Final Boys Soccer: All-Star Game, Next Year, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Congrats to the De La Salle Spartans and the Dublin Gaels for winning titles. Six in a row for De La Salle and two in five seasons for Dublin.
Now let’s finish off what’s been a great season, with an even better All-Star Game than last year.

This will be the final reminder to everyone that the All-Star game is set for March 7th, 7:00 p.m. at Richmond High. It will feature 20 of the top seniors in Division I against 20 of the top seniors in Division II.
Let’s show them how the East Bay soccer community takes care of business and make this year’s game a huge success. Spread the word and let’s make the second annual game and even bigger success than last year.
Here are the rosters.

Division I
Keegan Murphy, De La Salle
Alex Davila, Deer Valley
Diego Del Toro, Antioch
Harshal Pantakar, Alameda
Juan Jauregui, Newark Memorial
Alex Garcia, Arroyo
John Wayland, San Ramon Valley
Guhan Sundar, Mission San Jose
Evander Olivares, Logan
Sergio Avila, Mt. Eden
Joey Brauer, College Park
Jasper Hebert, Berkeley
Yassine Hamdouni, Berkeley
Oscar Ledesma, Pittsburg
Wesley Nild, Castro Valley
Esteban Berumen, Pittsburg
Jeff Greenberg, Monte Vista
Tyler Pangia, Amador Valley
Edgar Ordaz, Liberty
Lalo Bautista, Richmond

Coaches: Derricke Brown (De La Salle), Rene Siles (Richmond), Juan Penate (Pittsburg), Andre Hebert (Berkeley), Dan Christensen (Mission San Jose)

Division II
Shane Pitcock, Bishop O’Dowd
Andrew Totaro, Dublin
David Hernandez, St. Mary’s
Edgar Perez, Concord
Erick Rodriguez, St. Joseph Notre Dame
Corey Stewart, Dublin
Gus Keeble, Campolindo
Mario Matute, Alhambra
Trenton Matson, Las Lomas
Evan Eulner, Salesian
Luis Moreno, El Cerrito
Alejandro Moreno, El Cerrito
Will Simmons, Campolindo
Mario Mendez, Ygnacio Valley
Rigo Castillo, Hayward
Kaj Simonsen, Acalanes
Jeremy Romero, Hercules
Tata Ayala, Ygnacio Valley
Abraham Napoles, Tennyson
Antonio Cordova, John Swett

Coaches: James Fulwiler (Dublin), Shane Carney (Campolindo), Cesar Chavez (Ygnacio Valley), Alex Ortega (Hayward)

Looking to next season

De La Salle and Dublin pulled out championships from competitive games, and already I’m thinking about these two teams next season. De La Salle returns plenty of talent, and has the pedigree, as does Dublin. There is a good chance these two teams open up as the top two ranked teams next season.
I also feel that Hayward, Acalanes, Richmond and Livermore are other teams to watch out for. Of course, there are the usual suspects in the EBAL, as well as Pitt, YV and Campo that should be fine and open the season ranked.


Here are the final rankings. The finalists make the top four, YV stays in the top five while Amador Valley, Pittsburg, Campolindo, San Ramon Valley and Berkeley make the top ten.

1. De La Salle (18-6-3)
2. Dublin (21-2-4)
3. Monte Vista (19-4-3)
4. Hercules (19-3-6)
5. Ygnacio Valley (20-3-1)
6. Amador Valley (19-4-4)
7. Pittsburg (20-2-1)
8. Campolindo (16-5-5)
9. San Ramon Valley (17-8-1)
10. Berkeley (20-2-3)
11. Richmond (15-7-3)
12. San Lorenzo (14-5-4)
13. Newark Memorial (15-5-5)
14. San Leandro (13-4-5)
15. Hayward (15-4-7)

Others considered: Bishop O’Dowd (12-7-3), Mission San Jose (13-6-5), St. Mary’s (13-8-0), El Cerrito (14-9-2), Mt. Eden (10-9-6), College Park (10-8-6), Logan (12-7-5), Freedom (11-8-6), Las Lomas (11-8-3), Northgate (11-10-1)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Pittsburg (20-2-1, 10-0-0) 30
Antioch (9-12-2, 5-4-1) 16
Freedom (11-8-6, 3-3-4) 13
Liberty (5-12-1, 3-6-1) 10
Deer Valley (4-13-8, 2-6-2) 8
Heritage (4-13-4, 2-6-2) 8

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Campolindo (16-5-5, 9-0-3) 30
Dublin (21-2-4, 8-2-2) 26
Acalanes (7-12-4, 5-5-2) 17
Alhambra (10-10-4, 4-5-3) 15
Las Lomas (11-8-3, 4-5-3) 15
Miramonte (5-7-5, 2-6-4) 10
Dougherty Valley (1-17-3, 0-9-3) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Ygnacio Valley (20-3-1, 11-0-1) 34
College Park (10-8-6, 8-3-1) 25
Clayton Valley (6-11-5, 5-6-1) 16
Northgate (11-10-1, 5-6-1) 16
Concord (5-10-5, 4-5-3) 15
Mt. Diablo (7-8-3, 4-5-3) 15
Berean Chr. (1-20-1, 0-12-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

De La Salle (18-6-3, 11-3-0) 33
Monte Vista (19-4-3, 10-3-1) 31
San Ramon Valley (17-8-1, 9-4-1) 28
Amador Valley (19-4-4, 8-4-2) 26
Livermore (9-10-5, 4-7-3) 15
Granada (7-8-5, 3-6-5) 14
California (8-11-4, 3-9-2) 11
Foothill (4-12-5, 0-12-2) 2

