Tuesday’s NorCal basketball semifinal scores

CIF NorCal semifinals are tonight in Open Division through Division V. Check back here for final-score updates:
Tuesday’s semifinals
Open Division
No. 1 De La Salle 63, No. 4 Sacramento 56
No. 2 Modesto Christian 61, No. 6 Sheldon-Sacramento 49, OT
No. 5 Menlo-Atherton 50, No. 1 Bellarmine 46
No. 7 Berkeley 63, No. 3 Monte Vista 52
No. 1 Serra 78, No. 4 Antelope 70
No. 2 El Cerrito 65, No. 3 Archbishop Mitty 38
No. 8 Bishop O’Dowd 67, No. 4 Sacred Heart Cathedral-S.F. 64, OT
No. 2 Manteca 60, No. 3 Archbishop Riordan-S.F. 54
No. 4 West Campus-Sacramento 47, No. 1 Half Moon Bay 39
No. 3 Palma-Salinas 66, No. 2 Central Catholic-Modesto 59
No. 1 St. Joseph Notre Dame 58, No. 5 Urban-S.F. 41
No. 7 Stuart Hall-S.F. vs. No. 3 University-S.F., at Kezar Stadium, 7 p.m.
No. 7 St. Bernard’s-Eureka 60, No. 4 Stockton Christian 56
Saturday’s championships
Open Division
No. 1 De La Salle vs. No. 2 Modesto Christian, at Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, 8 p.m.
Division I
No. 5 Menlo-Atherton vs. No. 7 Berkeley, at Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, 4 p.m.
Division II
No. 1 Serra vs. No. 2 El Cerrito, at Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, noon
Division III
No. 8 Bishop O’Dowd vs. No. 2 Manteca, at American Canyon HS, 8 p.m.
Division IV
No. 4 West Campus-Sacramento vs. No. 3 Palma-Salinas, at American Canyon HS, 4 p.m.
Division V
No. 1 St. Joseph Notre Dame vs. No. 7 Stuart Hall-S.F., at American Canyon HS, noon
Tuesday’s semifinals
Open Division
No. 4 Pinewood 72, No. 1 St. Mary’s-Stockton 69
No. 2 Miramonte 74, No. 6 Salesian 61
No. 1 St. Francis-Sacramento 74, No. 4 Menlo-Atherton 51
No. 2 Castro Valley 63, No. 3 Oak Ridge-El Dorado Hills 59
No. 12 Elk Grove 69, No. 1 Vanden 63
No. 7 Sacramento 66, No. 6 Los Gatos 37
No. 1 Sacred Heart Cathedral-S.F. 66, No. 5 Shasta-Redding 41
No. 10 Inderkum-Sacramento 57, No. 3 Campolindo 49
No. 1 Cardinal Newman 69, No. 4 Sacred Heart Prep-Atherton 32
No. 2 Menlo School 48, No. 3 Saint Mary’s-Berkeley 47
No. 1 Eastside Prep-East Palo Alto 62, No. 4 Urban-S.F. 44
No. 2 St. Joseph Notre Dame 54, No. 3 Woodside Priory 48
No. 1 St. Bernard’s-Eureka 68, No. 2 Loyalton 51
Saturday’s championships
Open Division
No. 4 Pinewood vs. No. 2 Miramonte, at Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, 6 p.m.
Division I
No. 1 St. Francis-Sacramento vs. No. 2 Castro Valley, at Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, 2 p.m.
Division II
No. 12 Elk Grove vs. No. 7 Sacramento, at Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, 10 a.m.
Division III
No. 1 Sacred Heart Cathedral-S.F. vs. No. 10 Inderkum-Sacramento, at American Canyon HS, 6 p.m.
Division IV
No. 1 Cardinal Newman vs. No. 2 Menlo School, at American Canyon HS, 2 p.m.
Division V
No. 1 Eastside Prep-East Palo Alto vs. No. 2 St. Joseph Notre Dame, at American Canyon HS, 10 a.m.


