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If it were up to Fremont students at Kennedy High, November’s presidential race would have Democratic Sen. Barack Obama going mano e mano with Republican Sen. John McCain.

Irvington High students, on the other hand, would pit Obama against Congressman Ron Paul.

Results from the statewide high school mock presidential primary election, called MyVote California, continue to trickle in. So far, only 250 of the 450 participating schools have reported. As it stands, Obama has a sizable lead over the other Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton (55.6 percent to 35.6 percent).

In the GOP race, McCain has a nearly 7-point lead over former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (26.9 percent to 20.1 percent). Trailing in third is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whom the Associated Press has reported plans to bow out of the race.

Mission San Jose High is the only participating Tri-City school whose results aren’t in.

Students also voted on three fake ballot measures regarding vehicle registration fees, whether every eligible citizen should be required to vote, and if cyber-bullying should be protected under the Freedom of Speech Act. Keep checking the Secretary of State’s Web site for updates.

Linh Tat

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