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Lost Rat On BART

By queen
Thursday, February 5th, 2009 at 3:04 pm in BART, light rail, Misc. Transportation, rail.

Geez Louise, we’re only into February and already it’s been a horrendously awful year for BART. Right off the bat, a BART police officer shoots an unarmed man, captured live on video by passengers¬†and viewed worldwide; then, on Tuesday, two BART trains collide, injuring 11 people. Could it get much worse? Well, yes, actually.

Turns out that Nutmeg, a hapless rat traveling on BART with an apparently distracted mom, was left on the train Jan. 31.

You ask, “DOES THIS MEAN THERE IS A LIVE RAT RUNNING LOOSE ON BART??????” and the answer is, not necessarily. According to the sign posted by the distraught mom visible above, Nutmeg was in a blue and brown striped carrier.

Exactly what happened after that, we don’t know, except that the mom’s 9-year-old son has been crying since Saturday. But then, as the woman who posted this image on TwinkleShots put it, “Hello? You left a rat on a BART seat? This seems unlikely to end well.”

(Image: TwinkleShots.)


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