Saturday’s NCS soccer playoffs – quarterfinals scores

Here are Saturday’s quarterfinals. Please check back here for updates as final scores come in:
NCS playoffs
Division 1 quarterfinals
No. 1 Santa Rosa 2, No. 8 Heritage 0
No. 5 Monte Vista 3, No. 4 Dublin 2
No. 2 Berkeley 3, No. 10 Foothill 0
No. 3 San Ramon Valley 2, No. 6 Clayton Valley Charter 0
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 5 Monte Vista at No. 1 Santa Rosa, 7 p.m.
No. 3 San Ramon Valley at No. 2 Berkeley, 7 p.m.
Division 2 quarterfinals
No. 9 De Anza 2, No. 16 Acalanes 1
No. 12 Livermore 2, No. 13 San Lorenzo 1
No. 10 Concord 1, No. 2 Rancho Cotate-Rohnert Park 1, 2 OT; Concord wins on penalty kick
No. 6 Campolindo 0, No. 3 Montgomery-Santa Rosa 0, 2 OT; Campolindo wins on penalty kicks
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 12 Livermore at No. 9 De Anza, 7 p.m.
No. 10 Concord at No. 6 Campolindo, 7 p.m.
Division 3 quarterfinals
No. 1 Ygnacio Valley 2, No. 9 Saint Mary’s 0
No 4. Sir Francis Drake 5, No. 5 Piedmont 0
No. 2 Marin Academy 3, No. 7 Miramonte 0
No. 3 Terra Linda 1, No. 6 Branson 0
Wednesday’s semifinals
No 4. Sir Francis Drake at No. 1 Ygnacio Valley, 7 p.m.
No. 2 Marin Academy at No. 3 Terra Linda, 3 p.m.
NCS playoffs
Division 1 quarterfinals
No. 1 Carondelet 3, No. 9 Clayton Valley Charter 0
No. 4 Liberty 1, No. 5 California 0
No. 2 San Ramon Valley 2, No. 7 Foothill 0
No. 3 Monte Vista 1, No. 6 Dublin 0
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 4 Liberty vs. No. 1 Carondelet, at De La Salle HS, 7 p.m.
No. 3 Monte Vista at No. 2 San Ramon Valley, 7 p.m.
Division 2 quarterfinals
No. 1 Livermore 2, No. 8 Northgate 1
No. 5 Bishop O’Dowd 6, No. 13 El Cerrito 0
No. 2 Acalanes 2, No. 7 Tamalpais 0
No. 3 Las Lomas 3, No. 11 Arroyo 0
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 5 Bishop O’Dowd at No. 1 Livermore, 7 p.m.
No. 3 Las Lomas at No. 2 Acalanes, 7 p.m.
Division 3 quarterfinals
No. 1 Branson 1, No. 9 Marin Catholic 0
No. 4 Marin Academy 2, No. 5 Sir Francis Drake 1
No. 2 Saint Mary’s 1, No. 7 Urban 0
No. 3 Miramonte 2, No. 11 Ygnacio Valley 0
Wednesday’s semifinals
No. 4 Marin Academy at No. 1 Branson, 3 p.m.
No. 3 Miramonte at No. 2 Saint Mary’s, 3:30 p.m.


NCS Division II boys basketball predictions

Someone asked about NCS D-II predictions so here they are. Don’t say I don’t deliver. I haven’t seen the teams that are way up north so it is hard to make a judgement on how good they really are. But I think this should give everyone an idea of what teams should be in the field.

This is a prediction of what I think the brackets will look like by the end of the season. Not a prediction of what I think the bracket would be if the season ended today!

