Frank Borghi issues statement about San Ramon Valley boys basketball coaching position

Earlier this month, Frank Borghi was offered the job as San Ramon Valley High’s varsity boys basketball coach by members of the school’s administration. After students and parents expressed dissatisfaction with the decision to hire Borghi and not junior varsity coach Brian Botteen, a meeting was held May 13 at the school, giving students and parents a chance to talk to the administration and San Ramon Valley Unified School District representatives directly about the decision to hire Borghi.
Before the meeting, Bay Area News Group tried to reach Borghi for comment. Borghi, who withdrew his name from consideration last Thursday, got back in touch with this newspaper Sunday evening. After some discussion today, he agreed to issue a statement on the matter. Here is his statement.


Dear Members of the SRVHS Community,


My name is Frank Borghi, and I am writing in regard to the SRVHS Men’s VarsityBasketball coaching position. I have been a resident of San Ramon for over eight years, a teacher for the past ten years, and a varsity basketball coach for three. In that time, I have always tried to predicate my actions based on what is best for students. I will continue to follow that principle now and for the duration of my career.

On May 9th, after three interviews with Ruth Steele, Adam Gelb, and John Raynor, I was offered the position of varsity coach, and I graciously accepted the job. The school staff was tasked with one objective – to hire, in their professional opinion, the best candidate. As you might agree, no person was more qualified to help make that decision than John Raynor, who has given 27 years of service towards creating and cultivating the current basketball program. Based on his experience with kids and more specifically basketball, he made a decision that would give current, as well as future players, the best possible experience as a member of the basketball program at SRVHS. The hiring panel made a unanimous decision based on the best interest of students.

A meeting took place on Tuesday, May 13th, consisting of parents and students concerned about the school’s hiring decision. During this forum, words like “loyalty” and “tradition” were used frequently. Since I was not a part of the conversation, please allow me a moment to speak to these words. It became clear to me through this meeting that when a teacher/coach like John Raynor could be shouted down as a “traitor” and acting “disloyal”, and that without the support of the students, players, parents and boosters that I would not be given a chance to succeed. It was in that moment, when that line was crossed, that I felt it was in the best interest of SRVHS that I withdraw my candidacy. I would like to think that a man that has devoted his life towards teaching/coaching your sons and daughters, having sacrificed for this community for decades, and having led this program to unprecedented success that he would be granted some modicum of trust. This clearly was not the case. Wouldn’t “loyalty” demand that an individual who has devoted his life towards educating and coaching your sons and daughters; who has sacrificed for this community for decades, and who has led this program to unprecedented success be granted some modicum of respect and trust? Yet, for whatever reasons, this “loyalty” was not granted Coach Raynor in this moment. I’m hopeful that the intention of this parent community was not to disrespect their beloved coach of 27 years, as I’m sure that some of you may have already reached out to apologize to John Raynor.

I want to be very clear, the questioning of authority is one of the fundamental rights of our democracy. But, as a teacher, I also see a rising tide of lack of respect by students and their parents for those that have been placed in positions of leadership. Parents, teachers and administrators should be working together on behalf of the students to educate them about accountability, as well as to teach them how to respectfully disagree with others. It is my sincere hope that, in writing this letter, those who would so quickly abandon the hard work and dedication of an individual like Coach Raynor will reevaluate their words and actions in the future. The process of public education cannot be successful if district appointed administrators, teachers and coaches who have demonstrated care and concern are immediately abandoned in a moment of, what appears to be, personal expediency. Time and time again, I see this rising tide of disrespect resulting in the exodus of some talented people from public education. People like Coach Raynor.





Frank Borghi

Phil Jensen

  • fmoran

    Thank you, Mr. Borghi, for speaking up in defense of Coach
    Raynor. He is the best coach that my son has ever had and does not deserve to be treated the way he was. I appreciate and applaud your comments.

  • logangal

    Coach Borghi u got lucky. These people dont deserve you.

  • rholmes

    Mr. Borghi teaches my son and tomorrow I should thank him.

  • Pez

    This sounds ugly! I would love to hear the SRV parents side of the story. Whatever it is, I wonder if this incident scared off most of the good coaching candidates.

