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San Francisco Bay Area fails to place in road rage survey

By queen
Thursday, June 18th, 2009 at 2:26 pm in Misc. Transportation.

Photo by Flickr user Tony the Misfit used under Creative Commons attribution license

Amazingly, the San Francisco Bay¬†Area didn’t make it into a list of the rudest drivers in the country released Tuesday by marketing company Affinion Group. This dubious distinction went to New York, Dallas/Fort Worth and Detroit.

Before we get too smug, alas, we didn’t make it into the list of the mellowest drivers, either, unless you count Sacramento, which snagged a No. 4 rating for mellowness.

What about you, dear readers? Does River City live up to its Ritalin-less rating on the roadways? Share your stories about our neighboring metro area — positive or negative — below.

Read other key findings of the study, according to a press release, with one particularly interesting difference between San Francisco and Sacramento, after the jump.

  • Younger drivers and those who have the longest commutes say they are most likely to talk on their cell phones and drive too fast on a daily basis.
  • Talking on cell phone. Eighty-four percent see this every day. St. Louis drivers led this category (92 percent), and Portland motorists see it the least (76 percent).
  • Driving too fast. Across the country, 58 percent see this aggressive behavior daily. San Diego and Houston drivers were most likely to observe speeding motorists (64 percent), while Cleveland, Denver and Portland drivers were least likely to see this every day (51 percent).
  • Tailgating. Fifty-three percent of motorists see this every day. Minneapolis drivers (65 percent) see this most often, and Pittsburgh drivers (43 percent) see this the least.
  • Eating and/or drinking. This common road rage trigger is observed by 48 percent of drivers daily. Motorists in St. Louis (61 percent) see this most every day, while only 34 percent of drivers in Pittsburgh observe it.
  • Cutting over without notice. Nationally, 43 percent of drivers see this every day, and motorists in Miami (54 percent) were the most likely to observe this behavior. Cleveland, Philadelphia and Portland drivers (29 percent) are least likely to see this daily.
  • Texting and/or e-mailing. These road rage inducers scored high with 37 percent of commuters observing this behavior every day. Drivers in Detroit and San Francisco see the most text-happy drivers (47 percent), while Baltimore and Sacramento see the least (28 percent).
    Slamming on the brakes. Some 25 percent of drivers witness this daily, and those in Atlanta and San Diego (31 percent) are most likely to see this behavior every day. That’s compared to only 19 percent in Boston.
  • Running red lights. Twenty-two percent said they see drivers every day who run red lights. Drivers in Minneapolis are the most likely to witness this behavior daily (34 percent), while Portland motorists (11 percent) were least likely to see this offense.
  • Multi-tasking. Overall, 27 percent said they see other drivers multi-tasking, like putting on makeup, shaving or reading, while driving. Miami (38 percent) emerged as the city where this is most likely to be seen, while Phoenix and Sacramento (19 percent) drivers were least likely to see it.

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