 NCS Division II bracket


No. 8 Hayward vs. No. 9 San Lorenzo

No. 5 Las Lomas vs. No. 12 Tennyson

No. 7 Clayton Valley vs. No. 10 Maria Carillo

No. 6  Windsor vs. No. 11 Casa Grande


No. 1 Heritage vs. No. 8 Hayward

No. 4  Northgate vs. No. 5 Las Lomas

No. 2 Concord vs. No. 7 Clayton Valley

No. 3 Eureka vs. No. 6 Windsor


No. 1 Heritage vs. No. 4 Northgate

No. 2 Concord vs. No. 6 Windsor


No. 1 Heritage vs. No. 6 Windsor




Thoughts on Friday night action

Both of the upsets didn’t really shock me too much. I figured Campolindo would play Heritage tough and of course the Washington-Newark game could have gone either way.

 I was surprised that the Huskies’ defense was able to hold down Newark’s offense. Maybe we will get a rematch of SRV-Washington in the final? That would be great.  Remember, the teams played to a 35-35 tie earlier this year. A lot of people called that tie a fluke and were saying if they played again that SRV would easily win. I am not so sure about that.

I was surprised how many points Campolindo was able to put up against Heritage. I picked the game to be a 17-14 Heritage victory. I thought it would be a lot closer, but apparently Heritage couldn’t stop the passing game of Campolindo.

What are everyone’s thoughts about tonight? Here are the scores in case you missed them.

No. 1 De La Salle 59, No. 8 Berkeley 0
No. 2 James Logan 31, No. 7 Foothill 7

NCS 3A East Bay
No. 1 San Ramon Valley 55, No. 8 American 7
No. 7 Washington 21, No. 2 Newark Memorial 7

NCS 2A East Bay
No. 1 Las Lomas 56, No. 8 Piedmont 21
No. 7 Campolindo 42, No. 2 Heritage 14


Police to escort California team, fan buses to Pitt

When the Cal High football team leaves campus tomorrow it will be with great fanfare.

The Grizzlies have two buses for the team, another for their fans and will be led all the way to Pittsburg with a police escort. The San Ramon police cars providing the escort will blare their sirens as soon as the buses leave the San Ramon school and won’t turn them off until they reach the freeway.

This is what high school sports are all about, an entire community is getting together to back its team and even government officials are showing their support.

Pittsburg police contacted San Ramon Police Chief Scott Holder to request some uniformed officers from San Ramon to come to the game to provide added security, where an estimated 5,000 fans are expected to attend.

Holder, a big football fan, was happy to oblige. The idea for the police escort was to try to generate more support — a la the send offs Division-I college football teams get when they leave for a big game.

-Kyle Bonagura, The Argus


Oakland playoff seeding

Here’s a rundown of how the Oakland Section playoff seeding is looking for the four teams who are post-season bound.

McClymonds: The Warriors have control of their own destiny in terms of earning the top seed in the playoffs. For them, it’s simple: Beat Tech on Saturday and they’re the top seed and will host Skyline in the first round. But if they lose and Skyline beats Oakland, the Warriors will free fall all the way down to the fourth seed because they’d be 3-2 along with Skyline and the Titans own the head-to-head victory. That wouldn’t necessarily be disastrous, as it would likely set up a matchup with Castlemont (if the Knights beat Fremont) and Mack beat Castlemont 15-14 in the regular season.

Castlemont: The Knights need a win and a McClymonds loss to clinch the top seed. Since they lost to Mack, the Warriors get the nod if both teams finish 4-1. If they win and Mack wins, they take the second seed, with Mack No. 1, Tech No. 3 and Skyline No. 4. If Castlemont loses and Tech wins, the Knights fall to No. 3 and have to face Mack on the road in the opener. A win, along with a Mack loss and Skyline win over Oakland, has them hosting Mack in the first round, while a win, a Mack loss and a Skyline loss sets them up against the Titans at home in the first round.

