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Traffic deaths in America now surpassed by drug deaths

By dcuff
Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 at 9:49 am in driving.

More people in America are now killed by drugs than motor vehicle accidents, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday. Traffic fatalities have declined sharply over three decades through the use of seat belts, airbags, and other safety improvements, while drug-induced deaths – including those from prescription drugs – have risen sharply in recent years, the newspaper reported.  Stories about why people die are a turn off to many people, but the stories give clues and context to how we as a society can prevent deaths and live longer. Click here to read the story.

The newspaper reported that the trends of fewer auto fatalities and more drug deaths have intersected. In 2009, 36,284 people died from auto accidents, a drop of a third since the early 1970s. In 2009, 37,485 people died from drug-related deaths.

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