Latest East Bay High School Girls Soccer Rankings, Feb. 4

Here are the latest girls soccer rankings, with a few notable changes.

I’ve also tacked on a list of players who will be signing this week. It’s another impressive group, but I’m sure some players are missing. Check it out, and let me know who needs to be added.

Unbeaten Monte Vista, guided by Brett LeQuesne, is No. 1 ranked in the NSCAA girls high school poll for the second straight time. The Mustangs have two draws with San Ramon Valley, with the Mustangs prevailing once in PKs. The Danville rivals will meet again on Feb. 13 at San Ramon Valley, as part of a doubleheader which will also see the schools’ formidable boys soccer teams squaring off. Circle the date.

Improving Carondelet and Heritage have forged into the top 15 this week, and Berkeley has edged past San Ramon Valley into the No. 2 spot. The Wolves have been struggling with their offensive rhythm,  although a 2-0 win over California, which always plays the Wolves tough, had to give San Ramon Valley a shot of confidence. Granada had a nice week with a draw against San Ramon Valley and a win over Foothill.

In other leagues, College Park fended off Northgate 2-1 and remained unbeaten in the DVAL.

In the DFAL, Miramonte surged past Campolindo in the rankings after another excellent week, with back-to-back shutouts over Dougherty Valley, which surprised Campolindo, and Las Lomas.

Someone please help me sort out the BVAL’s top four … Brentwood rivals Heritage and Liberty battled to a draw, but Deer Valley held its ground with a win over Pittsburg and a draw with Freedom.

Logan will enter Tuesday’s showdown against longtime rival Washington riding a five-game winning steak. The Colts benefit in MVAL play from their tough nonleague schedule.

Nice to see that Berkeley’s information is now being posted on maxpreps.com. The Yellowjackets are for real. They routed Castro Valley 5-0 on Jan. 24 and have outscored their past three opponents a combined 14-1. They have allowed one goal in their last nine matches. Plus, they play an attractive brand of touch soccer. Friday’s game against visiting O’Dowd will be huge.

Let’s try to get some more names in this blog: Post some of your favorite players, and explain why you are selecting them. It could be anyone, from a youth national team pool selection to a girl who is giving it her all and setting a great example for her teammates. I’m looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.

As of Feb. 3, 2014

1, Monte Vista (16-0-2, 9-0-1 EBAL) — Beat California 2-0; Beat Livermore 2-1

2, Berkeley (12-2-1, 9-0-1 WACC-Foothill) — Beat Encinal 5-1; Beat Mt. Eden 4-0

3, San Ramon Valley (13-0-5, 7-0-3 EBAL) — Tied Granada 0-0; Beat California 2-0

4, Bishop O’Dowd (10-3-1, 6-1-0 WACC-Foothill) — Beat Tennyson 6-0, Beat Alameda 2-1

5 (t), Amador Valley (9-5-2, 5-4-1 EBAL) — Beat Livermore 6-1; Tie Carondelet 2-2

5 (t), California (9-4-3, 3-4-3 EBAL) — Lost to Monte Vista 2-0; Lost to SRV 2-0

7, Castro Valley (12-4-3, 7-2-1 WACC-Foothill) — Beat Piedmont 1-0; Beat Arroyo 6-0

8, College Park (17-3-0, 8-0-0 DVAL) –Beat Mt. Diablo 6-0; Beat Northgate 2-1

9, Miramonte (9-2-1, 6-1-1 DFAL) — Beat Dougherty Valley 2-0; Beat Las Lomas 5-0

10, Granada (5-7-2, 4-5-1 EBAL) — Tie San Ramon Valley 0-0; Beat Foothill 1-0

11, Campolindo (12-1-3, 6-2-1 DFAL) –Beat Alhambra 2-0; Lost to Dougherty Valley 2-1; Beat Alameda 3-1

