Livermore hires Ryan Partridge as head football coach

Jim Harbaugh’s staff inspired Ryan Partridge to hunt for a high school head football coaching job, a mission he completed when Livermore hired him for that role in mid-March.

Partridge’s cousin Chris, Michigan’s linebackers and special teams coach, has invited Ryan to the Wolverine facilities in Ann Arbor numerous times, the new Cowboys coach said.

“I had dinner with Jay Harbaugh, Jim’s son, and my cousin Chris. They heard me talking football and my passion, and they just pushed me and pushed me to apply for head coaching positions,” Partridge said. “That was a huge part of me deciding to do that.”

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East Bay football rankings — 9/9

Here’s our East Bay rankings after the second week of play.

Team Record Last Week Up Next
1. De La Salle 1-1 1 vs. Servite
2. Pittsburg 2-0 2 @Monte Vista
3. Clayton Valley Charter 1-1 3 vs. Cardinal Newman
4. Foothill 2-0 4 @Stagg
5. Campolindo 2-0 6 vs. Deer Valley
6. California 1-1 7 @Liberty
7. Monte Vista 1-0 8 vs. Pittsburg
8. Antioch 2-0 12 vs. San Leandro
9. Freedom 1-1 5 vs. Amador Valley
10. San Ramon Valley 1-1 9 @James Logan
11. James Logan 2-0 11 vs. San Ramon Valley
12. Amador Valley 1-0 13 @Freedom
13. Piedmont 2-0 14 @Moreau Catholic
14. Moreau Catholic 2-0 NR vs. Piedmont
15. Salesian 2-0 NR BYE

On the bubble: Miramonte (2-0), McClymonds (1-0), Concord (1-1), Liberty (1-1). The East Bay rankings are compiled by the Bay Area News Group, selected from high schools in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.


NCS Division-by-Division Poll

This was going to begin Monday, but we thought why wait? So, here it is: A North Coast Section division-by-division poll compiled by your Prep Corner staff (Kyle Bonagura, Michael Bower, Jimmy Durkin and Steve R. Waterhouse). We will be posting this poll every Monday and this is the only spot you can come to get it. It will not be in the newspaper. Make sure to post your thoughts!


Team ’07 Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (4) 14-0 40
2. California 11-2 36
3. Monte Vista 8-4 31
t4. Pittsburg 6-5 24
t4. San Ramon Valley 12-1-1 24
6. San Leandro 8-3 22
7. Foothill 6-5 16
8. James Logan 11-1 10
9. Berkeley 6-4-1 7
t. 10 Amador Valley 6-4 3
t. 10 Newark Memorial 9-2 3

Others receiving votes: Deer Valley (7-3) 2.

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East Bay Football Preseason Super Poll

OK, so the bashing us and telling us we’re idiots can begin. Here’s our inaugural poll of the season. Are there mistakes? Sure. Will things change drastically in the first few weeks? No doubt. But this is our crack at gauging who are the top teams in the East Bay at the start of the season. Keep an eye out here for the early release of the poll each Monday night (it runs in the paper each Tuesday). This is an early preview of the poll that will run in our Prep Football Preview Section on Thursday. Also, keep an eye on Prep Corner for even more poll action throughout the season (you’ll see what I mean starting next week).

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Prep Football Almost Here!

We have just over a month to go until the 2008 prep football season kicks off.

This should be an exciting season as powerhouse De La Salle moves to the East Bay Athletic League and the North Coast Section has a new playoff alignment in place, which combines the East Bay with the Redwood Empire.

Also, there will now be five divisions, which means more teams will make the playoffs. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing? Making the playoffs use to mean something, not sure that will be the case anymore? I don’t know, I haven’t made up my mind on that one yet. I will let everyone else out there throw out their thoughts.

Anyway, I was out at Las Lomas High last week and got a chance to watch San Ramon Valley and the Knights play seven-on-seven (there were no linemen). Obviously, SRV quarterback Joe Southwick stood out. He showed off a very strong arm and great accuracy in the drills. Standing out for Las Lomas was senior receiver Diante Jackson. He was running some great patterns. At one point, he caught about five passes in a row on the SRV defense.

I wanted to get the football string going for the fans out there. I want to hear your thoughts on the upcoming season. Who should make our 25 players to watch list? What teams will shock? What are your predictions? Anything prep football related, we want to hear about it!

See ya out at the games soon!


Campolindo vs. Las Lomas breakdown

I suppose I’m in the unique position of being one of only two reporters who was actually at the first Las Lomas/Campolindo game earlier this year, a game the Knights won 20-13. Since then I’ve seen each team multiple times, so here’s a position-by-position breakdown on tonight’s game.

Quarterback: Las Lomas QB Max Yago came of age last week, throwing for over 300 yards and spreading the ball around. He made fantastic reads and didn’t lock on to one receiver, which he’s had a problem with sometimes this year. Campolindo QB Tommy Stephens is playing unconscious right now, or at least as blissfully as a sophomore in the playoffs can. He diced up Heritage in the first round and then got to enjoy a dominant performance by the running game against Encinal. Stephens ceiling is unlimited but, for tonight, Yago’s senior leadership could make the difference. Edge: Las Lomas.

