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I-680 freeway fix in San Ramon Valley: little now, more later

By dcuff
Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 at 9:02 am in Buses, Caltrans, driving, Freeways, Safety.

Caltrans will close two of the four lanes on southbound Interstate 680 in Alamo for three or four hours today – starting at 10 a.m – to repair a hole in the pavement. A major rehabilitation of the entire freeway in the San Ramon Valley is being planned for summer of 2010.

This is one beat up freeway. I drive it regularly and try to steer around potholes and dips in the road while staying within my lane. I’m not alone. Bus drivers complain to Caltrans they also try to maneuver around road flaws on the I-680 from Alamo through San Ramon  

In the repairs today, crews will pour asphalt into a depression in the pavement at a point near where the freeway crosses over Livorna Road, Caltrans said.

I tried last night on my way home to identify which hole or slump was the worst culprit and the likeliest to be the repair site today. I failed to locate the bad spot because there are so many flaws in the road in that area, including one where cars do a thunk as they pass over uneven pavement.

So I’m glad Caltrans is fixing a bad spot in the highway, but I’m looking forward to the more comprehensive freeway rehab next year.


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