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Transit advocates should be overjoyed with our new federal transportation secretary nominee, Mary Peters.

 She said she supports user fees for highways, which could someday make the term “freeway” an anachronism.

Transportation people in this town (Yeah, you know who you are…) have told me on more than one occasion that one reason it’s easy for people like the Reason Foundation to go on about how more pavement would be a better use of our tax dollars than transit is the simple fact that highways are provide “free” by the government. You don’t have to pay a fare to drive on them as you do on BART or Muni.

If we’re going to continue regressively providing transit, we might as well make roads equitably regressive. I’m thinking Lexus Lanes on I-880, U.S. 101 and I-80. Ten bucks gets you there on time, and the rest of you can suck smog.

Maybe that’s not so regressive. The haves can pay for highway upkeep, and the have-nots will take BART after they get tired of waiting.

That’s enough social engineering for one day. I’ve got a train to catch…

Posted by on September 6, 2006.

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