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Labor Day, a time for sharing?

By enelson
Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 at 11:49 pm in BART, Bay Bridge, car sharing, Transit vs. driving.

City Car Share.jpgOk. It’s late. I missed my regular train on account of a poorly synchronized tavern clock, and had to take the late train. I’m tired and a Bay Bridge story I’ve been working on for weeks deprived me of the chance to write about how a $2.9 million security grant for BART might be spent.

So that leaves me with car sharing.

I received an e-mail recently from City CarShare inviting me to blog about their by-the-hour, keyless and paperless car rental service is a great way to avoid the hassles of the Labor Day weekend Bay Bridge lower deck closureWhile they can be expected to promote their product no matter what, I believe they’ve got a valid point here. 

point here. Face it, we either just don’t like transit or we have all kinds of reasons why transit won’t work for us, especially on the weekend.

With car sharing, it’s like having your own private cab, only cheaper. And while I certainly want to give City CarShare credit for exploiting Caltrans’ closure plans first, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that two other car sharing services, Flexcar and Zipcar, also have their cars parked on both sides of the bridge and Transbay Tube. But you only have a week to sign up before the main vein out of the city is clamped off for three days. 

Some of the services require a deposit, while others charge a higher hourly fee. They also require that you be an adult with five years of driving under your belt. Even when the bridge is open, many drivers are discovering that it’s a neat safety valve if you rely on transit for commuting. I’ve been out in the dark in downtown Oakland, wishing I could drive off in one of these incidental rentals.  If you’ve been meaning to try it, as I have, but keep putting off joining, as I have, the Bay Bridge closure may be the kick in the pants you needed.  

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One Response to “Labor Day, a time for sharing?”

  1. Bryce Says:

    So, did it kick ‘ya in the pants? Did you join one of the three car sharing organizations, and what have your experiences been? I assume you’d want an occasional use plan — your car away from home on days when you take the train to work. Or, just maybe, a car for off-site meetings where you can pick up the car in San Francisco, or somewhere north on the BART line…

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