Give peace a chance


(Above) About 200 to 300 teachers, parents and community members greet New Haven students with peace messages as the youngsters leave school in this Jan. 18 photo.

“Safety” and “anti-violence” are the buzz words these days in Union City, following the Dec. 21 shooting death of  14-year-old Vernon Eddins outside Barnard-White Middle School. 

The incident has galvanized the community: There was the Jan. 7 forum called by the Youth Violence Prevention Coalition, the Jan. 18 “greet the students” event organized by the teachers union, and the series of New Haven school site council meetings to discuss student safety and campus security. (The last site council meeting will be tomorrow, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Pioneer Elementary.)

Last, but not least, there’s tonight’s City Council meeting, where the Youth Violence Prevention Coalition will present a proposal for cracking down on violence and providing healthy activities for youths. The meeting will be preceded by a peace march from James Logan High to the Ruggieri Senior Center.

You can read more about tonight’s events in tomorrow’s paper.

Linh Tat

  • shirell

    I am the aunt of vernon eddins I want to thank all the people that still continue to fight for peace and justice.I know that everyone in union city are not bad pepole. Only the ones that did thsi to my nephew.I hope that as time goes on my nephew is not forgotten.

  • Shirell

    I am very upset that it took for my nephew to be killed for a peace rally to take place.Vernon Eddins was sweet ans kind boy.It saddens me that all this violence took place in union city and nothing was done about it. why is there even a police department in union city?.They have yet to catch the person or people responsible for this horrible crime.I want to know what is being done to solve his murder.He was taken from us for no reason besides the color of his skin.We want justice for him and all the other families that lost their loved one and their murders are unsolved.I SAY TO THE UNION CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT …(WAKE UP,WAKE UP,WAKE UP!!!!!!).How many more have to lose their loved one before it ends???…

  • http://drena@comcast.net Drena drena

    God, how my heart hurts, and someone out there that took the life of my Gr. son, Vernon Eddins, is sick enough to enjoy that, oh lord let me not have to wait forever for your revenge to take place, for my heart is very heavy, along with so many others, and other children, who fear for their lives, take them down , Oh God, that they may see your power, and your mercy upon us, let them not gloat behind closed doors, but let them be tried before the world, let their hands not shed anymore blood, let their eyes fail, and their hands wither, so that they can’t pull anymore triggers, let their legs get weak, as they speak, of how they killed, his pain let them feel, as though they were dead, oh Lord, I do not wish for their souls to perish, but for them to feel, his and our pain.

  • http://angelique.paige@yahoo.com mother of vernon

    DEC..21,2007 pain and anger is all i felt, but now GOD has taken me under his wing. I pray for forgivness behind the evil thoughts I’ve felt. I refuse to let this cruel act consume my mind and soul. Vernon is in Heaven, I feel this strongly. So evil doer’s and Satin you will NOT take my mind another day!! I will continue to pray to my LORD and he Will hear me….R.I.P MY BABY BOY, MOMMA LOVES YOU!!!!!

  • http://angelique.paige@yahoo.com mother of vernon

    Thank everyone who has supported our family. I’m sorry it took me so long to give my thanks, but a month felt as a minute and I had to re-evaluate my life. So thank you all for helping us to stand and not to fall!!!! I would’nt wish this kind of pain on my worst enemy!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  • Dennis

    I am a local i have resided in Union City for nearly more than half my life. I lived here for about 15 years and i can assure you that local gangs have never had problems with black youth on a serious issue like this while I was growing up in the 90s, however during my couple last years of high school. I have noticed many conflicts arising withing the two groups. The issue is that many students come here from other cities to attend james logan. Genterication is another problem. James Logan used to be one of the best academic schools in the nation, However with the many asians and whites leaving, and many blacks coming in Logan became one of the worse. Black youth who come here in oakland start problems with local gangs and local gangs feel threatened. I can be sure that this kid Vernon (RIP) may not have been innocent as his family portrays him to be, or he might have been with group of oakland men who start trouble out here.