The Year of Education?

2008-baby.jpgWhen it comes to the Governator’s plan to gut public ed funding by $4.4 billion statewide, very few school districts would go unscathed.

According to the California Budget Project, a nonprofit organization that pushes for budget reforms that benefit lower-income residents, if Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget goes through, Fremont Unified would be stripped of $17.4 million next fiscal year, while New Haven Unified would lose $7.1 million and Newark Unified would say so long to $3.9 million. That would be a loss of $561 to $569 per student in these districts.

Furthermore, LA Unified, the biggest loser, could kiss goodbye to $420.8 million ($664/student).

Miraculously, two local agencies – Desert Center Unified and Silver Fork Elementary – would get through next year with zero cuts, although something tells me these are really small districts.

To view the CBP’s data, which compares each district’s projected losses, click here.

So does anyone still think this is the Year of Education, as the governor once referred to 2008?

Image from Nazza3a’s site at flickr.com/photos/special_one/2152162942/

Linh Tat

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