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Smile kids, you’re on car camera. Don’t get killed by cars backing up.

By dcuff
Saturday, December 4th, 2010 at 11:18 am in driving, Safety.

The federal government proposes a rule to reduce the accidental deaths of two children a week on average from car backovers. The rule would require  back-up cameras on new cars and trucks, effective in 2014.


Read here for an AP story about the rule proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and read here for a blog on it by Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood.

This seems like a classic case where moderately priced new technology can save lives by giving drivers a clear view of what’s behind them. The rule would cost about $200 per car to carry out, and prevent 95 to 112 deaths and 7,000 injuries annually, according to federal officials.

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A National Public Radio story on the topic suggested the rule is even more crucial because of the increasing number of drivers 65 or older who might find it a little harder to sharply turn their neck to see what’s behind them when backing up. 

One of the tragedies of the 300 annual deaths from backover deaths is that relatives are responsible for them about 70 percent of the time.

Only about 20 percent of 2010 model vehicles on rear-view cameras.   

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