Kahlil McKenzie transferring from De La Salle

Kahlil McKenzie announced Monday night that he’s planning to transfer from De La Salle and enroll at Clayton Valley Charter for his senior year.

McKenzie couldn’t be reached for comment but posted to his Twitter account: “Transferring from De La Salle going to Clayton Valley Charter family decision not answering any questions about it but I’m a Ugly Eagle.”

De La Salle football coach Justin Alumbaugh confirmed that McKenzie, a 6-foot-4, 330 pound defensive tackle, is leaving the school.

“Kahlil has withdrawn from De La Salle,” Alumbaugh said. “And I do mean this — Kahlil is a really good kid and will have a great future. We wish him the best.”

The five-star recruit is the son of Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie and has offers from colleges from across the country. He recently said he has narrowed down his college decision to Tennessee or Arizona and will announce his pick at The Opening, a prestigious Nike football camp, on July 10.

McKenzie played only one season for De La Salle, registering 74 tackles and a team-high 12 sacks after moving to the Bay Area from Wisconsin before his junior year.

Clayton Valley Charter coach Tim Murphy couldn’t be reached for comment.

The Eagles have been one of the top Division II schools in the North Coast Section since Murphy took over before the 2012 season.

Stephanie Hammon

  • East Bay Sports fan

    Wow! the poor mans DLS is now stealing top talent. this kid is leaving DLS for CVCHS?? Curious to hear others thoughts since both the CVCHS coach and player family didn’t comment??

  • BayAreaSun .

    Murphy commented by saying he never spoke to the kid and that he never registered at ClaytonValleyCharter. For whatever reason that Kahlil decided with his family to leave DLS as he states, it makes no sense. You have a nationally ranked team, and than you have CVCHS, a team that is not even top 10 in Northern California. From what I read, Kahlil might not be able to play as a senior for CVCHS because of the NCS rules on transferring student athletes.

  • al b

    I wonder if there will even be an issue with the transfer – he’s leaving a private school for a charter school. We all know it’s not an issue with dls’s $18k per year tuition. Maybe he’s just not into religion? It is forced upon students there whether they like, dislike or even believe in it. They’re a great school but religion isn’t for everyone.

  • BayAreaSun .

    The kids are not forced to follow the religious background of the school.


    he going to be able to play. he aint dumb. thats why he told everybody.

  • East Bay Sports fan

    He doesn’t need to play next season and he will still be able to go to any D1 college out there. I don’t believe Murphy and find CVCHS sports shady since they went charter. Academically I like what I hear about the changes CV has made and love the community involvement.
    A few years back in these blogs I remember reading some CV parents brag about how well their sports teams would benefit from charter status. I guess they were right?!?


    so your calling him another jadeveon clowney


    but i see your point on cvhs. blame gill lemon he sets the rules.

  • Oh Boy

    I don’t know the CVCHS coach but I don’t believe him. Nobody is that lucky. If it’s not tuition or academics (and it’s not), there’s something not being said. Does McKenzie reject the notorious DLS off-season regimen? I can’t imagine a 5-star recruit leaving the most famous program in the country for just an okay regional program in order to win a championship or boost his profile. Hmm.

  • East Bay Sports fan

    Is this kid a cancer to locker room? The DLS coach was quick to comment and wish him well? If it’s not grades or religion it’s attitude.
    DLS has always been such a very well run classy football program. This kid didn’t drink the green koolaid and needed to go. Adds up in many ways. Especially because his pops is running the Oakland Raiders. lol
    Hopefully a fresh start will do the big kid some good. Can you see this kid lining up against the rest of DVAL?!

  • EBAL fan

    Yawn, enough about DNA gifted, mega talented NFL prodigees. The fact his dad let him wear his beanie hat (did you see anyone else doing that?) all the way through the NFTC camp including drills against others tells me all I want to know about them. Mike Iupati saying “see you in three years, if I’m still there” ? Way too much cred. If he goes to the Vols, I doubt the Bama line is going to get slapped around.

  • Tampa2

    Gee… that’s like a Navy Seal saying he didn’t realize he just walked by Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden…give me a break. How do miss a 6″4 330 lb high school student.