Saturday’s NCS soccer championships, basketball quarterfinals

NCS soccer championships are today, and Divisions 4, 5, 6 basketball quarterfinals. Check back here for updates.

NCS soccer championships
Division 1: Monte Vista 1, San Ramon Valley 0, final
Division 2: De Anza 2, Campolindo 0, final
Division 3: Ygnacio Valley 1, Marin Academy 0, final
Division 1: San Ramon Valley 1, Carondelet 0, OT, final
Division 2: Las Lomas 2, Bishop O’Dowd 1, final
Division 3: Branson 1, Miramonte 0, final
NCS basketball quarterfinals
Division 4
No. 1 Salesian 62, No. 8 Cardinal Newman-Santa Rosa 44
No. 4 Arcata 72, No. 5 Lick-Wilmerding-S.F. 64
No. 2 St. Patrick-St. Vincent 54, No. 7 Marin Catholic-Kentfield 40
No. 14 Kennedy-Richmond 59, No. 6 Saint Mary’s 58, OT
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 4 Arcata vs. No. 1 Salesian, at Contra Costa College, 8 p.m.
No. 14 Kennedy-Richmond at No. 2 St. Patrick-St. Vincent, 7 p.m.

Division 5
No. 1 St. Joseph Notre Dame 62, No. 8 College Prep 32
No. 4 Stuart Hall-S.F. 66, No. 5 Cloverdale 52
No. 2 Urban-S.F. 67, No. 7 Bentley 46
No. 3 University-S.F. 62, No. 11 Branson-Ross 58
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 4 Stuart Hall-S.F. at No. 1 St. Joseph Notre Dame, 8 p.m.
No. 3 University vs. No. 2 Urban-S.F., at Kezar Stadium, 7 p.m.
Division 6
No. 1 Emery 61, No. 8 Rio Lindo Adventist 36
No. 4 St. Bernard’s-Eureka 46, No. 5 Ferndale 34
No. 2 Anderson Valley 72, No. 7 St. Elizabeth 48
No. 3 Archbishop Hanna-Sonoma 70, No. 6 California School for the Deaf 44
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 4 St. Bernard’s-Eureka at No. 1 Emery, 8 p.m.
No. 3 Archbishop Hanna-Sonoma at No. 2 Anderson Valley, 7 p.m.
Division 4
No. 1 Salesian 73, No. 9 Kelseyville 18
No. 4 Arcata 61, No. 5 Piedmont 45
No. 2 Cardinal Newman-Santa Rosa 63, No. 7 Middletown 22
No. 3 Saint Mary’s 59, No. 6 Marin Catholic 53
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 4 Arcata vs. No. 1 Salesian, at Contra Costa College, 6:30 p.m.
No. 3 Saint Mary’s at Cardinal Newman, 7 p.m.
Division 5
No. 1 St. Joseph Notre Dame 56, No. 8 International-S.F. 30
No. 4 University-S.F. 44, No. 5 Convent of the Sacred Heart-S.F. 30
No. 2 Cloverdale 46, No. 10 College Prep 42
No. 3 Urban-S.F. 50, No. 6 Bay School-S.F. 33
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 4 University-S.F at No. 1 St. Joseph Notre Dame, 6:30 p.m.
No. 3 Urban-S.F. at No. 2 Cloverdale, 7 p.m.
Division 6
No. 1 St. Bernard’s-Eureka 53, No. 8 Rincon Valley Christian-Santa Rosa 25
No. 4 California School for the Deaf 38, No. 5 Round Valley-Covelo 34
No. 2 Emery 50, No. 10 Point Arena 30
No. 3 Contra Costa Christian 57, No. 6 El Sobrante Christian 20
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 4 California School for the Deaf at No. 1 St. Bernard’s-Eureka, 7 p.m.
No. 3 Contra Costa Christian at No. 2 Emery, 6:30 p.m.

Mike Wood

  • SpeedK1llz

    Any scores would be appreciated.

  • Goalkick

    SRV over CAR 1-0 on a header goal off a corner in the 90th minute (end of OT1).

  • SpeedK1llz


  • KC

    Technically in the 13th minute of a 10 minute overtime period. Let’s put that in perspective…. That is equivalent to adding 12 minutes to a 40 minute half. A deserving win from a very good SRV team….deplorable officiating. But at the end of the day you have to play well enough to take the game out of the hands of the refs. Congrats again to SRV. End of some great HS careers. Congrats to all seniors

  • eastbay

    “Deplorable officiating” or sour grapes. Srv out played the cougers and deserved the w.

  • KC

    Absolutely no sour grapes. The game statistically was Dead even with the exception of fouls called 17-2 (despite the ref warning multiple players of hair pulling and hi elbows with calling a foul) and adding 3 minutes to a 10 minute overtime. That said, it’s soccer and SRV finished the opportunity. I am proud of both teams as I know most of these kids and congratulate them both for their achievements this season

  • Goalkick

    Yeah the last 2:00 minutes of overtime was more like 4:00 minutes. One of the things I hate about high school soccer over the college game is not simply using the clock and having it run to 0:00. Can stop it for a PK, after a goal, for a caution or when anytime the ref asks (i.e., injury) but to have the ref try to officiate and keep time can lead to frustrations.