Oakland Tech: The Bulldogs need a win and a Castlemont loss to Fremont to get the top seed. If they win and Castlemont wins, they’ll be the No. 2 seed and would host either Skyline (if the Titans beat Oakland) or Mack (if Skyline loses to Oakland). If Tech loses to Mack, they’d fall to the No. 3 seed and travel to face Castlemont in the first round, which is where they suffered a 14-7 loss Oct. 19.

Skyline: The Titans have the least amount of wiggle room. If they beat Oakland and Mack loses to Tech, the Titans are the third seed. They’d face either Tech (if Castlemont beats Fremont) or Castlemont (if Fremont beat Castlemont). If Skyline wins and Mack wins, the Titans are the fourth seed and travel to face Mack to open the playoffs.

Hope you understood all that. If you don’t leave me comments with some questions. Don’t you just love how nice and simple the OAL race is this year?

Before I leave, let me make some predictions. I hope there’s plenty of people out there that disagree. Let me know what you think.

Here are my seedings:
1) Castlemont
2) Oakland Tech
3) Skyline
4) McClymonds

This feels weird penciling Mack in as the fourth seed. However, I see Castlemont taking care of business and beating Fremont, although in a fairly close game. Then I see Tech getting a late TD to edge Mack, thus securing the Bulldogs the second seed and the Knights the top seed. That leaves Skyline beating Oakland to move the Titans to 3-2 along with Mack and the Titans get the seeding edge there with their head to head victory.

First round
Castlemont d. McClymonds
— The Knights avenge their only OAL loss by using their home-field advantage to beat Mack to advance to the Silver Bowl for the first time in school history.
Oakland Tech d. Skyline — The Bulldogs passing game is coming together with QB Justin Wilson and that’ll continue. This one was played under rainy conditions the first time around with Tech winning 21-13 and I’m looking for a similar score here.

Silver Bowl
??????? — We’ll wait one more week before we dish out our Silver Bowl predictions.


NCS 2-A playoff picture

NCS 2-A picture

Locks: Las Lomas (9-0, 8-0 DFAL), Heritage (6-3, 5-2 BVAL), Bishop O’Dowd (7-2, 5-1 HAAL), Encinal (7-2, 5-1 ACCAL)

Near locks: Piedmont (7-2, 5-0 BSAL)

Bubble teams: El Cerrito (5-4, 3-3 ACCAL), Miramonte (4-5, 3-5 DFAL), Northgate (5-4, 4-4 DFAL), Ygnacio Valley (6-3, 4-3 BVAL), Acalanes (6-3, 6-2 DFAL), Campolindo (6-3, 5-3 DFAL)

My picks/seedings: 1. Las Lomas; 2. Bishop O’Dowd; 3. Heritage; 4. Encinal 5. Acalanes; 6. Campolindo; 7. Ygnacio Valley; 8. Piedmont.

This class has gotten a little tricky because Ygnacio Valley has taken a nose dive lately. They get De La Salle in the final game so will finish 6-4. Northgate has snuck into the hunt and if they beat Alhambra this week will also finish 6-4. El Cerrito gets Berkeley this week and a loss probably drops them out of the race for a spot. But I think a win could get them into the playoffs over Ygancio Valley or Northgate because none of the three have a significant win yet. The reason I have Piedmont as the No. 8 seed is because they haven’t beaten anybody at all. I have them into the playoffs because of the solid overall record. They have St. Patrick/St.Vincent this week for the BSAL title and league’s automatic berth. If they win that one, then they could move up in the seeding. Anyway, I would say the three teams fighting for a spot right now are El Cerrito, Ygnacio Valley and Northgate.  Northgate has the best chance to win this week against Alhambra, while Ygnacio Valley has no chance against De La Salle and El Cerrito has a slim chance. If Northgate loses and El Cerrito loses then pencil in Ygnacio Valley.

As for predictions. I see O’Dowd and Las Lomas in the final here. O’Dowd has been scary good lately. I think they will beat Las Lomas in the Regional final and play Novato in a great game for the championship.


NCS football seeding meeting: How does it work?

