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Sir, why is a goat riding shotgun in your car?

By dcuff
Saturday, January 15th, 2011 at 10:31 am in driving.

A California Highway Patrol officer recently pulled over a suspected drunk driver with an unusal passenger: a goat riding shotgun. The driver and another man in the car are in trouble because neither claimed to own the goat.

Authorities suspect the two men had too much to drink and decided to grab a new animal “buddy” for a joyride in Hemet in Riverside County. According to a L.A. Times story earlier this week, the goat was taken to a shelter, where it could be adopted out if its owner doesn’t come forward to claim it. For the time being, the goat is hanging out with some deer and horses at the shelter.

The offbeat story makes me wonder what kind of weird stuff people have seen drivers doing or carrying inside moving cars. Share your stories below about weird things you’ve seen in moving cars. 

 I’ve seen plenty of big dogs riding shotgun, sticking their heads out in the  breeze. I’ve also seen drivers putting on makeup, brushing their teeth and shaving. My wife  saw a man reading a book perched on his steering wheel as he slogged through traffic backed up from the Caldecott Tunnel in Orinda. 

I’ve never seen a goat riding shotgun before, though. Share you stories below.

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