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Hell freezes over: BART rolls out TransLink card

By queen
Monday, August 3rd, 2009 at 11:46 am in Misc. Transportation.

BART started testing TransLink today for a few select passengers. Not only did BART tell us this on its official Web site, those Web-literate folks at the transit agency re-tweeted Twitterer jonk’s post celebrating his first use of his TransLink card on BART.

(TransLink is a proposed universal smart fare card that would work on all forms of Bay Area transit. So far, San Francisco’s Muni and AC Transit are using it, but after some 17 years of effort, BART still hasn’t fully implemented it.)

Okay, so much for the frivolity, now let’s get real: “Select BART EZ Rider cardholders” are testing the system, according to BART. What’s going to happen next? Will BART say TransLink failed the test? Or that TransLink passed but there’s no money to implement it?

(Photo: meraser on flickr.)



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