Running Back: Campolindo relies on a group of backs led by Bo Richter. Kawa Kazzaz, Anthony Rodriguez and Andreas Antono will all get carries. Richter carried the ball 35 times last week against Encinal so one has to wonder how effective he might be this week. Las Lomas RB Danny Ward comes in sporting a nice, big cast on one hand but that didn’t prevent him from rushing for over 220 yards in the Knights’ first-round win over Piedmont. He backed off the gas a little last week against Ygnacio Valley but how much of that was due to YV’s excellent run defense? If he’s right, Ward will be the best runner on the field tonight. Edge: Las Lomas.

Receivers/Tight Ends: This is the strongest unit on the field for Las Lomas. Diante Jackson, Corey Paclebar and Kevin Reed operate on the outside while Darin Thompson is a solid tight end. Don’t sleep on Campo WR Nick Mascheroni though. The kid just makes plays and has given Stephens one heck of a security blanket as he’s gotten acclimated to the varsity games. Zach Zaharoff, Luke Crossley and Miles Macy will also make their share of plays but Jackson and Paclebar will play on Saturdays. Edge: Las Lomas.

Offensive line: These are two relatively unheralded units but groups that just get the job done. Both teams have run the ball effectively all year long but Campo gets added points for going from a spread offense early in the year to an I-Formation, power running attack later in the year. Whichever line plays better tonight could decide a winner. Edge: Draw.

Defensive line: As my colleague Chace Bryson wrote in today’s Times, two-time state champion wrestler Jason Welch and his running mate Reed are a dynamic duo up front for Las Lomas. You might not find a quicker line around than the Knights, which gives them the edge when facing a shifty back like Kazzaz. Campolindo will look to Richter to try and muscle up against Lomas’ line. Edge: Las Lomas.

Linebackers: Tommy Nott and Andrew Mulherron are solid for Las Lomas but Dan Greco and Pat Nealon lead a group for Campo that flies to the ball all game long. Both units love to hit but I’ve seen Greco and Nealon dish out some serious punishment this year. Edge: Campolindo.

Defensive backs: Jackson sees some time at free safety for Las Lomas and Paclebar sees time at cornerback but if they need to be forces on offense, how much time will they get in the defensive backfield tonight? Campo CB Anthony Fadelli turned in the single-best play I’ve seen in the playoffs so far with a 102-yard interception return against Heritage. The Cougars did a great job limiting Jackson and Paclebar in the first meeting and I see no reason they couldn’t do it again tonight. Edge: Campolindo.

Special teams: The two best kickers I’ve seen this year without a doubt play for Las Lomas and Campo. The Knights turn to Andrew Shapiro and Campo relies on Giorgio Tavecchio. Shapiro also does the punting for Las Lomas. Both guys are capable of hitting a big kick at the end of the game. The edge here comes in the return game, where Paclebar is certainly in the upper echelon of kick returners in the East Bay. Edge: Las Lomas.

Coaching: Campo coach Kevin Macy has done an unbelievable job all year long, guiding his team to the 2A East Bay title game after their star QB Scott Scharff went down with a knee injury. Las Lomas coach Doug Longero has been his usual brilliant self in calling plays and Greg Biekert has done a good job with the defense. Macy and Longero are two of the best around and the chess match they engage in tonight will be something to watch. Edge: Draw.

So, there you have it. All that’s left is to play the game I suppose. Check back here prior to game time for injury updates, a taste of the scene at Las Lomas and possibly even a review of the Knights’ barbequed chicken skewers. You never know what you’re going to get here on the East Bay Prep Sports Blog.


NCS 2A and 3A East Bay Live Blogging tomorrow!

Well, I hope you like our new look here on the East Bay Prep Sports Blog. I personally hated our old format, so I’m excited to get started on this new one. We’ll take our maiden voyage tomorrow night when Las Lomas and Campolindo get together in Walnut Creek to decide the North Coast Section 2A East Bay championship. I’ll be in the booth giving as much commentary as I can and Chace Bryson will be down on the field covering the game for our print edition. Check back tomorrow afternoon for a pre-game breakdown and then come back at game time for live updates.


Thoughts on Friday night action

Both of the upsets didn’t really shock me too much. I figured Campolindo would play Heritage tough and of course the Washington-Newark game could have gone either way.

 I was surprised that the Huskies’ defense was able to hold down Newark’s offense. Maybe we will get a rematch of SRV-Washington in the final? That would be great.  Remember, the teams played to a 35-35 tie earlier this year. A lot of people called that tie a fluke and were saying if they played again that SRV would easily win. I am not so sure about that.

I was surprised how many points Campolindo was able to put up against Heritage. I picked the game to be a 17-14 Heritage victory. I thought it would be a lot closer, but apparently Heritage couldn’t stop the passing game of Campolindo.

What are everyone’s thoughts about tonight? Here are the scores in case you missed them.

No. 1 De La Salle 59, No. 8 Berkeley 0
No. 2 James Logan 31, No. 7 Foothill 7

NCS 3A East Bay
No. 1 San Ramon Valley 55, No. 8 American 7
No. 7 Washington 21, No. 2 Newark Memorial 7

NCS 2A East Bay
No. 1 Las Lomas 56, No. 8 Piedmont 21
No. 7 Campolindo 42, No. 2 Heritage 14