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Commuter nightmare creates “Obooma” incident

By dcuff
Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 at 9:16 am in Uncategorized.

You know you’re having a bad commute day when your trip by seaplane accidentally violates restricted air space around the president’s Air Force One and military jets are scrambled as result. That’s what happened Tuesday afternoon to a pilot and passenger who flew into Lake Washington next to Seattle.

The sonic booms caused by the fighter jets triggered an avalanche of 911 calls and the production of “Obooma” t-shirts for sale online. Read about it here.

The Seattle Times reports that the pilot hadn’t gotten the word about air restrictions triggered by President Obama’s visit to Seattle, where float planes are a common way for many travelers to get around between many lakes and Puget Sound. Ooops. I  prefer to remember my trips in other ways – maybe postcards or photos – rather than a welcome by the Secret Service and someone else hawking t-shirts as a reminder of the travel.         


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