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An apology to Scott Haggerty

By enelson
Friday, April 13th, 2007 at 11:00 am in Funding.

Dear Supervisor Haggerty,

Please accept my apology for saying that local transportation tax dollars paid for the salmon lunch I participated in April 5. I did not know, and should have carefully ascertained, that you personally paid $1,200 for the lunch.

And no, I don’t need to see the receipt.

While I certainly made light of my enjoyment of the lunch, how mouth-wateringly good it was and whether it was ethically permissible for me to eat the lunch without paying for it, I honestly didn’t intend to raise objections to spending money on the lunch by a public agency.

As I said, it was for a good cause. There are lots of things about transportation funding that the elected officials and transportation reporters in your district need to learn, and this seemed like a fine way to pull off that feat.

If, in the process of belittling my own food fixation, I made you “look stupid,” I did so unintentionally. We’re talking about billions of dollars in transportation projects. The odd lunch or plate of sandwiches at a informational briefing does not seem to me to be a waste of the taxpayers’ dollars, when, at other such events, they do happen to be taxpayers’ dollars. (And someone please correct me if, at these other meetings, the host pays out of his or her own pocket.)

Please trust me when I say that I don’t think the item made you look anything of the sort. What it did was it showed that you cared enough to let your constituents and officials know enough about our complex funding system to make a difficult-to-understand briefing a little more enjoyable.

Again, I hope you’ll accept my apology to you and the readers of this blog for the error.



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  1. Bill Says:

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