Boys Soccer: Semifinals, All-Star Game, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Two more match days. Can’t believe this season is almost over.

Division I

It does seem that the Berkeley v. SRV winner is being anointed the champion, and even though this to me is the biggest game of the year we’ve got to show some respect to Santa Rosa and Monte Vista.
For starters, Santa Rosa earned the top seed and has handled business nicely, two victories, two clean sheets. Monte Vista will be a very tough test for them, as many think MV is the most talented side they have seen this year. MV are a very complete team, with great speed, size and tremendous leadership in the midfield. Santa Rosa, I have not seen this season, but I also hear they are a very skilled side with good speed.
The Berkeley v. SRV clash is such a big deal for so many reasons. For one, you have Berkeley, the team chosen as the top team in the East Bay when the season started, against the team that won the EBAL without a loss. You also have the storyline of SRV knocking Berkeley out in penalties last year, and Berkeley beating SRV earlier this year.
The teams to me, are nearly identical. They are big in the back, they are very quick up top and on the wings, and they move the ball beautifully through the midfield. They are constantly looking to move the ball forward, and never play kick-and-chase. It is the game I am going to, and I think this game has extra time written all over it.

Division II

We have No. 9 v. No. 12 and No. 6 v. No. 10. Who woulda thunk it? De Anza couldn’t have imagined being the No. 9 seed and getting to play at the comforts of home for a third straight game, which is now the case, and they are tough to beat at home. Livermore, maybe a surprise to some, but not to me or anyone who has been following the team. The grueling EBAL schedule handed them some tough losses, and the overall isn’t pretty, but they are skilled and fast and armed with a good keeper. This game should be very fast an back-and-forth.
Concord has had to go on the road and beat Bishop O’Dowd (a team that beat Berkeley) and then Rancho Cotate, a team that someone on the blog said was the best in D2. Concord is battle tested through a tough DVAL season, and as we have learned under the past and now current Concord administrations, you don’t want to draw them in the playoffs. They are comfortable on the road, having played only four matches at home all year, and their style of play is better at home where they can show their skill and touch. Campo is probably the one team people aren’t surprised about seeing in the semifinals. They have now reached the semifinals for the fourth straight year and for the fifth time in six years. Shane Carney’s teams just make deep runs in the playoffs, it’s what they do. They also play a fast, marauding style and I expect this game to be very physical and fast-paced.

Division III

YV is a very heavy favorite in this division, and having already beat Drake handily, one would expect that sentiment to continue. However, the YV coaches, and others, have said that Drake is a good team. Very fast and athletic, and that the first result was not indicative of how close the match was. So, YV will have its hands full against a Drake team playing exceptional soccer right now, winning two matches in the playoffs by a combined 11-0 score.
I don’t know much about Marin Academy and Terra Linda, except that Marin Academy has a couple of very good players, and TL is battle tested in a tough league and to me seems like they might be a slight favorite in this game.

All-Star Game

This game needs your support to stay alive, so please come out to Dublin on March 4th at 6:00 p.m.
$5 for adults, $3 for students with a student ID from any school.


This is the hardest time of the year to do the rankings. For one, they don’t really matter much now, and for two, you have to stick with the principles of rankings, which means not just reorganizing them by who beats who in the playoffs. You have to give playoff wins a little more weight, which is why Livermore jumped up nine spots, but you don’t automatically move them ahead of Newark when they were separated by 16 spots. Newark still deserves a high rank for being 17-3-3, despite the playoff loss.
On the other hand, teams like Campo, De Anza, Concord and Livermore still have time to move up in the rankings, and can make big jumps even, considering some teams ahead of them are not playing anymore. If Livermore keep winning, they keep rising.
Unfortunately for YV, their ranking is tied to the success of Clayton Valley. With Clayton beating YV twice, and once was very recent, I can’t move YV ahead of them right now. Maybe after the D3 playoffs if things go according to YV’s plans.
For now, I think we have the three best teams in the top three. I think YV and Campo have a chance to crash that top three and De Anza, Concord and Livermore have a top five argument to make.

1. Berkeley (21-2-2)
2. San Ramon Valley (16-3-7)
3. Monte Vista (16-5-3)
4. Clayton Valley (17-2-4)
5. Ygnacio Valley (17-2-2)
6. Dublin (19-4-2)
7. Campolindo (15-3-7)
8. Heritage (15-4-4)
9. Newark Memorial (17-3-3)
10. Foothill (11-8-7)
11. De Anza (19-4-1)
12. Concord (12-7-4)
13. Livermore (10-12-3)
14. San Lorenzo (17-5-2)
15. Pittsburg (13-6-4)

