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Americans Rock & Roll – But, Increasingly, We Don’t Drive

By queen
Thursday, March 19th, 2009 at 3:31 pm in driving, Environment, fuel.

Travel on all U.S. roads and streets dropped 3.1 percent, or 7 billion vehicle miles for January 2009 as compared with January 2008. Woo Hoo! Traffic dropped the most in the north central region of the country, the area from Ohio to the Dakotas, going down 6 percent. Bad news for the West: We were the only one of the Department of Transportation’s designated areas in the country where driving increased. Drivers in the bloc of states including Hawaii and Alaska posted an increase of .2 percent.

 (Photo: ryanrocketship on flickr.)

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2 Responses to “Americans Rock & Roll – But, Increasingly, We Don’t Drive”

  1. murphstahoe Says:

    Don’t get too excited. The North Central region has the big drop in large part because of heavily increasing unemployment.

  2. Queen Says:

    (Smacking self on forehead) You are so right. Bah! Takes away a considerable amount of the sense of triumph.

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