Election Day’s not that far off…

bryan-gebhardt-mug.jpg  … For November’s school board election, that is. It’s no surprise to anyone who’s followed local school  board politics the last two years that former Trustee Bryan Gebhardt plans to run for office this November.

A former student board rep and, later, an appointed trustee (he served out the remainder of Guy Emanuele’s term when the latter retired in February 2006) , Gebhardt always has said he plans to seek office in ‘08. 

He hasn’t made any big announcement, but his campaign Web site  has been up since September, and he told me at last night’s school board meeting that it’s not too early to start fundraising.

To my knowledge, no one else has announced his or her candidacy. I haven’t had a chance to speak with Nina Moore or Ivy Wu, whose terms are up this year, but Trustee Peggy Herndon told me today she will not seek a third term. In fact, she said, her decision not to seek re-election made it easier for Gebhardt to decide to run. The two are friends, and Herndon said she’s “wholeheartedly” endorsing him.

Linh Tat

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