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Talk about burying the lead. I neglected to mention that while Washington High’s cheerleading squad was winning¬†its first national competition Sunday, their coach was in labor. Don’t worry, the full story will be online and in the indispensable print edition of The Argus on Tuesday.

The coach gave birth to a healthy baby girl Monday and the team returned home in triumph. Here’s a picture of the champs:

Matt Artz

  • Prep Corner

    Congrats to coach Tiffany (Johnston) Wittmer. I’m sure Mom (Darlene), Dad (Mike) and brother (Mikey) are proud of her.

  • Erna Lacebal

    Thanks, Matt…

    There’s a whole lot more photos and video available at the Huskies Cheer Website:

    Congrats to all!

  • Erna Lacebal

    Oops! The URL did not display.
    Here it is.


  • Sara

    Someday, Matt, you’ll need to explain the cheerleading obsession.