From reading posts around the Internet and some comments, I am getting the idea that some people out there don’t really know how an NCS seeding meeting works. Let me tell you the exact procedure that goes on at the meeting.

First: This one is most important. The coach has to show up. No coach, then no spot in the playoffs. Don’t laugh. It has happend. A no show would even keep De La Salle out of the playoffs!

Second: The coaches begin to fill in the blanks on a chalk board full of questions for each team that is applying for a spot. The coach needs to fill in categories such as: Overall record, record in league, record against same-class competition (ie 3-A, 4-A), record against teams applying for a playoff spot, coaches rankings (coaches rank all the teams in the order they believe from best to worst). After the coaches fill in these blanks, they sit down in seats like students would before class.

Third: The coaches usually introduce themselves and the members on the seeding committee do the same. Then the coaches draw a stick that has a number on it. This is the speaking order. Each coach or representative of the team gets no more than two minutes to pitch their team and give reasons why they should be seeded over another team or why they should get in the playoffs. The best is when De La Salle’s Bob Ladouceur gets up to talk. I don’t think he needs to do much pitching for that No. 1 seed!!

Fourth: The NCS seeding committee takes in all the information and begins to elect teams into the playoffs. Now, they don’t seed the teams here. They just decide which teams get into the playoffs. One person on the seeding committee must nominate a team and the two other people on the committee need to agree. This usually goes quick until around the fifth team or so, because then they start to debate. The coaches must remain quiet and cannot talk during this process unless the committee asks them a question. When the coaches finish their two-minute speeches that is it. There is no more pitching (Although, coaches always seem to blurt something out to try to get the committee’s attention).

Fifth: The unhappy teams that didn’t get in usually leave at this point. That’s when the reporters go get the interviews and reactions. Usually from some unhappy coaches. But this is also when the committee seeds the eight teams selected. Again, there is no talking from the coaches unless they are asked a question or asked to speak.

Sixth: The seeds are done and now sites of games and game times are determined. The host school gets a nice bag, which has instructions from NCS and some tickets for the fans to purchase to get into the game. And that is it. Then it is game time!

Any questions on the process? Let me know and I will be glad to answer them.


NCS should open up options at seeding meetings

I think just about every seeding meeting I have attended, for all of the different sports, there has been a gripe from coaches about teams from the same league playing eachother in the first round of playoffs.

As the football seeding meeting approaches this Sunday, I wanted to dive into this topic. NCS has a true seeding method right now, which means teams from the same league can indeed have an opening-round game against eachother. Most coaches absolutely hate this and I have to agree with them.

I think NCS should open the floor for coaches to switch seeds instead of playing another game against a team it already played in league play. Playing a team from your own league doesn’t allow that league to flex its muscles in the playoffs because one of the teams will be eliminated in the first round.

If NCS allows the coaches to make a switch, given all the coaches involved in the playoffs agree, then the first round would be more exciting and give a team the chance to play a team outside of its league. This would just be for the opening-round games. After that, anything goes.

This rarely comes up in football, but in basketball, baseball, and softball it is a huge problem. NCS should just open it up for all the sports.


Live blog from NCS football seeding meeting

First, I just want to say thanks to those reading and responding with comments to the blog. It is you, the readers, that inspire me to update this with opinons and information as quick as I do.

So, on another note, I have an interest in attending the NCS seeding meeting and doing a live blog with all the seedings and information as it happens. As far as I know, this has never been done.

But I wanted to check with all you people out there before I committ to this. I am wondering how many of you would be interested in reading a live blog from the NCS football seeding meeting on Sunday morning?

Send me a comment and let me know! I will do my best to make this happen if enough people show interest. I will post a yay or nay on if this will happen by Friday night!

Make sure to let people know that Prep Corner at insidebayarea.com is the place to come for the quickest postings and will be the first place to find out which teams are in and which teams are out of the NCS playoffs. Look forward to hearing from everyone.