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when a BART line falls in the forest …

I have to thank David Vartanoff for calling my attention to my neglect of one of the area’s biggest transportation infrastructure disasters since a Mac Arthur Maze ramp went down in flames 13 months ago.

He called my attention to my favorite BART website,, where no fewer than 29 comments had been posted about this little issue.

According to the post by icrew,

Since the fire at South Hayward yard 2 weeks ago, there seems to be a distinct lack of urgency about getting it fixed.

It really comes across as BART just not giving a Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on Thursday, June 5th, 2008
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transportation at the crossing gate

neglected rails

For those of you patient enough to wonder what’s become of me, I was on vacation last week, digging up my yard and rearranging my house to meet my wife’s exacting domestic standards. As for this week, I blame the elections and their abject lack of transportation issues, unless you count Props 98 and 99 and the importance of eminent domain land takings in the construction of new infrastracture projects.

There isn’t, however, much call for taking land for infrastructure projects. In spite of the $20 billion transportation bond measure (Prop 1B) passed in 2006, this state and nation continue to suffer from a lack of enough freeway lanes, airport runways and other things that could help us get around.

I spotted an interesting AP story today talking about one of the most neglected forms of transportation infrastructure, even though we seem to want it more than ever as we anticipate $7-a-gallon gas:

While the nation’s attention is focused on air travel congestion and the high cost of fuel for highway driving, a crisis is developing under the radar for another form of transportation — Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008
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