  • Real Matt Smith

    Soccer All-Star game reminder. Dublin High on March 4th, which is this upcoming Friday, at 6:00 p.m.

    $5 to get in, $3 for a student with any SBA card.

  • GotKicks

    Las Lomas wins DII over a tenacious BOD squad 2-1. Very competitive game with momentum shifting throughout the contest. BOD really poured it on in the last 5 minutes and the added time. In the end LL wins their first ever soccer pennant.

    Congrats to SRV. CHS had an incredible run this year.

  • LuvSoccer

    KC you seem like a reasonable fellow with good sportsmanship, but not having a dog in this fight I can say you are being very biased. That game was in no way “statistically dead even”. SR dominated for virtually the entire game. By my count SR had 14 viable attempts to
    score, while Carondelet had 4. That said Carondelet could have won had they converted. That’s the way soccer goes. Last night the soccer gods were being fair and the better team clearly won.

    As far as the refereeing; I do not know the center ref personally, but I have seen him many times and he is one of the best refs around. That’s why he worked the game. My foul count was only slightly different than yours (15:3), and I know you feel it was being called one sided, but what I saw was one team trying to make up for the fact that they were over matched. If anything SR would have more of a legitimate gripe as I thought there were two PK calls that were missed. One in the first half where SR’ s #15 had the ball tapped away by a Carondelet player (so far so good) who in my opinion continued high on her tackle and at a minimum committed a careless foul. Then in the second half, SR’s big forward #18 was clearly wacked from behind into her calf by #6 taking down #18 in the penalty area.
    I can only assume the center was screened and did not see that play. The only hair pulling I saw was by Carondolet #4, and she was only yellow carded for that.
    It should have been a red card.

  • KC

    Fair enough. We saw different games. The shot count was 13-9 to SRV but 8 of those shots came outside the 18 and were not anywhere near threatening. SRV absolutely dominated possession in the first half. Not so much in half 2. As far as the fouling and hair pulling, CHS 15 rolled off SRV 7 and would have been 1 on none with keeper. 7 ( I know and love her) impeded with the hair pull and the ball was cleared out of bounds. The AR stopped the game to inform the center of this foul which was never called. The fact of the matter is SRV converted on their chance and CHS did not. Deserving win for SRV. If CHS got a corner kick and scored in the 13 the minute of a 10 minute OT Wwe would take it too. SRV are the deserving champs. The ref should never be let on the field again. DEPLORABLE

  • SpeedK1llz

    Ahh… Sounds like the same center ref who officiated our final game last year. Tried so hard to let MV get the equalizer by adding nearly 8 more minutes after the scoreboard hit 2:00 minutes. Even more perplexing was he stopped the clock multiple times for injuries so I don’t even know why there was a need to add any time at all.

    Congrats to SRV! I still stand by my statement about heading into the finals undefeated. I really think there is incredible benefit to losing a game or two in the regular season. Hitting the playoffs without a loss is a curse.

  • SpeedK1llz

    I really wish this match had been televised or live streamed. NFHS Network broadcast the semis and final championship games last year. You’d think they would want to show the #1 ranked (and previously undefeated) team in the nation play in the finals. Or Comcast Sports Net? Local cable access? Anybody?

  • KC

    By the way…where was CVHS?

  • KC

    You can watch a tape of the game on cal hi sports. They will post full game video later this week

  • BoilerRage

    As a neutral observer of the match SRV certainly possessed the ball more with their consistent shape and strong technical game. Both squads were physical. CHS were stronger on the counter throughout the match and had the best scoring opportunity during regular time. The OT did inexplicably go on an extra minute plus (I was tracking). Overall the refereeing was typical of a HS game with good and bad on both sides but the time of OT for me was puzzling at best. The better team won last night.

  • KC

    Probably the best non biased synopsis

  • Steve Lincoln

    Agree that ref was fair. CHS could have been called for additional fouls, as LuvSoccer mentioned above. An earlier matchup between these two teams was reffed by a different ref who called almost no fouls, despite several blatant ones by CHS.

    CHS is good team; but, not as good as their MaxPreps ranking suggests. SRV played a great game and simply outplayed CHS.

  • BD

    I think Carondalet had a great year despite the fact that they lost 3 top level players to injury….
    and I’m pretty sure SR stayed healthy all year…..

  • KDsoccer

    KC, can’t wait to watch the Cal Hi video when it is posted this week. Love to read the posts after that!
    I watched and can understand your frustration w the foul imbalance and I certainly cannot explain the added 2-3 minutes after OT expired? CHS stands were not happy at all with that. Ctr must have looked at his watch 7-8 times once the 10 minutes had past?
    Please post a link if/when video is available. Congrats to the players on both ebal teams for outstanding seasons.


    SRV was missing 2 starters at the beginning of the year. One came back before winter break and the other one came back after break. A couple of talented subs were injured and out for a number of weeks as well. Also, a couple of starters were out with serious illnesses during the season. Two starters were injured during the NCS championship and came out of the game in the second half and did not return for the OT.

  • BD

    wow. you guys had a great year!!!!!

  • BD

    clayton valley or castro? both at home watching tv