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money under the bridge

By enelson
Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 at 10:48 am in Bay Bridge, Retrofitting.

It’s been said many times, but reader Arnold Corbett felt moved to say it again when he read today’s story about the prospect of finally building the $1.43 billion eastern Bay Bridge “signature span,” to wit:

why do we need such a fancy bridge?? Why not continue the span like the rest of the span?? Large ships use the San Francisco side for passage. only smaller boats use the oakland side. Are we spending $ that we don’t have? Could the extra millions of $ be spent on other more important things like BART to San Jose? The daily traffic from 80, 580, and 880 that lead to the toll gates is ridiculous. Hours of gas are being consumed and the vehicles are getting nowhere.

We worry about the inefficiency of our cars poluting the air. It’s the cars idling for hours at a time that are destroying our air. Most of the cars are very efficient. Its the SUV’s and Hummers that produce the dirt.

Our government better get real and start doing what’s right for the people and quit filling their pockets with our money.

think about it

I’ve asked one of my new Metropolitan Transportation Commission friends to comment on this lamentation, and when he responds, I’ll post that, too.

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