ. A win over American, and they would have been a lock. One more win, and I’m locking them in. Logan is also close to a lock, but I’d say two more wins will do it. Mt. Eden is in the same boat. A couple of wins.

On the Bubble:

Antioch, California, Castro Valley, Clayton Valley, College Park, Freedom, Granada, Liberty, Livermore, Washington

Four spots, for 10 teams. I think California and Livermore might be in the biggest trouble. They play each other, and the loser of that game is in it really thick. Cal also has Granada, AV and DLS left. Livermore has SRV, Granada and FH. Granada is also not even close to out of the woods, with AV, Cal, DLS and Livermore still on the schedule. If one, two or all three of these teams get eligible, they will have earned it.
I think it’s gonna be too tough a road for all three, and I am saying one gets eligible.
This, I think, leaves College Park, Liberty and Freedom in pretty good shape. I think CP is the first one in from this group. I think whichever team finishes higher in league between Liberty and Freedom gets in, and then I am going to say that I think Castro Valley is the dark horse now.
They have a makeup game tomorrow with Encinal, giving them three games this week. If all went well, they’d be 8-3-3 in league, and in second place. If that happens, they are in solid shape.
With Logan, Newark and MSJ left, Washington will need a big win, and it would be the kind of win that makes a playoff resume.
Antioch has Liberty and Freedom this week. Two wins, and suddenly Antioch is likely the second team out of the BVAL.

Division II


Campolindo, Dublin, El Cerrito, Hayward, Hercules, Pinole Valley, San Lorenzo, St. Mary’s, Ygnacio Valley

I added Pinole Valley and San Lorenzo to this pile. Both will be eligible, no matter what, and both have a solid enough resume to get in, no matter what happens.

Pretty Much In:

Albany, Bishop O’Dowd, Las Lomas

No matter what happens, Albany is eligible. If they win just one game in the TCAL tournament, I’m calling them a lock. All BOD and LL need is one draw in their last four games to guarantee eligibility, and if they do that, they’ll get in.

On the Bubble:

Acalanes, Alhambra, Concord, De Anza, Miramonte, Mount Diablo, Northgate, Piedmont

Four spots, eight teams.
Alhambra has fallen on rough times, but with Campo and Dublin cleared from the schedule, they are in decent shape still. Acalanes has Campo, Las Lomas, Miramonte and Alhambra to close the year. Any of those final three games could be unofficial elimination games for some teams. I’m especially looking at that final fixture.
Northgate ends the year with Clayton Valley, Mount Diablo, Concord and Berean. The middle of those two games could go a long way in determining who gets in. Mount still has YV as well, so there is a lot of work to do.
While these teams are beating up on each other, if De Anza could win two games in the TCAL Tourney, it’ll be hard for them not to make the playoffs.
Concord, Miramonte and Piedmont are the teams that need the most help, but all are still in the hunt.

League Races


Two wins this week, or a win and a draw along with a Liberty loss, and Pitt wins the league. Also one win and two Liberty losses does it. This seems to be a matter of when, not a matter of if.


Dublin is in hot pursuit of Campolindo. The Gaels need to keep pace and give themselves a chance when the two teams face off in the final week of the regular season.


A win and a draw for YV does the trick. Or a win and one loss by CP does it. YV can just take care of business on Thursday when the two teams play one another.


Monte Vista can really come close to securing the league title with a win at DLS on Tuesday. A draw leaves them in great shape, but a DLS win makes it a one-point lead heading into the last three games. AV and SRV still have outside chances as well, but need help.


Had MSJ not drawn with American, we’d be talking about the Warriors only one point behind Newark. As it stands, they are very much alive, just three points back, but the Cougars end the year with four teams they have beaten by a 16-1 combined score. It’s close, but Newark is still in control. Logan is not mathematically out of it, either, but needs to beat MSJ when they rematch.


It comes down to Monday. Richmond just needs a draw against St. Mary’s to win it. If St. Mary’s wins, it will come down to a tiebreaker, which I am trying to clarify with the TCAL commissioner.


Hercules was the first team to clinch a league title.


Berkeley has clinched no worse than a tie for the league title. They just need one point in their last four league games to win it. They’ll be right behind Hercules in clinching.


The most intriguing league race in the entire East Bay. Three teams within one point as San Leandro maintains the narrow edge with Hayward and San Lorenzo a point behind. What makes this more intriguing is that they all play each other one more time. Hayward has drawn with both, while San Lorenzo beat San Leandro 3-0 earlier.
This league might come down to the last day, hour and minute.


Top six remains unchanged. Amador Valley is now healthy, has looked impressive, and jumps four spots to No. 7. Hayward makes the second biggest jump, moving to No. 9, up three spots.
St. Mary’s and San Leandro continue to creep up the rankings, while we should give a very warm welcome to San Lorenzo, ranked for the first time this season.
Newark and San Ramon Valley both slip a few spots.
Just outside the rankings, Logan and Las Lomas make triumphant returns as those two has been out of the consideration list for a while, and College Park and Albany are back in as well after a short hiatus.

