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A bike commute on the back roads, deer and all

By dcuff
Thursday, May 14th, 2009 at 8:26 am in Bicycling, driving, Environment, Misc. Transportation.

The highlight of my bike to work this week was encountering a mother deer and her two fawns crossing Danville Boulevard in front of me near Singing Hill Road in Alamo.

Here was this deer ambling across the well-traveled old highway during the morning commute. She seemed to know that either cars down the road would stop for her or that someone on a bicycyle was not a threat. I shooed her on. She walked off the road into some brush and disappeared down an embankment leading to the Walnut Creek channel.

It was a taste of nature while commuting by bicycle on the backroads of Contra Costa County.

You see animals, bugs, and scenery much more upclose while pedaling in an open air two-wheeler rather than in a speedy car. I made the bike commute earlier this week because today – the official Bike to Work day –  have to rush off to cover a BART board meeting in Oakland.

Traveling on bike from my Danville home to the Contra Costa Times office in Walnut Creek takes me on Danville Boulevard, the highway through the San Ramon Valley before I-680 was built, the Ironhorse trail, a former railroad route, and the Contra Costa Canal trail.

On my commute home in the evening, tiny gnats or flying bugs over the Ironhorse Trail near Las Lomas High school pelted my face. It’s a reminder of spring time. It also was a reminder why sunglasses are good to wear while riding.

On the canal trail as I wrote by parks, I could hear the resounding crack of a metal bat on a softball during a  game. I also saw many joggers and people walking their dogs.

At the end of the day of the bike commute, I was more tired but more relaxed than if I had driven a car the 13- or 14-mile one way trip   



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  1. queen Says:

    Aaw! If that doesn’t make drivers eschew their cars, I don’t know what will.

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