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Manslaughter man sues parents of bicyclist he killed

By dcuff
Thursday, November 18th, 2010 at 5:21 pm in Uncategorized.

A Connecticut man convicted of manslaughter for running over a boy at high speed in a car is suing the boy’s parents for not making the 14-year-old wear a helmet. Read on if you find the lawsuit galling, as some Connecticut officials do.

Click here to read an Associated Press story about the lawsuit by the driver who says the parents of Matthew Kenney should share the blame because they failed in their duties of parental supervision.

Some Connecticut officials say they are appalled by the lawsuit, and the dead boy’s mother calls the action “unbelievable.” The story includes speculation that the convicted driver filed the lawsuit in an attempt to to get the boy’s parents to drop  their own lawsuit seeking $15,000 in damages from him.

David Weaving, the convicted driver, denies the prosecution’s allegations that he struck the boy while driving 83 mph in a 45 mph in a reckless attempt to pass another car. Weaving has four convictions for drunken driving, although there was no charge of drunken driving in this case.

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