1. Pittsburg (15-1-1)
2. Ygnacio Valley (15-2-1)
3. Monte Vista (15-1-2)
4. Berkeley (15-1-3)
5. Dublin (15-1-3)
6. Richmond (11-4-3)
7. Amador Valley (15-3-2)
8. Campolindo (12-4-4)
9. Hayward (12-2-6)
10. Newark Memorial (12-3-4)
11. De La Salle (9-6-3)
12. St. Mary’s (11-4-0)
13. San Leandro (11-4-3)
14. San Ramon Valley (11-6-1)
15. San Lorenzo (9-4-3)

Others considered: El Cerrito (13-7-2), Mt. Eden (8-6-6), Bishop O’Dowd (8-5-3), Mission San Jose (10-4-5), Granada (7-6-3), Hercules (13-3-5), Logan (9-5-5), College Park (7-6-6), Las Lomas (9-6-2), Albany (8-6-3)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Pittsburg (15-1-1, 6-0-0) 18
Liberty (5-8-1, 3-2-1) 10
Antioch (5-10-1, 2-3-1) 7
Freedom (9-5-6, 1-1-4) 7
Deer Valley (3-11-7, 1-4-1) 4
Heritage (3-11-3, 1-4-1) 4

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Campolindo (12-4-4, 7-0-2) 23
Dublin (15-1-3, 6-1-2) 20
Acalanes (6-9-3, 4-3-1) 13
Alhambra (8-8-3, 3-4-2) 11
Las Lomas (9-6-2, 2-4-2) 8
Miramonte (5-6-2, 2-5-1) 7
Dougherty Valley (1-14-2, 0-7-2) 2

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Ygnacio Valley (15-2-1, 8-0-1) 25
College Park (7-6-6, 5-2-1) 16
Clayton Valley (5-9-5, 4-4-1) 13
Mt. Diablo (6-5-3, 3-2-3) 12
Concord (4-9-4, 3-4-2) 11
Northgate (9-9-0, 3-6-0) 9
Berean Chr. (1-15-1, 0-8-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Monte Vista (15-1-2, 8-1-1) 25
De La Salle (9-6-3, 7-3-0) 21
San Ramon Valley (11-6-1, 6-3-1) 19
Amador Valley (15-3-2, 6-3-1) 19
Granada (7-6-3, 3-4-3) 12
Livermore (8-9-3, 3-6-1) 10
California (8-9-2, 3-7-0) 9
Foothill (4-9-4, 0-9-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Newark Memorial (12-3-4, 8-0-2) 26
Mission San Jose (10-4-5, 7-1-2) 23
Logan (9-5-5, 6-2-2) 20
Washington (7-8-2, 5-3-2) 17
Irvington (4-12-1, 3-6-1) 10
American (2-5-3, 2-5-3) 9
Kennedy (4-10-2, 2-7-1) 7
Moreau Catholic (0-13-1, 0-9-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Castlemont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Fremont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland Tech (0-3-0, 0-0-0) 0
Skyline (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Richmond (11-4-3, 8-1-0) 24
St. Mary’s (11-4-0, 7-2-0) 21
El Cerrito (13-7-2, 6-4-0) 18
Albany (8-6-3, 4-5-1) 13
Salesian (3-8-2, 3-6-1) 10
St. Joseph Notre Dame (5-11-3, 0-10-0) 0

TCAL Stone
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hercules (13-3-5, 10-0-0) 30
Pinole Valley (9-7-2, 6-3-1) 19
De Anza (9-9-3, 5-2-3) 18
Kennedy (4-11-3, 4-5-1) 13
Swett (2-7-1, 2-7-1) 7
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-12-0, 0-10-0) 0

WACC Foothill
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Berkeley (15-1-3, 10-0-2) 32
Mt. Eden (8-6-6, 6-4-2) 20
Bishop O’Dowd (8-5-3, 6-4-2) 20
Castro Valley (5-9-4, 5-3-3) 18
Arroyo (4-9-2, 3-7-2) 11
Alameda (2-14-2, 2-9-1) 7

WACC Shoreline
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

San Leandro (11-4-3, 8-2-2) 26
Hayward (12-2-6, 7-1-4) 25
San Lorenzo (9-4-3, 8-3-1) 25
Piedmont (7-10-0, 3-9-0) 9
Encinal (2-8-1, 2-8-1) 7
Tennyson (2-16-1, 1-11-0) 3

