Gus Morrison is running for mayor of Fremont

The five term former mayor announced today that he will do battle against Steve Cho and Bob Wasserman in a race that just got a lot more interesting, and is now bound to focus on the Oakland A’s stadium plan.

Matt Artz


  1. Gus Morrison should butt out. Gus lost all credibility with me when he became a “paid spokesman/ hired gun” ($200,000 + ) for the Coyote Hills developers.
    I supported/voted for Gus every time He ran for office.
    Gus Morrison, a member and Director of Tri City Ecology seems to be a Hypocrite. I will NOT be supporting Gus Morrison’s run for Mayor.

  2. Gus Morrison was our mayor for years. He let the city go to waste by not fixing the potholes, not helping the schools, and not being able to work with Sacramento to get our fair share of our revenues. He sat for years and did nothing. I can’t believe he’s running for public office. Shame on anyone who votes for this clown!

  3. I sincerely think Fremont voters should vote a new Mayor, not from the old pack[Steve,Bob,Gus] who have done nothing for Fremont for the last 20 years collectively either for the Schools, quality of life or getting fair share of revenue from Sacramento. Fremont used to be America’s City but no longer for the last 5 years. Quality of life has gone down.

    Fremonters, please rise up and encourage your neighbor, friend or any church member to contest for the Mayorship whom you think is better qualified and has a vision than these clowns.
    We deserve better. It is time to take back the City Council in the November 2008 Elections.

  4. Good info from Samuel. Someone had emailed me late last year about Gloria Ritchie’s work for the A’s, but I had forgotten about it when I wrote the story last week. Ritchie works for Terris Barnes & Walters, a political media firm, hired by the A’s to promote the Fremont development. It doesn’t seem like a conflict of interest, just an awkward situation, especially for Ritchie.

  5. All I can say is I can’t support Wasserman or Cho given their dedication to unplanned haphazard development and their refusal to listen to citizen opposition to developers. e.g. witness the recent public spectacle with respect to the Saber Cat development.

    I also think the A’s development is a bad idea, since it will greatly overtax a freeway system, particularly the 880 corridor, that is in a state of near gridlock and is crippling the local economy.

  6. OK gang…what if I wanted to take another shot at council? Don’t know if I can afford to… as I have a business to run. But I’m thinking about it. I’m a planning commissioner…and there are those that think we should “hire” from outside the commission. Thoughts? I did vote in favor of the Sabercat Development mentioned above… should a vote one makes on one issue disqualify that person from becoming a council person? I love to engage people and issues…won’t shy away from them. Give me your thoughts….

  7. Those of you who haven’t been around to see the changes in Fremont over several generations may not know how instrumental Gus Morrison has been in shaping Fremont’s growth in the best ways possible under the circumstances. Growth is taking over our open space and we are shoe-horning multiple dwelling units onto every inch of unoccupied space that any developer can find. The Current Occupants of the City Council, Planning Commission, and city management are tools of the business interests who seek to develop our town without regard for the welfare of those who actually live here – the very people who they are supposed to represent. Crimes are now committed here which would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. In Wasserman’s recent state of the city address, he stated that Fremont was going to become a large city, so we should get over thinking of it as a small town. We desperately need a mayor like Gus with the experience to guide Fremont’s growth responsibly. His opposition to the A’s Abomination is additional proof that he puts the long-term welfare of the city’s residents ahead of short-term profits for private interests.

  8. I am stunned by the critics who are slamming anyone rights to run for office. I am saddened by the development of Fremont of late. Mr Wasserman has run a number on Fremont, especially with his flip flop approach to development.

    There are many desirable cities in the Bay Area which are in demand as places to live which are not overly developed and riddled with traffic and violence. Fremont should try to mimic the success Palo Alto; instead of modeling itself after the ever frightful Oakland.

    San Francisco is noted for its diversity and blend of cultures; in fact, the whole Bay Area is recognized for this. It is vital for some cities to provide the alternative to the quick, chaotic lifestyle San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland offer.

    People need a nice safe place to call home and Mayor Morrison was able to deliver this, especially with Fremont earning this title nationally during his tenure.

    I’m so frightened to see the public slamming what us true Fremont natives who have lived here for over 35 yrs envisioned. I agree wholeheartedly with Fremont Gal.

    Fremont is bound for disaster if we have citizens looking to ruin the history and heritage of Fremont. There is nothing wrong with being a good place to raise educated children who have true family values!

  9. As a longtime Fremont Native myself, I had to add my 2 cents. I, too am not enamored with Wassermans tenure, but Morrison was no better and possibly worse. Its easy to wax nostalgic about the past, but the present isnt nearly as bad as some folks would have us believe. Its the future that we should be working for. And the A’s represent the best opportunity this area has ever seen!

