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Does your commute suck? Then post here

By queen
Sunday, May 17th, 2009 at 6:40 pm in Misc. Transportation.


In honor of National Bike to Work Day, a group called Transportation for America has created a truly awesome Web site, Go there to howl, scream, groan, growl and vent over your sucky commute, whether it’s getting stuck in the creep-and-bleep or the held hostage by the vagaries of BART. Since it’s a national site, you have a chance to hear about commute horrors elsewhere, as this post attests:

“Yesterday, the train I take heading into the city had another malfunction – this time, the doors just wouldn’t close. So they offloaded the train and we all had to stay there for another eight minutes until another train pulled up. During rush hour. Eight minutes of waiting is a lot of new people showing up, in addition to the folks who had just been kicked off the first train. Got to work 15 minutes late, even though I left my apartment 10 minutes earlier than I usually do.”

Believe it or not, this happened in Washington, D.C., though as any BART rider knows, the Horror of the Doors That Just Won’t Close is not confined to that fair city. 

(Photo of Tehran traffic jam (no, it’s not a parking lot): tronics, on flickr.)

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8 Responses to “Does your commute suck? Then post here”

  1. Mike Says:

    Or MUNI Metro….

  2. Queen Says:

    Why yes, now that you mention it, I’d forgotten the joys of being stuck on the platform at Embarcadero after a long day at work when the Muni Metro doors wouldn’t close. Has this happened to you?

  3. Chris K. Says:

    I’ve been on AC Transit Van Hool buses where doors don’t open, and then we had to be transferred to a different bus! ANOTHER VAN HOOL!

  4. Queen Says:

    If the doors didn’t open, how did they extract you from the Van Hool? Did they use the jaws of life? 😉 Seriously, I’ve heard a lot of criticism about the Van Hools. There are additional issues besides jammed doors, yes?

  5. Chris K. Says:

    Yes, they have additional issues. I’m sorry, I wrote that badly, the MIDDLE door did not open and it started becoming a problem when a Wheelchair wanted to board!

  6. Queen Says:

    Smile. Thanks for explaining!

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