Others considered: Freedom (15-6-4), Richmond (14-8-2), California (9-6-7), De La Salle (9-9-5), Bishop O’Dowd (12-5-4), Amador Valley (8-9-8), Arroyo (9-8-4), Piedmont (8-8-8), St. Mary’s (9-11-2), Miramonte (7-8-4)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS
Pittsburg (13-6-4, 8-2-0) 24
Heritage (15-4-4, 8-2-0) 24
Freedom (15-6-4, 7-3-0) 21
Liberty (6-11-0, 4-6-0) 12
Deer Valley (9-12-3, 2-8-0) 6
Antioch (3-19-2, 1-9-0) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Dublin (19-4-2, 11-0-1) 34
Campolindo (15-3-7, 8-1-3) 27
Las Lomas (8-11-2, 7-5-0) 21
Acalanes (9-9-5, 5-5-2) 17
Miramonte (7-8-4, 4-6-2) 14
Alhambra (3-16-3, 1-10-1) 4
Dougherty Valley (2-16-1, 1-10-1) 4

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Clayton Valley (17-2-4, 10-1-1) 31
Ygnacio Valley (17-2-2, 9-2-1) 28
College Park (8-9-6, 5-4-3) 18
Concord (12-7-4, 5-5-2) 17
Northgate (9-10-4, 5-6-1) 16
Mt. Diablo (4-13-2, 3-8-1) 10
Berean Chr. (7-14-3, 0-11-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

San Ramon Valley (16-3-7, 9-0-5) 32
Monte Vista (16-5-3, 8-3-3) 27
De La Salle (9-9-5, 6-5-3) 21
Foothill (11-8-7, 6-5-3) 21
California (9-6-7, 5-5-4) 19
Amador Valley (8-9-8, 3-6-5) 14
Livermore (10-12-3, 3-8-3) 12
Granada (6-12-2, 2-10-2) 8

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Newark Memorial (17-3-3, 12-1-1) 37
Irvington (11-6-2, 8-4-2) 26
Logan (9-10-4, 8-4-2) 26
Washington (7-5-2, 7-5-2) 23
Kennedy (6-13-5, 5-7-2) 17
Moreau Catholic (6-9-4, 4-6-4) 16
American (4-10-1, 4-9-1) 13
Mission San Jose (1-17-0, 1-13-0) 3

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Richmond (14-8-2, 8-1-1) 25
St. Mary’s (9-11-2, 5-3-2) 17
Albany (8-10-3, 5-4-1) 16
El Cerrito (8-10-5, 4-3-3) 15
Hercules (6-13-1, 4-5-1) 13
Salesian (0-14-0, 0-10-0) 0

TCAL Stone
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

De Anza (19-4-1, 9-1-0) 27
Kennedy (12-9-5, 7-2-1) 22
Pinole Valley (9-10-1, 7-2-1) 22
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (3-9-3, 3-6-1) 10
St. Joseph Notre Dame (5-10-2, 2-7-1) 7
Swett (0-13-0, 0-10-0) 0

WACC Foothill
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Berkeley (21-2-2, 15-1-0) 45
Bishop O’Dowd (12-5-4, 11-3-2) 35
Arroyo (9-8-4, 7-6-3) 24
Castro Valley (5-11-8, 5-5-6) 21
Mt. Eden (9-9-4, 4-8-4) 16
Alameda (3-13-7, 3-9-4) 13

WACC Shoreline
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

San Lorenzo (17-5-2, 11-4-1) 34
San Leandro (9-8-4, 8-4-4) 28
Piedmont (8-8-8, 4-5-7) 19
Tennyson (4-10-9, 3-6-7) 16
Encinal (2-10-4, 2-10-4) 10
Hayward (2-17-2, 1-13-2) 5

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Santos, De Anza 32
De Loa, St. Mary 25
Munoz, Freedom 23
Fazel, Newark 23
Negrete, YV 22
Khorami, Dublin 21
Dayekh, Heritage 20
Saucedo, DV 18
Mendoza, Richmond 18
Singer, Acalanes 17
N. Khamush, Dublin 17
R. Dusauzay, Campo 16
Barahona, Concord 15
Doherty, De Anza 15
Foster, Granada 14
J. Arguetta, Kennedy-R 14
Cassino, LL 14
Ochoa, SLZ 14

Name School Assists
Lopez, De Anza 28
AlaTorre, SLZ 25
N. Khamush, Dublin 21
Cox, SRV 15
Mendoza, Richmond 14
Fuentes, MV 13
Aliakbari, Campo 12
Khorami, Dublin 12
Chen, Irvington 12
Casillas, Richmond 11
Howell, AV 10
Bedig, CP 10
Santos, De Anza 10
Dayekh, Heritage 10

Matt Smith

  • Guest10

    Matt, who do you think will get the player of the year?

  • Fanatic79

    Curious on peoples thoughts for each league, who the MVP will be?

  • Matt Smith

    Tough, tough call. I’ve got it narrowed down to a handful of kids.

  • Matt Smith

    A quick correction… In yesterday’s MV v. SRV story I wrote Simon Fuentes made the pass on the near goal by Jordan Quick, but it was actually Peter Davis. My apologies to Peter for the mistake.

  • stan

    Luis Lopez and Ben Doherty are hopefully considered

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    Soccer All-Star game reminder. Dublin High on March 4th, which is this upcoming Friday, at 6:00 p.m.

    $5 to get in, $3 for a student with any SBA card.

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    Would you mind naming them.

  • Ron

    The Mustangs 96/97 was one of the best teams I’ve seen in this area as well. Defined playing true soccer in America.