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Ayala, YV 24
Berumen, Pitt 23
Greenberg, MV 21
Bautista, Richmond 21
Romero, Hercules 19
Foscalina, Livermore 19
J. Maldonado Alhambra 17
Pangia, AV 16
Khorami, Dublin 16
Dull, St. Mary 16
Castillo, Hayward 15
L. Moreno, EC 14
Udave, Hayward 14
Sako, EC 13
Hebert, Berkeley 12
Roman, SL 12
Zumaya, YV 12
Saccomono, BOD 11
Katunric, Dublin 11
Payerchin, Freedom 11

Name School Assists
Ortega, Hayward 19
Simmons, Campo 14
Zumaya, YV 14
Udave, Hayward 13
Sundar, MSJ 13
Berumen, Pitt 13
L. Moreno, EC 11
Velasquez, Concord 10
Greenberg, MV 10
Enriquez, Newark 10
Burrows, Ngate 10
Ledesma, Pitt 10
Mesquite, St. Mary 10
Nassiri, St. Mary 10
Renteria, YV 10
Wright, Berkeley 9
Khorami, Dublin 9
A. Moreano, EC 9
Navarrete, EC 9
Garcia, EC 9
Zaloumis, MV 9
Escobar, Richmond 9

Matt Smith

  • The Sweeper

    Eureka! EBAL Dad gets it…do you?

    Well done and way to connect the EBAL and some D1 dots… keep the lucid postings coming…

    …and the wheels on the bus go round and round…

    This is the craziest season that I have seen since I don’t know when…good luck on that rankings thing, Matt…

  • The Sweeper

    Mudhen, no Sesame Street counting posts… HAH! 700!

  • Taha

    Agreed on the luck. Exactly, why I think we are going to have a lot of upsets in NCS.

  • The Sweeper

    Gents, that is in blog vernacular, SEVEN FRIGGIN’ HUNDRED…HOO-HAA!!!

  • Rory O’C

    I rest my case. Thank you ref for clarifying my point. Refs don’t seem to have an interest in the soccer community but rather want to be President of refereeland. We are supposed to be a part of the same brethren and your reply blows that theory to neck. I think the comment that coaches aren’t necessary tells us all what we need to know. I won’t even get into the rest of your ridiculous comment. Being new here as a coach and reading comments like this are ruining a 30 year love affair with the game for me. I am at the point of walking away from a game that has been my life since I could walk because I see the passion being sucked out of the game as an easy alternative to fixing an obvious problem.

  • The Sweeper


    Agreed, 100%.

    Professor Peabody wants to know about your pre-seeding predictions and upsets.
    Who can upset Pitt?
    Who can upset MV?
    Who can upset Berk?
    Who can upset Richmond?
    Who can upset YV?
    Who can upset DLS?
    Who can upset….blah, blah, blah…

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    Karnak sees a possible AV upset, a possible SRV upset and possible a Hayward upset…watch and learn.


  • The Sweeper

    Cruising to Babe Ruth territory, right Matt?

  • mudhen

    Spare me the drama. I merely am telling you,how the real world of soccer operates. There really IS no mention of coaches in the laws of the game, and I am only stating what is in the directives handed down from the USSF. Look them up, you might be surprised. Look for “Ask, Tell, remove” You, as a coach, have NO RIGHT to dissent from the decisions of the referee. Period.

  • mudhen

    Oh, the pain in my heart! Argh!!!

  • Rory O’C

    I am very disappointed that you feel this way. I watched last year’s coach scream and yell at referees and players alike. I probably complained too much at the Berkeley game in truth but small fouls can change a game and the Berkeley coach told me afterwards that he would back me if I decided to complain the ref. That has to tell you something. I am not saying I have never become overheated in the wrong, again this comes with being passionate. I would ask you to explain how 3 of the first 4 games were called so badly against us when the refs didn’t know me? Also you obviously missed the last two weeks when I was praised more than once for my behavior by the referees. They were fair so losing was not a problem. I do wish that you would come and talk to me in person rather than anonymously commenting when you are a parent of one of the kids. I am always available to listen and discuss.

  • Taha

    See, that’s hard. Makes not only me think, but other people as well. Takes time to see who can upset who. But my final four could go a lot of ways. I could see these teams in the final four. Based on results. Pitt, MV, DLS, AV, Newark, SRV, Logan, and Richmond.

  • Rory O’C

    It may surprise you to know that I have been around high levels of soccer for a number of years. I know the rules. I have never encountered a situation before in the real world of soccer where a coach is supposed to be mute. Shouting handball is hardly dissent. The difference I see is that in the real world of soccer refs don’t consider all forms of conversation as dissent. There is not such an authoritarian approach. I detect a note of disdain for coaches from you that is very telling and disappointing.