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Newark Memorial (15-5-5, 11-1-2) 35
Mission San Jose (13-6-5, 10-2-2) 32
Logan (12-7-5, 9-3-2) 29
Washington (9-10-3, 7-4-3) 24
Irvington (5-14-2, 4-8-2) 14
Kennedy (6-12-2, 4-9-1) 13
American (3-8-3, 3-8-3) 12
Moreau Catholic (0-17-1, 0-13-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Richmond (15-7-3, 9-1-0) 27
St. Mary’s (13-8-0, 7-3-0) 21
El Cerrito (14-9-2, 6-4-0) 18
Albany (9-8-3, 4-5-1) 13
Salesian (3-10-2, 3-6-1) 10
St. Joseph Notre Dame (5-12-3, 0-10-0) 0

TCAL Stone
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hercules (19-3-6, 10-0-0) 30
Pinole Valley (12-8-1, 8-2-0) 24
De Anza (8-13-2, 4-4-2) 14
Kennedy (5-12-3, 4-5-1) 13
Swett (2-8-1, 2-7-1) 7
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-13-0, 0-10-0) 0

WACC Foothill
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Berkeley (20-2-3, 14-0-2) 44
Bishop O’Dowd (12-7-3, 9-5-2) 29
Mt. Eden (10-9-6, 8-6-2) 26
Castro Valley (7-12-4, 7-6-3) 24
Arroyo (6-11-2, 5-9-2) 17
Alameda (2-19-2, 2-13-1) 7

WACC Shoreline
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

San Lorenzo (14-5-4, 11-3-2) 35
San Leandro (13-4-5, 10-3-3) 33
Hayward (15-4-7, 9-2-5) 32
Piedmont (10-12-1, 5-10-1) 16
Encinal (3-12-1, 3-12-1) 10
Tennyson (2-20-1, 1-15-0) 3

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Ayala, YV 33
Berumen, Pitt 31
Romero, Hercules 29
Bautista, Richmond 25
Foscalina, Livermore 23
Greenberg, MV 23
Pangia, AV 21
Khorami, Dublin 21
Udave, Hayward 19
J. Maldonado Alhambra 18
Castillo, Hayward 18
Cassino, LL 17
Dull, St. Mary 16
Hamdouni, Berkeley 15
Sako, EC 15
Roman, SL 15
Mesquita, St. Mary 15
Katunaric, Dublin 14
L. Moreno, EC 14
Martinez, Arroyo 13
Saccomono, BOD 13
Hernandez, CP 13
Jones, DLS 13
Williams, Mt. Eden 13
Zumaya, YV 13

Name School Assists
Ortega, Hayward 21
Sundar, MSJ 19
Simmons, Campo 17
Udave, Hayward 15
Berumen, Pitt 15
Mesquita, St. Mary 15
Zumaya, YV 15
Enriquez, Newark 14
L. Moreno, EC 13
Greenberg, MV 13
Zaloumis, MV 13
Raygoza, Logan 13
Renteria, YV 13
Escobar, Richmond 12
Nassiri, St. Mary 12
Velasquez, Concord 11
Ledesma, Pitt 11
A. Moreno, EC 10
Garcia, EC 10
Burrows, Ngate 10

Matt Smith

  • Quest

    Ask the coach then whimsical. And if you’re upset about a senior getting pulled out then go coach rec soccer where everyone gets the same amount of playing time

  • whimsical

    If your gonna give away 5-6 free attacks in a championship game and say it was a great job youre an idiot and you should coach rec soccer. Its all good, take credit for players that won ncs that you threatened wouldnt even make the team in 2014.Classic!

    We will agree that your delusional and im annoying. theres no need to ask coach anything as we will never cross paths in soccer again and thats refreshing.

    Pulling the cb was a great example of the manipulation that occurs and how what is stated contradicts the facts. Quest you did a great job of it and good luck next year.

  • KansasK

    Interesting that not one EBAL midfielder was picked. Greenberg and Pangia were exposed. They need excellent midfield delivery. So I don’t understand the longball commit.

  • Matt Smith

    Hi George, I don’t have any influence at all, and I can only post them when I see them. I’ll try to get them all rounded up ASAP.

  • Matt Smith

    Tampa2, you weren’t there?!? You were my main man all year! Haha. A quick recap… I think D2 created more. They looked very dangerous as all four forwards played well. I think the Moreno twins in the middle were the difference. This doesn’t mean the D1 kids played poorly. Everyone played well, but D2 was just a bit more dangerous.

  • George D

    Ok thank you very much I appreciate it.

  • mudhen

    Boy, talk about a couple of really stellar lineups!

  • mudhen

    I TOLD you goobers to watch out for Hercules! Just Like DLS, it’s how you play at the finish of the season.

  • mudhen

    Again, Please go away.

  • Trin

    Hey Matt! I was just curious as to when coverage of NCS boys’ volleyball was gonna start. Looking forward to your commentary!

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    Link for the All-Star game.

  • Tampa2

    Family commitment for a Birthday Party.
    Couldn’t even sneak in a web cast.

  • Turftoespain

    Always a few teams that just seem to pull it all together and make that big run. No question that Hercules was providing some exciting footy. Spartans past few years just seem to pull together and don’t panic, 6 consecutive NCS titles that is a notable accomplishment by players and coaching staff, the team effort is at a whole other level.

  • Jack

    When are the All-East Bay selections released?

  • Matt Smith

    March 27th.

  • EastBaySoccer

    Matt are Dublin now in D1?