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The Greying of BART, and other developments

By queen
Monday, June 1st, 2009 at 11:27 am in Misc. Transportation.

(Bonus question: Can you identify what’s in this photo, Transit Nerds and BART Riders?)

More people between 40 and 65 are taking BART and a tad more people are walking to BART stations, just a couple of the fascinating tidbits revealed by the transit agency’s 2008 station profile survey, which queried 50,000 riders on how they use BART. The last such survey was done ten years ago.

The percentage of riders aged 45-64 rose to 36% from 30% in 1998, though 60% of riders are under age 45. As far as how people get to BART, 31% of riders are walking to the station, compared with 26% ten years ago. The number of bicycle riders saw a tiny bump, up to 5 percent from 4 percent ten years ago.

The same┬ápercentage of riders were female in 2008 – 57% – as in 1998, when the agency ran a similar survey. As in 1998, 43% of BART riders are male. Not surprisingly, the income levels of BART riders vary wildly from station to station, given that some stations are in affluent areas and others not so much.

(Photo: zokah_921 on flickr’s Creative Commons. Nice one!)

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5 Responses to “The Greying of BART, and other developments”

  1. The Overhead Wire Says:

    Looks like the yellow stripe on the edge of the platform that is for safety. The bumps allow the blind to know when they are getting close to the edge.

  2. Karen Says:

    It’s the yellow strip along the edge of the platform indicating danger, and is marked by black areas in front of where the doors should be when the train stops. Yellow for danger, raised bumps to alert the blind.

  3. Karen Says:

    Give us a harder one.

  4. Queen Says:

    Yes indeed, you are both correct. And, THE GAUNTLET IS THROWN! Okley dokley, Karen, a harder one is coming right up.

  5. Okay, Karen - here’s a hard one for you - The Capricious Commuter - Getting around the Bay Area with Denis Cuff and the Queen of the Road Says:

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