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BART Program $100 Million Under Budget – True!

By queen
Thursday, December 4th, 2008 at 11:35 am in Misc. Transportation.

The jaw drops, the mind boggles – yes! Taxpayers will be spending about $100 million less than what BART budgeted to strengthen the Transbay Tube to withstand the next big temblor. It’s because those awesome dudes and dudists who built the thang in the 1960s did such a good job, plus contractors are so desperate for work these days the bids came in way low. So, not as many of the earthquake strengthening Tube retrofits are necessary.

So, even as we blog, the BART board is deciding what to do with the money at its weekly Thursday meeting. Stay tuned!

 (Photo: John-Morgan on flickr.)

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2 Responses to “BART Program $100 Million Under Budget – True!”

  1. The Overhead Wire Says:

    $1M or $100M???

  2. Queen Says:

    Huge thanks, OW! The Queen owes you big time. Typo in headline corrected.

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