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storm, what storm?

By enelson
Friday, January 4th, 2008 at 1:37 am in air travel.

Item 1: I’m going on vacation. No blog posts until Jan. 16 or so.

Item 2: I’m flying out of SFO this evening, and I’m hoping that howling I hear outside subsides enough for my plane to take off.

Catch up with you later…

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3 Responses to “storm, what storm?”

  1. Doug Faunt Says:

    “until Dec. 16 or so.” ???
    What year?

  2. Aaron Priven Says:

    I thought BANG didn’t have good benefits, but eleven months of vacation sounds good to me.

  3. Capricious Commuter Says:

    BANG has terrific benfits, or so I’m told by my HR people. But no 11-month sabbatical. I meant January.
    P.S. I’m in Istanbul, Turkey right now, and my wife is about to kill me for blogging during our reunion.

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