12, Liberty (8-2-5, 4-1-1 BVAL) — Beat Freedom 4-3; Tie Heritage 2-2

13, Logan (9-4-3, 9-0-1 MVAL) — Beat Moreau 1-0; Beat Newark Memorial 3-1

14, Deer Valley (9-4-2, 4-1-1 BVAL) — Beat Pittsburg 5-0; Tied Freedom 1-1

15 (t), Carondelet (3-6-4, 2-5-3 EBAL) — Beat Foothill 3-0; Tie Amador Valley 1-1

(15 (t) Heritage (9-7-2, 3-1-2 BVAL) — Beat Antioch 6-0; Tie Liberty 2-2

Others: Albany, Alameda, American, Foothill, Freedom, Saint Mary’s, Piedmont.


College signees

Precious Akanyirige (Foothill) Baylor
Hailey Balma (Monte Vista) San Diego State
Andrea Boehm (Amador Valley) Sacramento State
Allie Dutto (San Ramon Valley) UCLA
Haylie Grant (Heritage) Florida State
Taygan Grundy (Mission San Jose) Navy
Melissa Lewis (San Ramon Valley) Cal
Haley Lukas (Foothill) Cal
Jamie Van Horn (San Ramon Valley) Pepperdine
Remi White (Monte Vista) UCSB
Hailai Arghandiwal (Dublin) Santa Clara
Haley Cache (Dougherty Valley) Northwestern State (La.)
Lexi Nicholas (Amador Valley) Notre Dame
Brianna Nicholas (Amador Valley) Army
Kesy Platt (Piedmont) Sonoma State
Morgan Pearce (San Ramon Valley) Point Lomas-Nazarene
Brielle Preece (Granada) Pepperdine
Kylee Smith (Heritage) Sacramento State
Sarah Toelkes (Heritage) SMU
Sarah Wilkinson (Livermore) UC Irvine



Matt Schwab

  • 3djab

    Zoey Bauman (San Ramon) Azusa Pacific University
    Jessika Martinez (San Ramon) Oregon State University
    Courtney Clark (San Ramon) Point Loma University
    Summer Stamates (San Ramon) UC Davis
    Spencer Jaye (San Ramon) University of Hawaii
    Melise Knowles (Athenian) Wellesley College

  • Matt Schwab

    Thanks for the additional names, 3djab. I have added them to the list which will appear in the paper on Thursday.

  • alameda supporter

    Sara Jo Ciapponi ( Fresno State ) Justine Silvers ( Cal State Northridge )

  • Rick Johnson

    Shelby Johnson (Heritage) Capital University

    Heritage 2 Deer Valley 1

  • Lion17

    Liberty 6 Antioch 0 – overall 9-2-5, BVAL 5-1-1

  • KC

    Congrats to all of the girls signing today. The culmination of a ton of hard work and dedicated hours (especially from the parents) May you all thrive in this next phase of your life and continue your love for the game

  • Tim

    Congrats to all signing today. As this is a high school soccer blog, it should be noted all players listed are not actually playing HS soccer this season.

  • KC

    Big Night in EBAL play. Carondelet hosts SRV in a win or your done game. Foothill has its back against the NCS wall as well and plays Livermore. MV look to stay undefgeated in a tough match against Amador, and Cal/Granada face off in what could be an NCS deciding match for Granada. Crazy to think, but there is a very good possibility that only 4 Ebal teams make the qualifying number (Cal gets in only because of their non conference schedule) Only 3 of 8 teams in EBAL are 500 or better in League and that number could easily drop to two when all is said and done. Ive said several times before….EBAL is a lesson in cannibalism

  • KC

    Carondelet Draw SRV 1-1 but are officially cooked

  • Tim

    Good result for Cougars. How was the game?

  • KC

    Very even game played in the middle of the field.for the most part. SRV had the edge in possession and took advantage of a goalkeeping gaff in the first half, but basically had few other chances to score the rest of the game. CHS scored on a free kick from about 25 yards but that was truly their only shot on frame…kinda boring really, but the CHS defense did a nice job of keeping SRV outside the 18

  • JM

    @KC….Carondelet was OUT of NCS long ago…not sure what standings you are looking at?? You have to have a .500 record in overall, EBAL, or non-league to make NCS. They are not close to .500 in any of those scenarios. ???????????

