Final East Bay Girls High School Soccer Rankings

Congratulations to Monte Vista, the No. 1 ranked girls team in the country, and resilient Campolindo for winning the North Coast Section Division I and II championships.

Also impressive were NCS runner-ups San Ramon Valley and upstart Las Lomas, a young side which had a spellbinding postseason run urged on by its passionate supporters. Berkeley and College Park validated their exceptional  league seasons with strong efforts throughout the playoffs, including in close semifinal losses in adverse weather conditions.

The BVAL made a strong statement in the first round of NCS with three victories, including young Liberty’s spirited 3-1 win over MVAL champion James Logan, and Freedom and Deer Valley’s eliminating EBAL teams. Heritage showed well in a 1-0 loss to Monte Vista in the first r0und.

No. 12 seed Alameda pulled a big surprise by upending No. 5 Amador Valley 3-1 in its NCS opener. College Park then topped Alameda in a penalty kick thriller in the quarterfinals. Falcons star Jacky Scharff told me the secret to her team’s success.

“We all just really like each other, and we all just want the same thing: We just want to win, and so I think that’s why we play so well together,” Scharff said.

Overall, it was a very good season, and one that displayed the improvement of the upper-level teams in all the leagues. Berkeley certainly opened the eyes of Wolves’ supporters in a rousing semifinal played in crazy weather. Other than San Ramon Valley and Monte Vista, EBAL teams can no longer expect to beat contenders from other leagues with B-minus efforts, which speaks to the health of the sport overall.

Final Rankings

As of March 3, 2014

 1, Monte Vista (23-0-2)

 2, San Ramon Valley (17-2-7)

 3, Berkeley (19-3-1)

 4, College Park (22-4-1)

 5, Campolindo (14-3-7)

 6, Bishop O’Dowd (17-5-1)

 7, Liberty (11-3-7)

 8 (t), Miramonte (15-3-1)

 8 (t), Las Lomas (13-5-5)

 10, Freedom (11-3-6)

 11, Alameda (14-7-3)

 12, Amador Valley (10-7-4)

 13, Heritage (11-9-3)

 14, Deer Valley (13-6-3)

 15 (t), Carondelet (6-7-5)

 15 (t), Granada (7-9-3).

 Others considered: American (11-2-6), California (9-8-4), Castro Valley (12-9-4), Dublin (7-7-8), Encinal (12-8-1), James Logan (12-6-3).

Matt Schwab

  • KC

    Monte Vista was a true juggernaut and should be every bit as good next year…That being said, there will be some big surprises to go with the standards next year. Thanks Matt for all of the support of the Girls Soccer.
    Hope everyone who follows this blog will be back next year. There have been many times whewre we have taken different sides, and sometimes it got a bit personal…that being said, we all are passionate about this sport and love to watch these girls kick butt on the field. Here’s to a great season and many more to come…
    Cheers, and thanks again Matt

  • Tampa2

    LL will keep working and build on this seasons achievements.
    Stability & Effort does wonders.

  • Turftoespain

    Las Lomas girls and coaches did a great job and will be back even stronger.

  • soccerguy

    So Matt. Have you thought of doing what the boys side does with an all star game?

  • JM

    @ KC..amen. If you don’t care too much, you don’t care at all is what I always say. See you next season!

  • Matt Schwab

    Hey soccerguy — While I think it’s a great idea what Matt Smith is doing on the boys side, I don’t have the time to organize an all-star game on the girls side. I’m sure there are enough gamer-types from the various leagues who would be willing to give it a go. If the goal of the participants is to play for league pride and maybe catch the eye of a Junior College, Division II or Division III recruiter, it could make some sense. If someone wants to organize one, I’d certainly support the effort.

  • Cleatsup

    Ah yes the Ball Whisperer, is alive and well.
    The Knights will be even better.

  • spectator

    Hey Matt
    Just an FYI – San Ramon Valley ended up nationally ranked as well

  • spectator

    Also Berkeley broke into the Fab 50 group and finished #50

  • BlankStare

    Any thoughts from The peanut gallery on Player of Season? Some of those mentioned preseason didn’t seem to shine as much as was thought, so who gets the nod?

  • BlankStare

    Congrats to Berkeley. They deserve it….. Although as I understand it, their ranking & SRV’s could still change based on what happens with some leagues still finishing out.

  • soccervalet

    Van Horn played great for SR and I like McGarry. Hromatko (work rate amazing) and Outcault strong for MV (but talent goes deep there—two center midfielders great). AV keeper had a good year. Would have liked to see Berkeley more.