  10. A book was published in conjunction with the city’s 30th anniversary in 1986, entitled “The First Thirty Years – The City of Fremont”. At the end of the book the authors looked into their crystal ball and envisioned Fremont having a population of 400,000 by now. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened yet, but growth is inevitable.

    The city, with the input of citizens who wish to be involved, is currently working on a revised General Plan, which will provide a guideline for future growth through 2030 http://www.fremont.gov/CityHall/GeneralPlan/default.htm.

    The city’s growth is fueled by the economy; the economy slows down, development slows down. If the economy heats up the growth comes with it. When that occurs again we need to have a strong General Plan in place that will provide guidelines to protect what we have and builds an infrastructure that will support the growth.

    Having a major league ball club move to Fremont is not bad, if there is infrastructure in place to support it and does not cause a major disruption to our residents’ lifestyles. That has not been addressed and that is what Gus Morrison is questioning. He is not saying he is against the A’s move. He’s saying show us a comprehensive plan and then we can decide if it’s right for Fremont. As the old saying goes, you don’t put the cart before the horse.

    Fremont must plan smartly for the future and the growth that is inevitable. We need leaders with vision and an understanding of the value of building an infrastructure that provides the community a planned approach; it can be done, it must be done.

    We the citizens of Fremont must decide who can best accomplish that.

  11. Let fremont grow and bring in the A’s.
    You can save the A’s for bayarea and there many pluses to a baseball team in a city.

  12. Old Navy aren’t doing well at Pacific Commons. Bring A’s to Fremont will attract people to shop at Pacific Commons and A’s Ballpark Village. Soon Old Navy will doing well. I think is right to bring A’s to Fremont. A’s Ballpark Village might get us Whole Food Market. Oakland A’s will make Fremont rich and Fremont can afford Light Rail. Bob Wasserman said he support A’s to Fremont and he can bring light rail to Fremont. Watching baseball will make Fremont destination and entertainment. Vote for Bob Wasserman.

    Gus Morrison make Pacific Commons worse. Pacific Commons is very bad design and pedestrian is horrible. Why is Gus Morrison approve R&D? We don’t need R&D in Fremont. We need High Tech Companies in Fremont. Gus Morrison make Fremont bad planning. Fremont Hub is very bad shopping center. I never go to Fremont Hub. Maybe go there 2-3 times per year. I go to Santana Row and Great Mall a lot of times.

  13. Brian, I really think you would be much, much happier if you moved closer to the Great Mall or Santana Row.
    Bye, bye; or as you would prefer, buy, buy.

  14. You just don’t want Kohl’s, Old Navy, DSW, and etc. Okay Doug, you want these stores to leave Fremont. Because they aren’t doing out of business. I just want Fremont to have apparel stores that’s all.

    You just don’t want Kohl’s, Old Navy, DSW, and etc. Okay Doug, you want these stores to leave Fremont. Because they aren’t doing out of business. I just want Fremont to have apparel stores that’s all.

    Why are you treating Fremont nothing and boring? Fremont deserve a big city. Newark has Newpark Mall and High Tech companies. Newark doesn’t deserve nothing. Newark is a small town and think they are big city. They don’t have a Bart Station. Fremont do have a Bart Station and it will need more vistors.

    Doug why won’t you move to Newark or Union City? They won’t have A’s and they are small town. Both are better than Fremont. You can’t change Fremont to stay suburban. A lot of Asian wants urban.

    I will help Bob wasserman to be our next mayor. Since I’m Asian, I won’t vote for Steve Cho.

  15. And again, with enthusiasm,,,YES TO THE A’s in FREMONT!!!!!!!!!!!!A’s Baseball is 100% Fremont!

  16. Interesting how Brian makes the point that he is going to vote a certain way because he is Asian “and a lot of Asian wants urban”.

    Heaven help me if I said “I’m a white woman and lots of white people want XXX (insert discussion thread about Navlet’s nursery here)so I am voting for XXX”.

  17. In 1959 the City of Fremont purchased 12 acres of land in Stiver’s Lagoon to create a central park. There was much controversy about the need to spend money on development of such a park since Fremont was nothing but wide-open spaces at the time. If the city had not purchased the land, Stanley Davis, a local developer, was set to file a permit and build a housing tract. If that had happened, what is now Central Park and Lake Elizabeth would not have happened. Pro-growth advocates attempted to stop further development of the park in this location, but Fremont’s residents had realized the importance of the park and in April 1968 they passed a bond measure, which allowed the lake to be added.
    We need the same kind visionary thinking today to ensure we build out our city wisely and not rush to construct in an unplanned and haphazard way. Once something is gone it cannot be replaced. That’s why a strong General Plan that balances residential, commercial and industrial development is critical to ensure balance.

