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Only in L.A.? Roof park proposed to cover freeway in Los Angeles

By dcuff
Friday, May 14th, 2010 at 8:55 am in Uncategorized.

People in Los Angeles, the birth place of the freeway, are talking about covering a half-mile of downtown  freeway with a roof and turning it into a park.

Read here for a story in the Los Angeles Times about the proposal for a roof park over part of the Hollywood Freeway at a potential cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.

 Someone living in the Bay Area might think: Only in L.A. Does this make sense? How desperate are they for a little green amid the hard concrete city? And who is going to pay the bills for such a project?  But hey, we live  in the Bay Area where there’s a lot more parks and open space. Economists would remind us that where there’s a severe shortage of something, people will pay a lot more for it.

Besides, in a more modest program of turning concrete into green space,  San Francisco is converting some areas near freeway entrances and some parking spaces into mini parks. Read here about it. 

Does it make sense to try to go green with some of our parking spaces and areas near roads or highways? Share your thoughts below.

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