  • KC

    JM. I am very familiar with NCS and the qualifiers. Going into last nights game CHS was 4 games under 500 with 4 to play. That is why i stated they werre done. Its called math. Doesnt take a genious

  • LL Dad

    Las Lomas 1, Acalanes 0 (Fri 2/7)
    Las Lomas 3, Dougherty 1 (Wed 2/5)

  • Tim

    Watched the Tuesday game CHS vs MV. Thought MV could of been 4 up at halftime if it wasn’t for some poor finishing. CHS definitely made a game of it in the second half & scored a nice goal.

  • Tim

    Anyone know the BOD vs Berk result from tonight?

  • KC

    MV is the class of NCS by a country mile. I honestly don’t believe they will lose to anyone this year and maybe even next year. SRV plays exceptionally good Defense but will not beat MV because they don’t generate enough offensive chances.

  • David Gold

    1-0 Berkeley.

  • Tim

    Don’t sleep on Berkeley. This could be their year.

  • Soccer fan 41

    Carondelet ties SRV and beats Northgate 4-0. Looks like they started figuring things out a little too late

  • KC

    Wasn’t a matter of any “figuring things out” The season started 2-6-1 with the coach insisting the girls play in a 3 Back formation….the result was 22 goals against in 9 games. The players begged to play a flat four in those games, but the stubborn, selfish coach would not relent. Finally, more than halfway through the season the coach says “fine, we will play your stupid flat four” Since that time, CHS has gone 2-1-4, with strong outings against Cal, Amador, SRV, and a near draw to Monte Vista. The 4-0 win v Northgate was an exclamation point on how bad coaching can ruin the high school experience

  • Soccer fan 41

    Wow I did not realize that was what changed. Tough break for them especially considering their flat four seemed strong in the past 7-8 games. Wonder where they would be if the coach hadnt been so stubborn

  • Tim

    Not much different. They still aren’t winning games. As much as Northgate has improved the past two seasons, most EBAL teams would beat them. Going to a back four has slowed the goals going in but hasn’t stopped them either.
    KC, you’re starting to come off as a disgruntled parent, blaming the coach when in truth, the team just wasn’t talented enough. They might be slightly better than their record suggests but they have no real scoring punch. I would say they are the 5th best squad in EBAL.
    What hurt CHS this year, is a lack of non-league schedule. That is something that can be blamed on the 1st year coach. (1st yr at CHS that is)

  • DVAL fan

    @tim formation changes can turn around a HS season for sure. but the players need to believe in the changes and play in it like a team. I agree KC is coming off a bit disgruntled but he sounds very in the know when it comes to CHS and EBAL. Maybe a coach or parent.
    The new CHS coach should be given one full year to learn the new job. new league, and HS officiating. lol
    i was reviewing maxpreps and noticed CHS is missing stats from last year. Just curious was the GF/GA similiar?

  • KC

    I understand I come off as disgruntled. I don’t hide it. I am one of many. There is no denying the difference statistically since the formation change..First 9 games 22GA/10GF, last 7 7GA/14 GF. Totally different team. CHS Drew AV, Cal, and SRV and played an even game Vs MV (the whole game can be found on youtube) No doubt we don’t pack the offensive punch that MV has, but 6 losses in first 9 to 1 in last 7 is pretty defining. As far as the 5th best in EBAL, you might ask the coaches at SRV and MV what they think. I write this with no disrespect to Tim or anyone else with an opinion on this…I am simply stating facts

  • DVAL fan

    no disrespect taken. your stats summary is important indicator that the new coach is finding the way. my review of maxpreps shows similar GF/GA the last two seasons. right? is it really the coach.