  • Matt Schwab

    Monte Vista defender as POY? Maybe the Mustangs entire back four wins POY in unison. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I liked Miramonte’s Megan Reid and Berkeley’s Franny Cerny a lot in the games I witnessed. Berkeley’s two other attackers weren’t bad either.

  • soccervalet

    Saw Cerny last year more. Very strong player. Have never seen Reid, great story. Are two (winter) sport players allowed in EBAL?

  • BlankStare

    Yes they are. Granada had one last season (& maybe this season?) & MV had one 3 years ago.

  • spectator

    Top players to consider Franny Cerny was great for Berekeley on finishing
    Jackie Scharff for College Park was too
    and Melissa Lewis of SRV was probably the best touch player in the east bay
    on the back line MV had 2 strong center backs and Jamie Van Horn for SRV was a beast and unfortunately for SRV, did not play in the final

  • soccervalet


  • soccerguy

    I think it would be an awesome game. These players should be showcased. Its late now, but maybe next year we might have to have one. What do other people think about it?

  • soccer09

    where can you find the all league listings and the league players of the year?

  • BlankStare

    They will start showing up in the paper over the next week or so. Keep an eye out in the scoreboard section.

  • DVAL fan

    I saw both these fine young forwards play this season and it’s a toss up for me. Cerny is smaller tenacious attacker who came up big for BERK this season. Scharff is a beast in the box and helped the Falcons make school history. Someone else mentioned earlier CP needs to find her help up top. Also, I like Matt’s suggestion of having the entire MV back four win. Very impressive mustang team that would give most ECNL clubs a strong match. Reid is a beast too but I only saw her play a few times because of her other commitment to basketball.

  • KC

    Defense wins championships…more specifically, Four defensive back systems win championships. Happens all over the world. 3 Defenders that push up the outside does not…Okay the horse is officially dead. MV back line deserves all of the kudos

  • BlankStare

    Agree with Spectator & DVAL fan on Cerny & Scharff. More so on Cerny who has proven she can score vs the better teams (2goals in NCS semi final vs SRV this season, 2 goals last year in semi vs MV). I agree that Scharff is a different player – more of a post up player (actually, would be an excellent fit for MV style) but hasn’t yet found the net in the big games. Someone told me Cerny & Scharff are club teammates? If so, that makes for an awesome fwd combo.
    Lewis is flat out brilliant. Can’t wait to see her at CAL in the next few years. I don’t think this season was her best HS season however (given all the SRV injuries this year, she moved positions a lot & never really settled).
    MV back line? Amazing! 5 goals in EBAL, 7 goals overall?!? Starting 4 of Barry, Nielan, Outcalt & Savoldi (1sr, 2jr & 1fr) were exceptional! But as my MV friend/parent points out to me, the coach had 3 good defenders on the bench! All started games during the season. & don’t forget MV has 3 exceptional keepers – White, Emerson & Winters.
    Plus, so many great defenders this season. sRV defender Van Horn, Berkley’s CB pairing. Amador’s Nicholas, Lukas at Foothill, CP CB, LL’s blonde CB.
    What seemed to be lacking were quality Fwds. I’m skipping Reid because I didn’t see her play (she was at basketball & her team still won), but yes she’s very good. A.Outcalt (the little sister of CB Outcalt) was on fire in NCS-scoring in every game. But didn’t score the goals in reg season. Smith from Heritage was impressive. Cilley for Carondelet looked dangerous (I could never tell if she was a fwd or AM) Atkinson at Granada came on strong as the team got better. Rood at MV was excellent in patches.
    But when it’s all said & done I would cast my vote for Romatko (sp) of Monte Vista or Cerny of Berkeley because I don’t think there are players in NCS that can do what they do, therefore they become more valuable.

  • GotKicks

    I’ll chime in on a few of the DFAL girls. Really lots of depth over-all this year. Megan Reid, Jane Fessenden and Cecilia Gee for Miramonte. Reid was a monster (my vote for D2 MVP). Emily Orwig and Samantha Vankoll for Campo (both came up big in the NCS run). Defense was key for Las Lomas – Lauren Bradley (Defensive MVP), Emma Hight (blonde CB) and Sara Chen. The goalies for all three of these teams are quite good. I’m sure I missed some obvious picks here. How about some ladies from Acalanes, DV, Dublin, and Alhambra? Didn’t get to see BOD?

  • soccervalet

    Posted today in Bay Area News Group papers.