Keep Pedaling, Bob

Ever wonder what the precocious Trisha Tahmasbi does when she isn’t sitting on the Ohlone Community College Board, overseeing millions in public funds? Would you believe she sends out press releases about other local politicians?

She emailed me a a little ditty yesterday about  Councilmember Bob Wieckowski riding in a charity bike race this weekend. This actually makes a little sense, since Tahmasbi works for Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, who just happens to be Wieckowski’s law partner.

Here’s an excerpt: 

“I’ve purchased special shoes and special pedals with toe clips from the Bicycle Garage.  Alan fitted me with a demonstration bike, and gave me some valuable tips to get me to the top of the hill. Those tips proved helpful last Sunday when I made my first ride up Sierra Road,” remarked the councilmember.  “It is so important to keep hydrating oneself and keep pedaling”.

  In fairness to Wieckowski, he’s paying $100 to enter the race, which benefits a school fitness program in Santa Clara County. Let’s just hope he stays hydrated. Keep pedaling, Bob. Keep pedaling.

Matt Artz

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