  • BSAL_Alumni

    Again, I have not watched many Piedmont games because I have to work until 8 on most days, so I cant comment on the past 2 weeks, or the first couple games. Just to clarify, I am not a parent of a player on your team, my son played under coach Marques. From watching games under last year’s coach, I agree, he yelled quite a bit. But the past is unimportant. What’s important is that players have fun and enjoy their time playing soccer. To add drama with referees in my opinion, is unnecessary. While my comments may seem aggressive, they aren’t supposed to be that way, and I hope you don’t take it like that. I have respect for what you and other coaches do, as it is a great service to the community and the players, but I would like for you to let the players play, and talk less aggressively to the referees. Just my thoughts, feel free to disagree.

  • The Sweeper

    Rory O’C,

    Keep with your passion for your team and players and hang in there. I appreciate your passion for the game and I must now travel through the tunnels to see your squad. I am looking forward to it.

    Cheers, and see you at the pitch!

  • viewsfromthebox

    Most coaches are passionate and nearly every coach, player, parent and fan gets frustrated with the referees. Lots of us try real hard to keep our mouths shut. I think the best coaches can keep the comments to a minimum, back off before the referee feels like (s)he is being embarrassed and still make their points and protect their players. It does take control and it is not at all easy for most people.

  • eL Pata

    The bambino!

  • The Sweeper

    Passed 714… What is the Babe’s number with WS homers?

  • Rory O’C

    Thank you Sweeper. Your comment is appreciated. I look forward to meeting you.

  • Tampa2

    Player of the Week…Keegan Murphy the Keeper at DLS.
    Had two huge games last week and the PK save at SRV was a huge booster for the Spartans.

  • EBALking

    Sweeper, I think it shows how many strong teams and talent exists in the Bay/NCS area. Probably one of the strongest, if not “the best” high school league in the US.

  • EBALking

    Matt, do you plan on having the All Star game again this year? Should be a doozy with all the talent.

  • Turftoespain

    What happened to Richmond…who saw the game and give us some insight. I would have thought at least 3 goals for Oilers.

  • Matt Smith

    Working on it right now. Recovering from the Everton loss, this morning.

  • Turftoespain

    “Finch Farmers” 0 Spurs 1. “Dogs of War” does not apply today.

  • Matt Smith

    Oh ya, it’s in the works. Planning for March 7 at Richmond High.

  • Matt Smith

    Tough loss. A draw would have been fair.

  • Tampa2

    Could not resist the dig. But I am home agonizing over the MUFC and Fulham game.

  • Jose Fernandez

    Watch out for the Tennyson game, often time San Lorenzo matches the level when they a weaker team

  • Tampa2

    Gets my vote as the momentum swinger.

  • Jose Fernandez

    Hey Matt what are the rules on tie breakers incase SLZ, SL or HHS were to end up tied in points?

  • Cal Fan

    Just wanted to let you know that the Juventus Northern California Showcase is March 8-9 with some games on March 7. As a result some players may not be available to play the All Star game. Thanks for coordinating this Matt.

  • Turftoespain

    Somebody I forget who had tagged Sweeper as Robbin

  • Tampa2

    MUFC with 2 goals in two min…its a beautiful game.

  • El Tejon

    Why Richmond again???

  • Tampa2

    And Fulham pops 1 in at the 94th min. MUFC gets a 2-2 draw. So is the game of soccer.

  • eL Pata

    Relatively central location. And gorgeous facility and pitch?

  • Playmaker

    Yeah, that weekend you’ll probably be missing alot of players because that’s showcase/tournament week. Players in NPL most likely will not be able to play then.

  • MikeT

    So is the curse of Sir Alex!

  • Matt Smith

    Ya, that’s exactly why. Great facility, good location and the school is very supportive, and is excited about hosting the game.

  • Matt Smith

    I’ll ask the league commish.

  • eL Pata

    Teams are big enough. Play 10 – 15 and go rest. Good warmup for the next day. Heh.

  • dls champion

    Im really suprised with washington this week. They upseted logan and newark and if they can beat mission next week they will qualify for a 16 seed. I hope this underdog team can qualify and prove to us they should be here.

  • George D

    I am almost 100% sure it goes to head to head, which as of right now SLZ would have over San Leandro

  • EBAL Dad

    You seem to be stuffing your own ballot box! You from Chicago?

  • EBAL Dad

    Central? To NCS winter soccer?
    Hmm let me check Google Maps on that one!

  • EBAL Dad

    His uniform # was 3, and he hit 15 WS HR’s
    So the answer is 18!

  • Playmaker

    That’s not exactly what I meant. Some NPL players (i.e. ones from Diablo FC) will be attending the NPL showcase in Las Vegas that weekend. It would be a shame for them to miss out on this game that Matt has worked so hard to make.

  • CodySimms45

    Terrible refs at today’s game of St. Mary’s vs Kennedy. The ar could not distinguish an offside. There was one instance were the ref called an offside on a THROW IN. We need to have better refs for the boys !!