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rage against the system

By enelson
Friday, July 7th, 2006 at 6:05 pm in BART.

Have you ever rode BART and sat next to someone who was blubbering romantic mush on his cell phone for all to hear?

Sit next to a pathological nose-picker?

Been upset by the fact that when you need to see when the next train is coming, there’s a notice about Rita Moreno?

BART boarding-mathew sumner.jpg

Mathew Sumner – STAFF

Well, fixing those problems may be out of your control, but there’s a great place to vent about this on the web, even in ¬†language that might be “moderated” from more staid blogs.

It’s called Bart Rage, and it’s wonderful.

You can become a member, and post all your peccadilloes, kvetches and gripes to your heart’s content. You can even say nice things about the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, and a few posts actually do that.

Others purport to be BART employees, commenting from an apparent position of authority.

Here’s a recent gem:

To the lady on the SF bound train this morning that arrived in Lafayette @ 7:50:
If you happen to have a hacking cough, please do the rest of us BART riders a favor and cover you mouth or do not take public transportation! It’s a common courtesy. The rest of us do not need to be plaugued by your illness.


I know this may seem like a petty thing to complain about, but what is up with men wearing so much cologne. This dude sat next to me today and his cologne so strong my eyes were buring? I mean really? What is the point? I got up and moved to another seat, but sheesh people.

Or this comment, in response to someone pining for the well-tubed capitals of Europe:

“BART is not up to speed in comparison to Paris’ train system. BART is pathetic.”

I agree, even London’s Tube is run better. The idea for public transportation is to make it more “convenient” than by auto. BART just doesn’t get this. And yes to many, stinky, misbehaved pervs on BART

The site is a little screwy now, so it’s difficult to read the comments, but when it’s fixed, I highly recommend joining and helping dish out the dirt on our underground culture.

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