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License to cheat: Trucker resorts to James Bond trick trying to avoid NY bridge toll

By dcuff
Saturday, October 15th, 2011 at 8:53 am in Bridges, tolls.

It seems everywhere with bridge tolls has toll cheats. No wonder then that a trucker made headlines with his ruse to hook up a cable to flip over his license plate over to avoid an electronically collected $65 toll on the George Washington Bridge entering New York.

Read about it here. The Virginia trucker failed to get away with his trick, again proving it’s harder in real life to pull off feats more suitable to James Bond movie dramas.

In the Bay Area, the regional agency that collects tolls on seven state-owned bridges – the Bay Area Toll Authority – has been stepped up efforts i recent years to reduce toll cheating by drivers who obscure or fail to display their license plates. Got to wonder if the authority encountered any drivers who rigged up a device to flip over their plates.  


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