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one ear to the rail

By enelson
Thursday, August 17th, 2006 at 11:48 pm in Caltrain, high-speed rail, rail, transit equity.

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Speaking of rail service, I was surprised to see some discussion down the coast about not simply saving the pathetic Coast Starlight Amtrak route from LA to Seattle, but add to it.

According to this account, communities along the line between the Bay Area and LA would like to see a daytime route named the Coast Daylight after a historic train service.

There’s also talk of still more commuter rail running to the outer reaches of exurbia, with Caltrain going on beyond Gilroy into Monterey County.

My spies tell me that the High Speed Rail Authority is hurtling toward a recommendation on the Pacheco/Altamont passes alignments, which, I’m told, has something to do with the Dumbarton Rail bridge across the South Bay. The bridge might also bring Caltrain to the East Bay, which, I was told, is no great secret.

Add to that the mythical BART to San Jose and the Marin-Sonoma SMART train and before long (when I’m drooling in a rocking chair), this place will be criss-crossed with tracks and transit equity lawsuits by bus riders.

I can’t wait.

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