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Bike racks to ease “bumping” of bus riders

By dcuff
Sunday, February 28th, 2010 at 5:26 pm in Uncategorized.

 Bicyclists who want to board an AC Transit bus are shut out sometimes because the racks mounted on buses only carry two bikes. If you’re the third cyclist trying to board a bus, you’re out of luck.

AC Transit is providing relief: a new type of bike rack with room to fit three bicycles. It took a change in state law to make the new rack possible.

Outside its Oakland headquarters Friday, AC Transit demonstrated the new rack, which will be added to 50 buses initially at a cost of $2,400 per rack. Grants will cover the cost, said AC transit spokesman Clarence Johnson.

The California Vehicle Code had limited bus racks on buses  to 36 inches long, providing room for just two bikes. State Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, stepped into the help the transit district by getting AB 652 passed to add four more inches to the maximum rack length – enough to add a third bike.

The extra space for a third bike should reduce the number of times bicyclists are “bumped” for lack of room on racks, said Robert Raburn, executive director of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

He said the change will help increase bus ridership and reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

The change also will reduce frustration of riders who have to let a bus pass by and wait for another one. Raburn said that has happened to him several times on the busier AC Transit bus routes.

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2 Responses to “Bike racks to ease “bumping” of bus riders”

  1. murphstahoe Says:

    Good stuff.

    What vintage is this bill. Sonoma County Transit has had three spot racks since I started riding it over 2 years ago. I was almost bumped once (from a bus I was boarding at 5:15 AM!) but the driver let me bring the bike into the bus and secure it to the wheelchair hooks.

  2. dcuff Says:

    Nancy Skinner’s bill was signed into law by the governor in October. I’m not sure how her bill affects other bus systems. Here’s a link for an analysis of her bill:

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