  • KC

    @Tim…your post actually got me thinking a bit deeper on the offensive side of the ball. So the EBAL, I think most would agree, is known for extremely staunch defense. So…here is what I figured out. Through 12 games in EBAL MV has (no Surprise) been the class of the league in goal scoring with 28 in 12 games..2.33 per game. Next is AV 24/12 a 2.0 (highly inflated by two games accounting for 11 goals) SRV comes in with 18/12 1.66. Fourth highest in this defensive league??? Carondelet with 14/12. Now this is no great number, but again show statistically better numbers than Half of the EBAL.

  • JM

    Facts…@ KC…are that teams and players win games…not coaches. Especially in high school….where there are sometimes girls coming from 5 or 6 different clubs in 3 1/2 months time. Some of it….yes I said it…is pure luck. Balls bouncing in the right direction instead of the wrong. Balls going in the net instead of out. A change of formation may help some things…might hurt others. I think KC is a little past disgruntled…he seems to think he has the keys to everything that should be happening at CHS Girls Soccer. Maybe he should Coach himself? Or maybe he wouldn’t like the bad mouthing and scrutiny he has shown Ms Apodaca. I am sure he showed the same to Rick Morin before her. And his little girl’s U8 Coach before that too.

  • KC

    @JM…I am fully aware that the players win or lose the games. But the coaches are responsible for preparation, formation, strategic substitution, and being able to adapt midgame. My original point was to simply point out that this team is every bit as talented as any other team in EBAL when managed properly. Because I point this out it makes me “a little past disgruntled”? I have played and coached this game my whole life. I was Rick Morin’s biggest supporter and have never had any issues with any coach out there doing a good job with the goal of making their players better. It’s OK if you want to run me through the coals (Ive got pretty thick skin), but you might want to ask around a bit before you jump to your conclusions.

  • JM

    Touche @ KC. Nice. I stand corrected. You can understand that sometimes it just gets sickening when parents pile on a coach….95% of the time those with ZERO coaching or playing experience. The fact that you supported Rick says a lot. He was thrown under the bus. But I digress. I applaud you for your knowledge of the game…and for your insight into the CHS program. But tell me….there must have been something else going on in that program other than a formation change, right?? I mean CHS has always had a solid program and talent….having coached against them for many years, it seems to me there must have been “other” stuff going on. Keep it up KC!

  • KC

    @JM Thanks…There is definitely more than just a formation change. There are two post formation change games that should have gone another direction. There are politics, a lack of support from administration, and the challenges of not having a home field. There is a lot that goes into it that I wont discuss here that show the program will probably take another step back before it goes forward again

  • Tim

    No, it’s not all the coach. I appreciate and respect KC’s opinion & passion but he is too close to the situation so his view is skewed.
    As a friend of Rick & someone who has talked with Amy a fair bit this season, I have a lot of respect for both having to work with some tough constraints at CHS.
    That being said, I will stand by my previous post – CHS are the 5th best team in EBAL, maybe 4th. If they win both games this week, that’s where the should end up. As KC has pointed out correctly in the past, EBAL teams feed off each other (cannibalism). You have SRV & MV a step above but 3-8 can & will beat each other on any given day. Heck, given the recent performances of the two Danville teams the past week & half, ANY team can be beaten by any team on any day.
    I was at both CHS vs MV games & actually thought CHS played better in the 3-0 loss than the 2-1 result. The second game MV should of been 4-0 at halftime but for some poor finishing. It the first game MV had far less opportunities & it took a cracking Rood Volley late in 1st half to open the scoring. And even though CHS scored in the 2nd match, both MV keepers – White & Emerson were rarely tested.
    CHS has some great talent – (I think Hayes has a shout for 1st team EBAL) much of it underclassmen – Collins (great young GK), Cilley, Duncan.. But talent wise this year was always going to be behind AV, SRV & MV. Next season, I see them top 3 (look for SRV to take a step back with all the seniors graduating this season).

  • Tim

    EBAL points in 2nd round:
    MV 15
    SR 11
    G 8
    AV 5
    CAR 5
    L 3
    CAL 2
    F 2