    Also, you should never let the crazies run the asylum! Send an email explaining your decision, expect some deserters in the first season, but if you went through the right process and got the right person then there is no reason to hold a meeting to explain your logic. Do they hold a meeting at SRV every time they hire a math teacher? I doubt it. Why do sports parents think they should have any more sway than any other school hiring decision?

    The number one rule of managing unhappy people is that talking, if your not telling them what they want to hear, is not going to make them any more content. Frankly, it sounds like the situation was poorly handled by school administration…and SRV has some a-hole parents!

  • Junior

    Those are some goofy parents.

  • mvwatcher

    Dear Members of the SRVHS community, this is what integrity looks like.


    It’s not that simple. The process was botched from the beginning and riddled with inadequacy, conflicts and deficiencies. The entire community at large immediately recognized it and demanded more professionalism and ethics in determining such an important position. It’s too bad for Mr. Borghi because it wasn’t his fault. The controversy came to a head in a meeting with the selection committee and more than a hundred people from the Danville community. It was obvious the community knew more about the candidates than the selection committee and the case for Mr. Borghi’s candidacy evaporated pretty quickly. No one disrespected Mr. Raynor. Mr. Raynor appeared to take a back seat in all of this, which was a mystery to everyone. Actually, he seemed to have no say in the matter. The whole thing was a bizarre failure of leadership.

  • bbrocks32

    Important position! Dude, it’s a high school basketball coaching job. You’re not asking the guy to perform brain surgery. Let your educators do their jobs – or home school your kids.

  • Justin Deal

    It is San Ramon people, spoiled privilege and down right big babies. I wish our community would show this much interest with a 17 trillion dollar deficit! Wake up people!

  • clmartin

    Does anybody know if it’s true that the Tribute Dinner for Coach Raynor has been indefinitely postponed? Did he call it off or did the school?

  • Muse

    Any high school team with San Ramon Valley on their non league schedule should cancel the game. In addition if SRVHS is invited to your school tournament….uninvite them. Bad example to the kids.

  • Chuck_kuthe

    “…. the community knew more about the candidates than the selection committee . .. .” Sorry – but in my world this kind of statement can only be characterized as pure unadulterated arrogance!
    Just to be clear – - You few parents who have been around this program for – maybe 5 or 10 years at most – profess to know MORE than Mr. Raynor?????!!! More specifically – you want to claim to know more about Mr. Botteen than Raynor does. And, while you think about that prospect for a moment or two let’s consider that Raynor has worked and socialized with Mr. Botteen for longer than any of your kids attended SRVHS.
    But then it gets better when you want to try to promote the rumor that
    “No one disrespected Mr. Raynor . . . .”
    So – let me get this straight – once again, I just wanna understand how you think – - – - in YOUR mind, calling someone a “traitor” – is not disrespectful???

  • Corey James Wallace Sr.

    Good ole Rich public school with there spoiled parents,hire a black coach and there will be a town hall meeting in 20 minutes..haaaa

  • Get Over Yourselves

    It’s ridiculous that two Head Coaches at San Ramon have had their fate determined by self-entitled kids and ignorant parents. As an alumni of the school it’s extremely embarrassing to see white collar morals as the foundation of how kids are raised in the valley. Completely wrong and setting them up to fail. Players play; coaches coach; and until the kids health and well-being are threatened parents need to shut up and stay out of it.

  • Get Over Yourselves

    @SRVFAN- Also please don’t speak on ethics when you ousted a candidate who did not get a fair slice or chance to introduce the value he could bring. What a great example for the young men on the team.

  • C Rodd

    Wow. What a great letter to the kids and parents. I have seen some people do some very disrespectful things during the past few weeks. One example, I think it is great that a Junior boy at SRV wanted his JV basketball coach to be the new Varsity coach, but he is just a child. Not even 18. There is no reason why kids his age should have power in picking the next basketball coach over great leaders like John Raynor. Times are changing and I was blown away by the letter that I just read. I just hope more parents at SRV actually sit down with their kids for a little “teaching” lesson on life, etc… I coached JV soccer one year at SRV and it was a great opportunity. I also won NCS under Don Busboom in 2002, so I have tons of pride and loyalty for the Wolves. Go SRV!