  18. I don’t like Pacific Commons, Bayside Marketplace, and Fremont Times Square. They give us same retail and bad retail. I heard they open Target at Bayside Marketplace. Fremont Times Square is going to give us office and bad restaurants. They going to give us dentist, doctor, and etc. But I really like A’s Ballpark Village. A’s Ballpark Village is going to give us upscale retails and restaurants. The best thing about A’s Ballpark Village is entertainment.

    All I want Fremont is Movie Theater, Apparel Stores, Baseball Stadium, Whole Food Market and Upscale Retail.

    I won’t vote for Steve Cho because he is not ready. He is not very good leader. If you ask Bob Wasserman anything, he will get you anything. Such as restaurants or shops. Bob Wasserman went to other cities to get us more restaurants. He also went to other city to get us organic supermarket.

  19. If this was a tennis match, I would win in straight sets!
    YES to Athletics Baseball in Fremont!!!

  20. Whoever is in favor of bringing the A’s to Fremont wants to downgrade Fremont, bring an increase in crime, bring an increase in low-paying jobs (rather than Wasserman’s propose idea of high paying jobs so people do not have to commute out of the city), be a big disruption to Fremont citizens in terms of commuting back and forth as well as parking availability and loitering of non-Fremont citizens. Yea it’s a great idea in terms of bringing entertainment to Fremont and a HUGE source of revenue, but for once consider the citizens apart of Fremont and take into consideration how this will essentially affect their lifestyles. What is the real purpose the real gain behind bringing the A’s to Fremont? If it’s all about money (which I’m sure it is) we can find other alternatives to do so when ideas like these come in the way of people leading their normal lives.

  21. NO to the A’s in Fremont.

    NO to the A’s in Fremont.

    I believe in the quality of life. I can see the quality of life in Fremont slipping away.

  22. Sorry Lois, but you could not be more wrong, The A’s will bring a higher quality of life to Fremont! Its long past time for the Bay Area’s 4th biggest city to grow up!
    Soon, our residents will not have to travel to SF, Oakland and San Jose for entertainment! This is an exciting time to live in Fremont!!!!

  23. Warblefly I agree with you that it’s shameful that a city this large doesn’t have a concert hall that will hold four or five thousand people. But as far as the ‘A’I could care less.I’ve lived in Fremont since 1958 and I ask you how has our quality of life in Fremont been inhanced by all of the housing and high density housing. From where I sit all we have is people on top of people and a stop sign or light every fifty feet.

  24. WarbleFly is absolutely correct on one point = it’s long past time for the Bay Area’s 4th biggest city to grow up. . . . and we cant agree more.

    But priorities are important in the growth of any individual or society. We need to walk before we can run, lest we trip over our own shoe laces.

    Let’s figure out how to maintain sound fiscal control before we venture into the realm of international business development. I could have confidence that this risky venture (A’s ballpark) would benefit the community if our leaders had previously demonstrated their ability to deliver a vision on a smaller scale such as the Centerville redevelopment project(s). . . . . . But, I just dont have any confidence that this management team possesses that ability.

  25. The risk is that we do not act to get the A’s while we can. The stadium will finally put a “there there.”
    That said, the Centerville mess is just sad, if the challengers werent so lame, i would be in favor of throwing the bums out, but for what,,,more of Gus Morrison politics?,,,oh please no!

  26. I agree that Morrison isn’t the answer.

    … but I respectifully disagree with your idea that the (greatest) risk is not acting “..while we can.”

    For me, the greatest risk is that we, again, act, in haste, with a blurry-eyed vision and an unwillingness to take a hard-line with the developer.

    I share your enthusiasm for the future of Fremont and we will be supportive of these kinds of higher-risk development opportunities when and if there ever exists a City Management team that has figured out how to manage a budget, understands economic priorities and has wisdom enough to recgonize even the smallest of “opportunities” to legitimately create revenue for a city which they have declared as economically challenged.. . . . . .

  27. Of course Morrison is NOT the answer. He had several decades in the drivers seat. Move on, Sir.

    It’s because of Morrison that we missed so many opportunities in this City.

    A vote for Morrison is a vote to go backwards. I’d rather keep moving forward.

  28. Does anyone have mailing addresses for the campaign offices of the 3 mayoral candidates? (I am working with some school children who wish to write to them). Please do not publish home addresses out of respect for the candidates and their families. Thank you.

  29. My mailing address is 38665 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536.


  30. Enough with the new developments! How about fixing up all the run-down strip malls all over our city ie Cabrillo, accross the street from Kennedy, accross the street from Irvington, etc. We need our next mayor to address these problem areas first! The mayor must work with these stip mall owners to update the facades of these establishments.

  31. Don, I couldn’t agree more, BUT…that’s not where the campaign contributions come from. And those with the money get a lot more attention.

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